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Max Lee, founder of OneXRoot.com

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  1. Sam S. says:

    Hey Max, I’ve been watching you on YT for a while and now I have a problem with a device I’m hoping you can help me with.I just got an HTC Vivid and I unlocked the bootloaders and flashed a recovery then rooted it. I then tried to flash an ICS update which had a conflict with either the kernel or the recovery I was running. Now when I turn it on it flashes the white HTC screen and then goes black and doesn’t do anything else. Ive since learned the right way to fix it. I relocked it to update the hboot which worked fine then I go to unlock it again and it freezes on the unlock screen. On my phone I choose yes to unlock the bootloaders then press the power button and nothing happens. It doesn’t reboot like its should. Ive tried it about 6 times and it never gets passed that screen. Any help would be great. Thanks

  2. Sayed says:

    Done One X rooting..fantastic tutorial.thnx a lot.

  3. Confused says:

    I have a One X and done the rooting.
    This is my first time rooting android phone.
    After I rooted my phone, the battery life seems to have worsen. Please advice….
    I thought it was going to be better… 🙁

  4. Tanim says:

    Hi Max
    great reviews can u do a review of Latest Version of Android Revolution HD 5.1.0 Rom and test it’s battery life using both Sense Launcher and Apex Launcher.

  5. steve says:

    I thought that the ATT one X has the bootloader locked, did you figure out a way around it?

  6. Yasar says:

    Hi Max
    I heard about Rom Cleaner, but i just dont know how to “Install” it to my phone 🙁 My Htc OneX i rooted and have the Android Revolution HD 5.1.0. Cant you make a video about that? And thanks for all your Guides, they are so easy to follow, step by step 😀

  7. jeff whaley says:

    Hey Max I know you just ordered your att HTC one x,just dropping a line here to be added to your email listing,just want to stay up to date.thanks a lot….

  8. Dabristhn says:

    I´m new on this stuff but i want to do it. I just have a question. Will i still be able to get updates from htc when i have rooted one x. How can do it?

  9. milad says:

    hi i want to record phone calls, but it has not. could you help me.

  10. Nolan says:

    Hi Max,

    I just bought a T-Mobile HTC One (US Version – dual core), and want to root. Do you think this information will be released soon?

    I also use a MAC. Is there a way for MAC users to unlock and root phones without having to borrow a PC for this?

    Love your site and thanks for your help!

  11. otgonbileg says:

    Hi Max Lee,

    I did root my HTC One X and installed Revolution HD ROM.
    But, I need to re-install HTC One X firmware software. Plz tell me how do I install firmware software to my HTC One X? I would appreciate your earlier kind response and assistance.


    Otgonbileg Ts

    • admin says:

      Did you make a backup of your ROM? If not, I will have another instruction on unrooting with firmware soon.

  12. hassan says:

    i cant install new updates on my rooted htc one x.
    please help me.

    • admin says:

      Do you have unlocked bootloader? That might be why, you have to relock it I think to get OTA updates.

  13. fredrik says:

    i watched ur yt but i cant find the drivers needed.. where do i get them?

  14. Karsten Sueggel says:

    Hi, I life in Thailand, can get only a HTC one X with Asian RUU (cid) but I am german, I want my phone in german like CID HTC__102… any help to change the CID.

    The OneXLSuperCID_Mac solution not work for me…
    I rooted my phone with your help, everything fine but how I change the CID… and any links for a german RUU?


  15. Alan says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a Canadian One X and when I followed your instructions to unlock the bootloader, my bootloader says “tampered” on top of the “unlocked” and I think it won’t allow me to flash anything because of it. I can’t load clockwork recovery touch no matter what. What can I do? I can’t flash anything even though I unlocked the bootloader….please help.

    btw, your video says to type in ./fastboot-mac flash recovery r (tab) but since there are two clockwork img files, the mac just leaves (file name version – 5. -blank- and doesn’t fill in the rest of the filename and I think you should clear it up in your video.

