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Max Lee, founder of OneXRoot.com

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  1. Sam S. says:

    Hey Max, I’ve been watching you on YT for a while and now I have a problem with a device I’m hoping you can help me with.I just got an HTC Vivid and I unlocked the bootloaders and flashed a recovery then rooted it. I then tried to flash an ICS update which had a conflict with either the kernel or the recovery I was running. Now when I turn it on it flashes the white HTC screen and then goes black and doesn’t do anything else. Ive since learned the right way to fix it. I relocked it to update the hboot which worked fine then I go to unlock it again and it freezes on the unlock screen. On my phone I choose yes to unlock the bootloaders then press the power button and nothing happens. It doesn’t reboot like its should. Ive tried it about 6 times and it never gets passed that screen. Any help would be great. Thanks

    • rahel talabani says:

      hello i have buy HTC One X just about two days and i have one simple question if i rooted my device can i get updates from HTC let say the Jelly Bean version..!!

  2. Sayed says:

    Done One X rooting..fantastic tutorial.thnx a lot.

  3. Confused says:

    I have a One X and done the rooting.
    This is my first time rooting android phone.
    After I rooted my phone, the battery life seems to have worsen. Please advice….
    I thought it was going to be better… πŸ™

  4. Tanim says:

    Hi Max
    great reviews can u do a review of Latest Version of Android Revolution HD 5.1.0 Rom and test it’s battery life using both Sense Launcher and Apex Launcher.

  5. steve says:

    I thought that the ATT one X has the bootloader locked, did you figure out a way around it?

  6. Yasar says:

    Hi Max
    I heard about Rom Cleaner, but i just dont know how to “Install” it to my phone πŸ™ My Htc OneX i rooted and have the Android Revolution HD 5.1.0. Cant you make a video about that? And thanks for all your Guides, they are so easy to follow, step by step πŸ˜€

  7. jeff whaley says:

    Hey Max I know you just ordered your att HTC one x,just dropping a line here to be added to your email listing,just want to stay up to date.thanks a lot….

  8. Dabristhn says:

    IΒ΄m new on this stuff but i want to do it. I just have a question. Will i still be able to get updates from htc when i have rooted one x. How can do it?

  9. milad says:

    hi i want to record phone calls, but it has not. could you help me.

  10. Nolan says:

    Hi Max,

    I just bought a T-Mobile HTC One (US Version – dual core), and want to root. Do you think this information will be released soon?

    I also use a MAC. Is there a way for MAC users to unlock and root phones without having to borrow a PC for this?

    Love your site and thanks for your help!

  11. otgonbileg says:

    Hi Max Lee,

    I did root my HTC One X and installed Revolution HD ROM.
    But, I need to re-install HTC One X firmware software. Plz tell me how do I install firmware software to my HTC One X? I would appreciate your earlier kind response and assistance.


    Otgonbileg Ts

    • admin says:

      Did you make a backup of your ROM? If not, I will have another instruction on unrooting with firmware soon.

  12. hassan says:

    i cant install new updates on my rooted htc one x.
    please help me.

  13. fredrik says:

    i watched ur yt but i cant find the drivers needed.. where do i get them?

  14. Karsten Sueggel says:

    Hi, I life in Thailand, can get only a HTC one X with Asian RUU (cid) but I am german, I want my phone in german like CID HTC__102… any help to change the CID.

    The OneXLSuperCID_Mac solution not work for me…
    I rooted my phone with your help, everything fine but how I change the CID… and any links for a german RUU?


  15. Alan says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a Canadian One X and when I followed your instructions to unlock the bootloader, my bootloader says “tampered” on top of the “unlocked” and I think it won’t allow me to flash anything because of it. I can’t load clockwork recovery touch no matter what. What can I do? I can’t flash anything even though I unlocked the bootloader….please help.

    btw, your video says to type in ./fastboot-mac flash recovery r (tab) but since there are two clockwork img files, the mac just leaves (file name version – 5. -blank- and doesn’t fill in the rest of the filename and I think you should clear it up in your video.

  16. Eduardo says:

    Hey man, I was looking around trying to find out if any of the ROMs out there for the HOX have USB OTG Host mode enabled. Do you know of any? Or a way to enable on my rooted stock One X.


  17. mr.5106411 says:

    max i need your help i flashed a rom from the endeavoru (International) one x and i have a evita (North america) one x now my one x wont EVEN TURN ON can you help me?

