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CyanogenMod9 ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

Wow, that was pretty darn quick! Modaco forum user TripNRaVeR was able to get CM9 ported to your rooted HTC One X with almost everything working flawless.

I wouldn’t recommend this CM9 ROM as a daily driver yet but it’s an awesome piece of work considering almost everything works out of the box flawlessly.

The only thing that’s a bit funky right now is the data connection, it takes awhile for it to connect to 3G/HSPA+ but once it does, this CM9 runs fine.

Other than that, you get all your usual CM9 stuff including UI customizations but

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BinDroid ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

Thinking of installing a custom ROM on your HTC One X?

Well, before you do, make sure to make a backup of your current ROM and also make a backup of your apps and SMS text messages.

Once you are done with that, you can try a ROM like BinDroid ROM, which is based off HTC One X Sense stock ROM but gives you better performance and battery life. Also, BinDroid ROM comes themed, you might enjoy

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How to Install ROM on Rooted HTC One X!

So, you want to install a custom ROM on your rooted HTC One X?

Note – This is ONLY for HTC One X, not AT&T HTC One X or One XL.

Even if you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed, you will need to actually boot Recovery from fastboot to install new ROM correctly. The reason is that although the bootloader has been unlocking using HTC’s Method, this does not allow you to install kernels. ROMs usually come with kernels so you have to boot Recovery from fastboot (which allows you to fully install kernels) to get it working.

If you don’t get what

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