  16. Eduardo says:

    Hey man, I was looking around trying to find out if any of the ROMs out there for the HOX have USB OTG Host mode enabled. Do you know of any? Or a way to enable on my rooted stock One X.


  17. mr.5106411 says:

    max i need your help i flashed a rom from the endeavoru (International) one x and i have a evita (North america) one x now my one x wont EVEN TURN ON can you help me?

  18. roman bauer says:

    Hey Max !
    I´m goingt to buy a HTC ONE X in a few Days and of course i want to root it and use costum roms
    But I read there are some problems with the one click method !
    I read on some website there is another method, you have to unlock your bootloader first and then root it !
    I am going to buy it in Autria, it´s not branded, and it´s the european version i think ! [Austria is a small country next to Germany ;D]

    Thanks for your help !

  19. Mr.5106411 says:

    yes it doesnt even turn on or charge if i connect it to the computer it gets detected as a usb input device when i go to cmd and type “fastboot erase cache” it says “waiting for device” and doesnt do anything

  20. CrescentScythe says:

    Hello there. Can I please ask you on how to install that bricked kernel stuff that has sweep2wake function? I find that useful in terms of not stressing the powerbutton. Hope you can help me.

  21. Alexander Caley says:

    Hey max, recently I have been flashing a bunch of roms on my att one x and I unfortunately bricked it. Is there anything you can do to help me out. If you could make a tutorial that would be great thanks.

  22. Mohammed Shareef says:

    hey Max, Tnx 4 ua step by step video guide..As a beginner, it helped me a lot….can u pls let me kno hw to use usb host mode in my rooted one x

  23. Yang says:

    Hi Max,

    which ROM is the best batter life and less bugs that you recommand ?

  24. Shareef says:

    Hi Max.
    Can u pls tel me wn u ll add tutorial to unroot and reinstall stock rom for those who didnt make a backup and using custom roms

    • Al says:

      lol u too ? forgot to make a backup ? i called htc how much they charge to fix my phone and they told me 300 dlls , i said let think about it 😀

  25. Billy Xu says:

    Can you please do some hacking and rooting for the htc sensation xe….. please…..

  26. Jay Mehta says:

    Your tutorial are perfect. thanks .helpd me a lot

  27. Al says:

    hi max , i really need ur help ? i root my phone but i forgot to do the back up (stock rom ) everything was working so perfect but i saw this new jelly bean rom i wanted to see . now i cant go back cause of stpid ass for got the back up 🙁 .with this jelly bean rom nothing works , please email me if can help or fix my phone i’ll definitely pay you 😀

  28. Imran says:

    Dear Max,
    My HTC One is screwed after i flashed it with Android revolution HD 7.1.
    How to restore to original HTC One X stock firm. I cant take it back to service center too.

    Awaiting your reply at the earliest.


  29. Sammy says:

    Hello Max,
    I ‘m a Fan of you. I need help, my HTC One X was rooted before doing the update. After that lost the Root, but still installed the SU. I have tried to re-root but I have not succeeded, I get a message like this:

    * deamon not runnig. starting it now *
    *deamon stared successfully *

    And it left frizzy… What I can do?

    Thanks pal,


  30. Gagandeep says:

    tell me one thing … some site says that after unlocking from htcdev , the warranty of phone is no more left ….
    plz reply soon
    thanks in advance

    • Max says:

      there’s a way to un-void the warranty by use of RUU but it’s a complicated process and I am trying to simplify it soon.

  31. Adgar Marks says:

    Hi to all,

    i just bought a new HTC One X and the battery life time is unfortently too short. Is it possible to extend it by flashing new rom to it(hopfully the new roms do some bugfix)? Is it possible to reinstall the original rom of HTC One X, in case of a problem (like in iPhone)? Which rom is consider a good one (concerning batter life time)?

    Max said in his videos something about international HTC One X, how do i know if my HTC One X is international or not?


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