  18. roman bauer says:

    Hey Max !
    IΒ΄m goingt to buy a HTC ONE X in a few Days and of course i want to root it and use costum roms
    But I read there are some problems with the one click method !
    I read on some website there is another method, you have to unlock your bootloader first and then root it !
    I am going to buy it in Autria, itΒ΄s not branded, and itΒ΄s the european version i think ! [Austria is a small country next to Germany ;D]

    Thanks for your help !

  19. Mr.5106411 says:

    yes it doesnt even turn on or charge if i connect it to the computer it gets detected as a usb input device when i go to cmd and type “fastboot erase cache” it says “waiting for device” and doesnt do anything

  20. CrescentScythe says:

    Hello there. Can I please ask you on how to install that bricked kernel stuff that has sweep2wake function? I find that useful in terms of not stressing the powerbutton. Hope you can help me.

  21. Alexander Caley says:

    Hey max, recently I have been flashing a bunch of roms on my att one x and I unfortunately bricked it. Is there anything you can do to help me out. If you could make a tutorial that would be great thanks.

  22. Mohammed Shareef says:

    hey Max, Tnx 4 ua step by step video guide..As a beginner, it helped me a lot….can u pls let me kno hw to use usb host mode in my rooted one x

  23. Yang says:

    Hi Max,

    which ROM is the best batter life and less bugs that you recommand ?

  24. Shareef says:

    Hi Max.
    Can u pls tel me wn u ll add tutorial to unroot and reinstall stock rom for those who didnt make a backup and using custom roms

    • Al says:

      lol u too ? forgot to make a backup ? i called htc how much they charge to fix my phone and they told me 300 dlls , i said let think about it πŸ˜€

  25. Billy Xu says:

    Can you please do some hacking and rooting for the htc sensation xe….. please…..

  26. Jay Mehta says:

    Your tutorial are perfect. thanks .helpd me a lot

  27. Al says:

    hi max , i really need ur help ? i root my phone but i forgot to do the back up (stock rom ) everything was working so perfect but i saw this new jelly bean rom i wanted to see . now i cant go back cause of stpid ass for got the back up πŸ™ .with this jelly bean rom nothing works , please email me if can help or fix my phone i’ll definitely pay you πŸ˜€

  28. Imran says:

    Dear Max,
    My HTC One is screwed after i flashed it with Android revolution HD 7.1.
    How to restore to original HTC One X stock firm. I cant take it back to service center too.

    Awaiting your reply at the earliest.


  29. Sammy says:

    Hello Max,
    I ‘m a Fan of you. I need help, my HTC One X was rooted before doing the update. After that lost the Root, but still installed the SU. I have tried to re-root but I have not succeeded, I get a message like this:

    * deamon not runnig. starting it now *
    *deamon stared successfully *

    And it left frizzy… What I can do?

    Thanks pal,


  30. Gagandeep says:

    tell me one thing … some site says that after unlocking from htcdev , the warranty of phone is no more left ….
    plz reply soon
    thanks in advance

    • Max says:

      there’s a way to un-void the warranty by use of RUU but it’s a complicated process and I am trying to simplify it soon.

  31. Adgar Marks says:

    Hi to all,

    i just bought a new HTC One X and the battery life time is unfortently too short. Is it possible to extend it by flashing new rom to it(hopfully the new roms do some bugfix)? Is it possible to reinstall the original rom of HTC One X, in case of a problem (like in iPhone)? Which rom is consider a good one (concerning batter life time)?

    Max said in his videos something about international HTC One X, how do i know if my HTC One X is international or not?


  32. imran says:

    Hi Max,

    Bro , i had some issues with my HTC after rooting , so i re-locked and downloaded the RUU and flashed my mobile . it is working fine. But when i go into recovery mode it appears in pink relocked , i am worried HTC will not fix my phone even though it is in warranty. Any fix for this.

  33. Anders says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have tried to browse around this site a bit, but didn’t find the answer to my questions. I am the happy owner of a brand new HTC One X. Two questions really. I just checked and I have exactly the same problem as this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9CYqAqPLS4, trouble that is with audio/video sync going bad when a text message arrives. Is there a custom ROM that solves this problem, maybe they all do? If so, would this or these also allow for a more continuous video capture? As far as I have seen the video shoots for a given period, even if the phone is charging and there is plenty more space on the SD card, and then it stops. You can start a new recording if you want to, but you need to do it manually. I understand if the files get too big, but how about just continue capturing a new one when the first is written to the card unless I say stop. Is there such a thing?

