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PACMan ROM for HTC One X! [Android 4.3]

For this week’s HTC One X ROM of the week, check out latest Android 4.3 version of PACMan ROM.

PACMan ROM is composed of a mix of 3 ROMs like AOKP, CM10.2, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs, bringing you features from the three ROMs into just one.

For international HTC One X, you can flash ProBAM ROM, which is nearly identical to original PACMan ROM as it’s built off PACMan ROM sources.

Overall, you will find some great level of customization through AOKP RO

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How to Upgrade to Jelly Bean HBOOT 1.39 for HTC One X!

Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to easily upgrade your HBOOT to Jelly Bean HBOOT 1.39 for your international HTC One X Android smartphone.

Why do you need this?

Well, if you bought the phone with ICS and never upgraded to official Jelly Bean (mine hasn’t), you will not be able to install the latest Jelly Bean custom Sense ROMs.

But by upgrading you will be able to install the latest Jelly Bean Sense-based ROMs.

Once done upgrading HBOOT, you will have a LOCKED BOOTLOADER, simply

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How to Root AT&T One X on 2.20 Firmware!

For those of you on latest ICS 2.20 firmware, here’s how to root your AT&T One X!

Warning, this root method will erase your current apps and settings but will not erase contents of your internal storage such as personal photos and videos.

Write-up coming soon… For now, please follow the video tutorial, thanks!

Download Drivers:

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Download HTC One X drivers for Windows 32-bit

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How to Do an OTA Update on Rooted HTC One X without Unrooting! [AND KEEP ROOT]

I probably gotten hundreds of e-mails last whole week people asking me how to do an OTA (over-the-air) software update on the International HTC One X (PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON AT&T ONE X OR ONE XL) and I finally got around to it but it took me awhile as there’s no clear step-by-step instructions on the interwebs on how to do this.

Well, after investing a whole half-day on this, I finally was able to find a solution by going to many different forums and trying different thing.  The idea is simple, you just need to install stock recovery back on your stock rooted ROM and yo

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How to Unlock Bootloader and Root AT&T HTC One X/HTC One XL!

SO, you want to install custom ROMs on your AT&T HTC One X?

Well, you can now by changing CID on the AT&T HTC One X to 11111111, which will allow you to unlock bootloader using

Before we begin, you will need a rooted AT&T HTC One X, please see Root Any HTC One X! (If this root method doesn’t give you root, you might have a newer software version where HTC blocked root, you will have to wait until another root method is out)

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Root ANY HTC One X! [Windows/Mac/Linux][ATT/International][One-Click Method]

For those of you who want to root your HTC One X or HTC One XL (AT&T), here’s a simple, universal One-Click method that works on ANY HTC One X or XL, and also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is probably the best universal method to “safely” give you root.  In fact, it’s so safe, you can even try it on ANY Android device with ICS.  At the best, it will give you root and at the worst, it won’t.  (This is actually the same root method used on Transformer Prime Android tablet.)

Also, this method does NOT erase any data, just gives you ro

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How to Root HTC One X!

Want to get the most out of your brand spanking new HTC One X?

UPDATE: Looks like this root method also works fine on HTC One S, just to let you know.

NOTE: This root method is for European/Asian/Unlocked HTC One X, the original with quad-core processor.  If you have AT&T HTC One X, please follow the universal One X Root method or the latest 2.20 root method.

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