  34. Jean says:

    Hey Max sorry to bother you i did a little research of how to fix my one x because i flashed a international version rom while on att i know stupid of me i didnt do the proper reading before flashing and my phone is hard bricked wont even turn on is there a place or someone that fixes these kind of phone when i connect to the computer i get a qhsusb_dload reading on the device manager but it doesnt recognize any help would be appreciated ? thanks in advance i dont want to send it to htc cause i got a new one through insurance saying that i lost mine

    • Max says:

      Do you have insurance? There’s usually way to unbrick that but it’s not out yet for AT&T One X.

      • Jean says:

        I do have insurance thats how i was able to get a new phone i said i lost the other one because i thought insurance wouldnt cover for it once they found out that i had a unlocked bootlaoder and a custom rom u know so yeah thanks for the info ill just wait for the method to fix it then……. do u think they will be able to fix it at a little local android iphone repair store ?

  35. jamel says:

    Can u enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T One X unlocked

  36. Jose says:

    Hello Max, do i need to unlock the bootloader to install a CUSTOM ROM ? I really do not want to mess up with my warranty on at&t . Thanks!

  37. Cullen says:

    Hey max I rooted my att one x today, and then later my phone all of the sudden try’s to reboot but can’t get passed the beats audio and one start screen :(. It’s not getting passed it, and I didn’t unlock the bootloader yet so I’m not sure what to do. I’m new with rooting please help!

  38. Rob says:


    I Rooted my phone with the help of your videos. After that i installed the Leedroid Rom (the one u make a video about) and everything works good. But i want now a different rom on it because of the firmware update. the only problem is that my phone won’t go in the recovery mode. when I try to go in the recovery mode ( power and volume down bottom or the restart in recovery mode by leedroid. ) the HTC startup screen will appear and then a black android phone with a red triangle on it /_\ with a ! in it. and it stays on that till i restart it again. u now what to do?
    thnx a lot!



    • Max says:

      You have to reflash recovery just like you did when you rooted. And also enter recovery right away as new software updates will overwrite the recovery with stock android recovery, which is what you are seeing with the red triangle.

  39. Viktor says:

    Hi, MAX!
    Can you please make one tutorial of the Venom ViperX rom for the htc one x??? Awesome if you do it!

  40. Yang says:

    Hi max,

    I heard ARHD 9.2 ROM just released and do let me know if you are uploaded and review this rom.


  41. Laxmikant Patel says:

    I have Rooted my Htc One X
    and after rooting my phone it automatically gets restarted whenever i play music or scan any barcode..
    what happned please say me
    Thank You

  42. Shane says:

    i installed rom on international, kept restarting so i re installed but now my phone doesent seem to work, it stays on the HTC boot logo or doesent start at all, I can enter fastboot but it doesent seem to do anything when i enter commands and when i open recovery it says it cant connect to basically anything (sdcard/cache or something like that) so i cant evenο»Ώ restore.. but now recovery wont open anymore but i can get fastboot.. someone please help!

    (Also ONE X connected to PC says in APX Mode ?

  43. asaf says:

    One-Click Root ToolKit For HTC One X!
    Script by Max Lee from OneXRoot.com
    Credits go to XDA users sparkym3 and Dan Rosenburg for exploit.
    [*] This script will:
    (1) root your HTC One X on ICS
    (2) install Busybox
    (3) install SU files
    [*] Before u begin:
    (4) Make sure to read full instructions at OneXRoot.com!
    Please hit Enter when ready.
    Press any key to continue . . .
    error: more than one device and emulator
    Start Rooting…
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    All Done rooting HTC One X, check out OneXRoot.com for more cool stuff like ROM
    , hacks, tips, and more!
    Press any key to continue . . .

  44. Yang says:

    Hi Max,

    Now I install JB 10 Preview 10 ROm from here. but now I just wanted to know what is the different JB Preview and Alpha ? now latest alpha is 8 ? so any update JB Rom from here ?


  45. Pepe Osorio says:

    Hi Max,
    I am a beginner in the world of ROMS and need help trying to fix a brand new HTC One X after I unsuccessfully attempted to flash a ROM and Bricked (on and off loop) the phone.

    Here are the steps that led to the bricked phone:
    1. I tried to flash the Android Revolution HD 9.4.2 Rom but neglected to first install C lockworkMod Recovery (stupid me).
    2. To flash the Android Revolution HD 9.4.2, I followed the instructions from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1562603. Everything went well until I realized during the first boot attempt that my phone was actually β€œlocked”—until then, I believed Amazon had sold me an unlocked device. When I entered β€œrecovery” the phone went black and eventually showed the small image of a phone and a red triangle with a red exclamation point. Instead of getting to the next phase of the flashing the phone just restarted. It still worked fine after this first attempt.
    3. On the second attempt (also without previously installing ClockworkMod Recovery) at flashing the ROM and after having successfully unlocked the phone (via htcdev.com), the phone did the same exact thing when I entered recovery (it showed the black screen with the small phone and the red triangle with the exclamation sign). But now, instead of just restarting, the phone began to restart and turn off in a loop (bricked?) without ever actually fully initiating.
    4. Now the phone just starts and turns off in a loop until the battery is completely discharged. I have been searching for a week how to fix the problem with no luck (I am really hoping that it is fixable as this is the nicest phone I have ever bought). The only thing that I can still do is to access the boot mode by pressing the power button and the down volume button at the same time.

    Original Software: ICS (4.0.3) Sense (4.0). One X: the International version of the phone with quad processor and 32 gb ram.

    Do you think you could help me with this or direct me to a page that explains step by step how to reach a solution (provided that there is actually one). I am way over my head with this but I am willing to learn. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.
    Thank You.

    • Max says:

      You can put it in fastboot mode and do:
      fastboot erase cache

      Then enter recovery.

      The HTC One X devices get into this corrupt cache mode where you cannot enter recovery and end up in bootloop unless you do clear cache using the fastboot command mentioned above.

      Once in recovery, re-install another ROM and you should be good to go.

  46. Anaz Ashraff says:

    I love the review you keep on the custom roms. I would like to say good job and keep it up!

    I like the ViperXROM. And am considering rooting my One X with it, what I would like to know is,
    1. Is the HTC Sense on the ViperROM the same as the original?
    2. Do the beats option work on Viper?


  47. Faris says:

    hey zedomax. i recommend you the bricked sweep2wake kernel. sooo neat and useful for small hands like me =)

  48. Kanishk says:

    Yo Max!
    Noob query incoming!
    I’ve a one x(tegra 3) with android 4.0.4 and sense 4.1 .
    Is that true that i cannot unlock my bootloader?

  49. Brian says:

    Hey whats the status on rooting and installing custom roms my At&t One X on software version 1.85.502.3
    Is it worth the wait or should I sell and get the next Nexus. Thanks!

  50. Fatih says:

    Hey max, very nice videos πŸ™‚ I flashed a new boot image, but i unzipped the file before i transfered into my htc one x. i got the clockwor mod recovery, but i have no backups.. so i cant choose any zip from sdcard.. and i cant open my phone. What should i do? cant i flash a rom without opening my phone??

  51. Bilal says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m having a problem with Dialer on One X rooted. All my numbers are stored with country code, when I get a call without country code, the number is not recognized.

    All contacts synced with Google.

    Any idea? Thanks

  52. R holt says:

    Hi . I’m in need of your expertise please . I’m needin a new phone and and wantin a android problem is there’s soooo many to choose from . I have a iPhone and that’s the only smartphone I’ve ever had . I was leanin towards the HTC one x or x+ . Just don’t really know what to pick . If you have time I would appreciate a response . I know you’re very busy .
    Thanks !

  53. Chanaka says:

    at the moment i have ONE X AT&T version. i want to know how to install JB to this..but im not sure about it. coz i very new to the android world… currently OS version is 4.0.3 and software number is 1.85… please can you guide me about this

    • Max says:

      there is root method on XDA for 1.85 you can try that.

      • Chanaka says:

        thanks buddy…if u can please post the link or instruction about it…im little bit afraid to get on it my own. like i sayed im new guy for Android world. so still trying to figure out this…

        any way thank you again…you are amazing. keep up your grate work dude…

  54. Emil says:

    Hey Max.

    Is there possible to root the international HOX with 2.17.401 firmware 4.0.4 stockrom? Im really desprat to try a custom rom. I love your work with video tutorials and how to do this. Nearly watch all of your videos man.

    Keep up the great work man.. You are the best!

    • Max says:

      yes just unlock bootloader and root.

      • Emil says:

        which of your guide should I use?

        • Emil says:

          You have the older one called Htc one x root and root for international ATT, or do you have a newer video who works with my phone?

          I really need your advice cus i dont want to do anything wrong.

            • Emil says:


              i succeeded to root my htc and im really happy. im fucking high on android now because of you man.

              Its really fast and tried to play games and no lag at all, so fucking happy. With quadrant i got 5100 score, in stock i got over 6000.

              But the score really dosnt show the real power. with stock everything was laggy with high score.. shouldent be so!

              I had to flash the boot img to make it work because I stuck in boot loop.

              with this kernel could not overclock the HOX, but you dont have to cus it is all ready so powerfull.

              My last quastion to you Max, are there any ways to put my HTC in stock mode for warrany ? Or are there way to do it today?

              Thank you Max for everything and you epic videos. You are so high on android ! πŸ™‚

  55. bpodnar says:

    Hi Max! I have few questions for you. It’s about new JellyBean OTA update for HOX. I want to know will my HOX find the OTA update when it’s avaliable if HOX is rooted and bootloader unlocked or I have to unroot and relock bootloader and then wait for JellyBean OTA to be released?

  56. bpodnar says:

    Hi Max! I have few questions for you. It’s about new JellyBean OTA update for HOX. I want to know will my HOX find the OTA update when it’s avaliable if HOX is rooted and bootloader unlocked or I have to unroot and relock bootloader and then wait for JellyBean OTA to be released? I hope you understood what I wanted to say.

  57. Eugene says:

    Hey Max, I was wondering if there is anyway to get Galaxy S3 ‘s pop-up play on to HTC One x?

  58. Sajedur says:

    Hey Max I see your Videos On you Tube.
    I Have International HTC One X & I want To Know Is That Possible To Get USB OTG Support On My HTC One X Like Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Please Reply & If Possible Please Make A Tutorial For That.

    Thanks For Everything……

  59. Yang says:

    Hi Max,

    I have rooted International One X, OTA for Jelly bean is released in asia but I did not get yet.
    should I have to manufacturer reset and update OTA for JB ?

  60. Emil says:

    Hi again Max.

    Im wondering if you have more incoming rom reviews of new roms soon for the One X Tegra 3 and galaxt nexus?
    Stable with good performance and battery life on Jelly bean roms?

    hope to here from you soon Max.


    • Emil says:

      Hi again max.. i need your help to get a guide for downgrading hboot for hox. I was on hboot 1.12.000
      and upgraded to 1.31 for Android revulotion HD jelly bean based on stock 4.1.1 hox+ for better performance and battery life. But can i install other custom rooms on this hboot?

      I really need you advice and help.

      Thanks !! HOPE to here from you soon as you can !

  61. Koen says:

    i’ve got stuck in a boot loop and i have no clue on how to recover my backup (i made one) it recovers actually but when i want to reboot it’s still in bootloop πŸ™ what do i do ?

    • Max says:

      Find the boot.img from your backup folder and flash it with fastboot: (latter part of this)

      • Koen says:

        thank you for the very fast reply !! i’m up whole night right now and i think i litterally tried everything πŸ™ now when i’m in fastboot it says the battery is low so i’m letting it boot loop until i got a little bit more battery life πŸ™‚ is there any chance that if this doesn’t work i can skype with you or chat or something to find a sollution ? thanks in advance

      • Koen says:

        okay soo now the bootloop stopped but i got a white screen with the htc logo now what πŸ™ i’m getting really desperate :'( and all that for a sneak peak for jellybean πŸ™ that’s not worth the money i put in to the phone if you ask me πŸ™

        • Koen says:

          i’m so sorry for spamming your site but it worked !!! a whole night of searching has paid of πŸ˜€ thanks to you !!! thank you sooo much !!! πŸ˜€

  62. Koen says:

    ok so i’ve got a new problem πŸ™ the phone starts but i can’t use my sim card ? it just won’t let me give me my pin and everytime i reboot it goes back in bootloop πŸ™ why am i such a noob ? πŸ™

  63. Tuck says:

    Hi Max I got a htc one X and i got the phone bootloader unlocked and rooted and all. Then I tired to flash one of the custom roms off xda developers site and flash the gapps. When I flashed it was all successfully, and then I reboot it and would come back on at all. Plus it will not even show the charging light or nothing. But when I try to hold the power button down and vol.down its make the sound like its going to do something but still nothing at . Can you help me or do I got to call HTC for to send it back to them

  64. aaron says:

    hello i followed your instructions on how to install a custom rom and unlock the boot loader and everything worked fine thank you but as soon as i try booting into my new rom it stays in the boot screen ive already tryed 3 different roms and have waited 10 minutes any suggestions?

    • Bakhtawar Khattak says:

      this has happened to me… reinstall the new rom..but this time.. wipe the everything.. once in the recovery.. this includes factory reset, wipe cache and under advance option wipe delvick cache also.. install from sd card after the wipe.. it will run fine.. πŸ˜€ hope this helps

  65. Matthew Ashmore says:

    Does the rooting method work for a one X +??

  66. Rafael says:

    Hi Max !
    I just bought an HTC One X on the AT&T version. Where i can found the HTC One X international Rom (OEM) hehe .. I do not want to loose the sense … If it is not possible which rom do you recomend ? Thanks in advance Rafael

    • Chanaka says:

      Hey Rafael,
      i dont think this is possible man…coz system config is too deffrent in those tow devices (international and AT&T) way dont you try out custom rom like CM 10…its awesome. u will never turn for the SENSE again πŸ˜‰

  67. chris says:

    do you do repairs i have loaded the wrong kernel and cannot mount my htc one x
    my computer just will not see the one x at all. Meaning i cant follow a lot of the fix proceedures

  68. Gabriel says:

    Hi Max,

    I am a HTC One X user and found that the bty life and wireless on my phone pretty sluggish. Am thinking of trying out one of the roms. Which one do you recommend since there are pretty on your website?

    My phone is rooted but it is not in factory mode, meaning it had things like contact list, notes, calender, etc. If I install a custom rom, will all this be wipe out.

    Thank you.

  69. Ravi.Y.T says:

    Hi Max,
    I updated my Phone from ICS to JB, When i connect my mobile to PC it says MTP (Media transfer protocol) driver not found. I installed latest HTC sync manager and while installing it says HTC device driver installer didn’t install properly and it wsd unsuccesfull. I also tried installing using HTC_Driver_64.zip as in video, but that also didn’t work and one more query should i backup my apps before rooting my phone , please reply as i am new to this since titanium backup shows root failed and i cannot back up my apps.

    Thanks & Regards,

  70. Bakhtawar Khattak says:

    Hey, just wondering are u going to make a tutorial for rooting htc one x+ and installing the recovery and custom roms?

  71. Barton Karel says:

    Hi Maxi at step 44 when I have a data recovery so when I put it as my screen goes black and appears to me on it over the mobile phone and a red triangle and a red exclamation mark and can not alone is what will help you restart your phone (I have followed the steps of the masses on the Web) do not know what should I do with my phone rootnul? Thank you for your answer

  72. Fahad says:

    Max can you tell the way to recover our stock ROM before rooting or a way to extract our stock RUU from ONE X because my last ONE X got bricked because I messed up its kernel and I didn’t have its stock ROM backup and couldn’t find its RUU on any site..So If you can tell me how to secure my ROM so if I messed during the custom ROM I have a backup..After that I will root my new ONE X…

  73. Chanaka says:

    Hey Max, cant we unlock HTC ONE X (AT&T) bootloader from directly HTC Developer guide? if cant can u plz tel me wat is the reason…

  74. Matt Mace says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for your video showing how to unlock bootloader on my htc one x using a mac, the instructions were so easy to follow it was great especially for me as i am not particularly technically minded. I was wondering if you have a similar video showing how to install cyanogenmod 10 preview with jelly bean for htc one x again using a mac, as all instructions out there are 1, difficult to follow and 2, require windows.
    Thanks in advance

  75. -j// says:

    just got the HTC one X for christmas and i was playing around with it and following your steps to root it..after differents techniques found that the your newist post was the one… the onexattnew.. ok so went through all the steps right, and have now have a rooted phone, with the bootloader unlocked.. wanted to go to the next step and install a dif rom,, the CM10.. for android 4.2 found the nightly build evita? for this model of their website… i tried following your other tutorial on how to install new roms.. but at the steps where you install the cmclockwork bootloader it doesnt seem to want to work. it just traps my phone on a boot buckel..
    so i went back to the other bootloader that comes with your att new zip.. and restores the phone back to rooted vanilla version.. i also tried installing the rom from that .. and seems to work ok.. at least says success! but when i reboot the cyanogenmod splash screen pops up .. it just gets stuck booting.. so again recovered to the default rooted system… but is there a way.. to get cyanogen10 working on the htc one x? can you point me the right mod?.. i am a bit lost on this..

  76. dabz says:

    endeavoru pvt ship s-on rl
    HW secure boot :enabled
    Modem Path: off
    apr 11 2012, 02:27:11.

    please help this and the htc logo are the only things i see on my htc one x nw. this was due to not reading and doing adequate research. please what can i do to get my phone back please please please help.

  77. alecz rasta says:

    nice job with this site ! great step by step explanation…
    is it a way to sim unlock the one x ? i tought that the root will do it .. πŸ™‚ but i was wrong ……
    i’m on orange romania.
    best regards !

  78. proffeecom says:

    Hi Max,
    As an update to my previous post, I managed to get the phone working, after restarting into TWRP, then clean Cashe and Dalvik yet again. This did it for me, thanks! Now, I discover a problem with the Camera. I t doesn’t seem to work at all. Sometimes it snaps photos, but 9/10 tries, it locks/freezes up the phone. The only way I could get it back on is after a reset. Any ideas or an update? If this is the status right now, I will have to (unfortunately), go back to a stock ROM. Using my camera is vital for me.
    Thanks and great job otherwise!

  79. Biyi Manuel says:

    just rooted my htc onex att, i installed cm-10 frm ur site now my phone is showin the cyanogenMod logo and won’t load PLEASE!!!! reply back ASAP PLEASE

  80. Sham says:

    Hello Max,

    Please advise me because Im stuck due to the unable to flash .img on windows 8. Please give me some idea how to solve this as currently my HOX is not bootable.

  81. Chris says:

    Hi Max –

    I’m a complete noob for Android, I’ve been an Apple fanboy for years and decided to branch out to the Android world world with the One X on ICS and AT&T.

    I can’t seem to find anywhere a guide on rooting the HOX running 1.85 on a mac. Could you point me in the right direction? I’m not a terminal champion either. I need help :).

    Many thanks in advance.

    – Chris

  82. Droidliner says:


    I would like to know, are methods the same for rooting One X+ ? I can’t find any guidelines πŸ™

  83. Chris says:

    Howdy Max .

    Used your OneX root video to root and flash CM10 on my OneX and it worked perfectly. Curious to know if you have a tutorial on Rooting a HTC Incredible S device? Not going to get confused following other tutorials. Yours are the easiest and cleanest .

  84. grace says:

    hi, i am very interested in rooting my One X+.. and i was wondering if your video on how to root the one X would work well with the newest updated version of the OneX.. the OneX+

    please help

  85. Ryan says:

    Hey Max. Amazing work on your website. Top notch!! I have a dilema.I have a HTC OneXL (firmware 2.20)with CM10.1 nightly build 03/07/13 JB on it and it was working great. But now there is nothing on the screen at all, it just went blank. It is recognized by my computer and will flash red or green light here and there, but I still see nothing. Please help my friend!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Much respect,


  86. Gustavo says:

    So.. I let my phone get the at&t jelly bean update and yeah it was super buttery smooth thanks to project butter but i still want to root my one xl because i just love the stock nexus 4 android theme look. I tried using the 2.20 firmware way to root but i couldnt change the CID… Is there any other way to root my device? I know there’s quite a few people out there that are wondering the same thing.

    help? :/

  87. Sandemaske says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Can anyone tell me how to turn S-ON to S-OFF?
    I have HTC one X international, and I am using Android Revolution HD 9.1.0.


  88. ashraf says:

    hei max
    how to root /install rom after official jelly bean update on one xl. these rooting techniques dont work anymore.

  89. Dumbmi says:

    Hey max.. thank you so much for your effort in helping to root my htc one x!!

    However, i am currently facing some problems and wish to get some assistance.. please email me.

    Thank you..

  90. Robiul Islam says:

    when I submitted my code on htcdev.com site then I can see this message

    We’re sorry, but it appears your attempt to unlock the bootloader on
    this device has failed. This could be caused by several factors
    including simple errors in the entry of the unlock token, problems
    with your device, or a lack of manufacturer support for the unlocking
    process. Please see the specific error code listed below, and try
    again if necessary.

    Error Code: 160.
    Error Reason: MID Not Allowed.

    . I can’t do unlockbootloader, what should I do?

  91. Kadeem says:

    Hi there

    Im trying to update my hboot but im having trouble doing so. Ive followed your vid on how to update your hboot but i keep getting stuck at the point where the firmware is supposed to flash. it reads error: can not find firmware.zip.

    I have a htc one x and found out that my cid is TMOB005 which i found on XDA and followed the instructions about renaming the zip as firmware.zip.

    Is there anyway that you could help me I would appreciate it a whole lot. Im trying to update the hboot from 0.96 to 1.39 to flash the new miui rom as im currently on 2.9.21.

    Many thanks

  92. Ray says:

    Please help.. I rooted my htc one x last year.. I accidentlywiped the top in trwp when I was trying to clear out the data so I could sell it. The problem now is that it has no rom so it will not boot or allow me to recognize it in windows to load a new rom. How can I possibly connect it to windows when their is no rom on the htc? It will go into fast boot but doesn’t recognize in dos under ads devices. Do you have a tutorial?

  93. Ravi.Y.T says:

    Hi max,
    While updating my apps through Play store I am getting an error:
    (Error while retrieving information from server.[RPC:s-5:AEC-0]). I found some of the solutions but not working in HTC One X.
    Below are the steps I followed. If you have any updates or solutions on this please suggest.

    Enter into SETTINGS select ” Apps” & All
    select google services Framework
    Clear data
    Force stop

    Enter into SETTINGS select ” Apps” & All
    select Google Play store
    Clear cache
    Force stop

    Thanks & Regards

  94. scott says:

    the problem i am having is my phone will turn on but i get a total black screen the 3 touch buttons on the bottom of the phone lite up and like i said black screen i hear the apps open and i can close them but i don’t know what app is opening or closing tried to use the sync manager but my phone is not setup to sync to comp when plug in all I;m trying to do is get the pics and vid’s off the phone b4 I send it in 4 repair if anyone can hlp pls

  95. William Byers says:

    I really need help plz. I was attempting to boot into recovery from the bootloader but I went down one too many and hit factory reset. Now twrp shows nothing in storage. Custom roms and backups are all gone. Stuck in boot loop.
    Device is AT&T Htc One X/ One XL/ evita. Thx in advance.

  96. mmnnoo says:

    Hi. I have a question. I recently installed the SlimBean rom for my international One X. Everything is working just fine. But when I try to change to another rom, my phone would not detect any signal. The service state would be ‘off’ or something. I did the reset factory, boot img and stuffs but still it didn’t work. Hope you can help me. Thanks

  97. emfaza says:

    one week ago . i root my hox and when my hox is rooting it switch off and open the htc logo and say (this build isfor development purposes only do not distribute outside of htc without htc’s written permission failure to comply may lead to legal action ) what can i do??

  98. Tony Tanner says:

    Is there a way to root my one x without hooking up to a computer? And what Data will I lose? I just found up on YouTube and love the info so thanks for the help! Keep it up!! Thanks for staying HIGH on Android

  99. Matt Ghere says:

    Hey Max,

    I tried to download the driver for the root but the site won’t open I don’t know why this is happening, but I need you to send me the link please. Please respond via email.

    Kind Regards,
    Matt Ghere

    • Matt Ghere says:

      I was able to get passed the driver issue, but I can’t root my phone. It is running JB. Is there any way to get around this or do I have to DownGrade? If so, could you reccomend any ways to downgrade?
      Thank You,

  100. Mark says:

    Hi Max,

    I am wondering if there is a root for the new update for AT&T HTC ONE X. I am running Android version 4.1.1 Software 3.18.502.6 710RD

    Is there root for this?


  101. rashoo says:

    I have a HTC One X. worked him but did not root control and show me the splash screen only and does not accept charging the battery above 30% What do I do?? If you know a solution to my problem remind me steps to modify the device
    Note that the copy machine Middle East

  102. rashoo says:

    I remembered Recovery installed on the device but did not match how it is changing the Recovery

  103. Hamza Dar says:

    Please provide me a link to download RUU for my phone. It’s working with all carriers and CID is BSTAR301, Hboot Version is 1.12. Thanks! Please help me to get RUU for my phone.

  104. Hello, of course this piece of writing is actually nice and I
    have learned lot of things from it about blogging.

  105. mile says:

    Hay Max this site is about HTC One phones,i am one of your subs on YT :)…but i hawe HTC Desire X!So please put video or give me link,how to get s-off on my HTC Desire X!Phone is rooted and i use twrp recovery!I traid to find on google how to s-off on HTC Desire X,but nothig i found…so thenks in front man for,maybe ansver…and sory to my bad eanglis!I am from Serbia Europe chears men πŸ˜€

  106. Asking questions are actually good thing if you are not understanding anything completely, except this article provides good understanding even.

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