How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted HTC One X!

For those of you who have rooted your HTC One X, I “highly advise” you to make at least one backup of your newly rooted stock ROM. Having a backup of your stock ROM will allow you to unroot easily if there’s any reason for you to go back to completely stock.

Backing up your ROM will backup literally everything in your phone’s system except your personal media files such as photos and videos.  Yes, this is the most complete backup that backs up everything including your settings, apps, SMS text messages, you name it.

Step 1. Put your phone into bootloader mode by holding down Volume Down and Power button together for about 20 seconds.

Step 2. Choose “RECOVERY” using Volume Down button and hit Power button to enter the ClockworkMod Recovery.


Step 3. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “backup and restore”.


Step 4. Choose “Backup” to start backup process.


Step 5. To restore ROM, repeat Steps 1 to 3 then choose “Restore” instead of “Backup”.


Step 6. Once you hit “restore”, you will see an option to restore any of your backed-up ROMs in timestamped folders.


Step 7. You can always change the name of the backup folders to something more meaningful.  To do this, either use a file explorer app like ES File Explorer or connect your HTC One X as a disk drive and browse to the clockworkmod/backup directory.





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60 Responses to How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted HTC One X!

  1. UnK says:

    First of all, great Video…Any chance of getting a similar video tut for HTC One S ?
    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Sam S. says:

    Hey Max, I’ve been watching you on YT for a while and now I have a problem with a device I’m hoping you can help me with.I just got an HTC Vivid and I unlocked the bootloaders and flashed a recovery then rooted it. I then tried to flash an ICS update which had a conflict with either the kernel or the recovery I was running. Now when I turn it on it flashes the white HTC screen and then goes black and doesn’t do anything else. Ive since learned the right way to fix it. I relocked it to update the hboot which worked fine then I go to unlock it again and it freezes on the unlock screen. On my phone I choose yes to unlock the bootloaders then press the power button and nothing happens. It doesn’t reboot like its should. Ive tried it about 6 times and it never gets passed that screen. Any help would be great. Thanks

  3. Mauro says:

    Hi all !, I would like to root my HTC one X also . But I dont want to lose my data (games , savegames , etc) , and the backup apps I ve found work only to save photos or contacts , others backup apps “work” with data also (they say so ) , but only if u have an SD card and this phone doesnt come with SD expantion slot 🙁

    Any help?


    • admin says:

      Let me look into it, there can be another root method to save first then unlock bootloader.

    • RandyMustache says:

      Titanium backup will do the job. I use it for all my apps backups and settings backups. Within 15 minutes of booting a new ROM I can have everything running exactly as it was before I started.

  4. bader says:


    so i got it rooted through the at&t htc one x root (without unlock bootloader), and saw this link directly without the main website’s warning about not doing it to the at&t phones.

    Rebooted it, clicked on Recovery, and BAM! all is gone…

    Even my titanium backups and SMS backups are gone!

    Any recovery u can recommend? PLEASE!

  5. ced says:


    Can we still install the software updates provided by HTC after we unlocked the bootloader ?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      yes of course.

      • ced says:

        Thanks for your answer

        Yet when I try to install the new update, the phone reboots (as intended) then get stuck on clockworkmod recovery (not intended) with a message telling me that clockworkmod didn’t find the place where to install the update or something. So the last update got aborted twice.

        • Max says:

          Sorry I read the question wrong, I thought u were just rooted. You can unroot to install update or there’s usually an you can also flash in Clockwork, let me see if I can find that.

      • ced says:

        Here is a pic of the issue :

  6. benedict says:

    hello…im from philippines and i admire all your videos regarding HTC on x rooting…i have few question(noob) my first time in android after 7 years of apple iphone user…do i have to unlock bootloader before i can make a backup of my stock rom? and lastly i have a asian international htc one x version and its open line carrier phone…do i need to unlocke or ill go ahead for unlocking bootloader?? thanks and more power to you.

    • Max says:

      Yes you have to unlock bootloader to install, backup, restore roms no need to unlock sim tho thats not root related.

  7. Aly Esmail says:

    hey i tried doing this, my htc one x is now stock on the htc logo screen :S

    what do i do ??

  8. Hi, looks pretty nice, but unfortunately my HTC OneX apparently does not know the CWRM apk – after choosing (and confirming) Recovery all I get is a nice looking green icon – intertwined arrows, then a phone picture with red exclamation mark…what on earth am I doing wrong?

  9. Jeremy says:

    How can I flash back to the factory att rom? I bought a one x rooted with a cleaned att rom but I need to get a warranty replacement. There is no backup rom 🙁

  10. Tobias Teeuws says:

    And how i can go back to stock sense 4.0 when in recovery?

    • Max says:

      Simple if you made a backup of your stock ROM, restore stock ROM.

      • youness says:

        how i can restore and when i restore any stock rom want not complet it it show me error format_volume failed to unmount “/system”
        error while formatting /system!
        plz how i can fix it

  11. Deric says:

    Hi Max, first of all great site. I have a rooted OneX (international) and have been trying our various custom ROMs myself. Therefore, I’ve been backing up and restoring roms. Unlike my SGS2, restoring rom on OneX isn’t that straight forward. Each time after recovery restored I have to reflash the kernel + modules of the backed up rom to boot successfully. Otherwise, it will just bootloop. So, I have to remember which kernel I put into the rom (ie. stock or custom). Did I did something wrong during backup? or this is just how it is with OneX?

  12. deadakos says:

    Hi Max,
    This site helped me a lot unrooting my HOX, and now I find an answer to one of my questions, so I’m very pleased again.
    I’m using now miui 2.8.3 rom, and I’m completly not satisfied with it, so I’would like to revert to my stock rom (I have nandroid backup just as you suggested), but I’m wondering if I should just restore this backup with cwmr, or I should wipe everything before it, because before installing the miui rom, they suggested to do that (wide data, dalvik cache, cache), because miui stores data differently.
    So to wipe or not to wipe?

    • Max says:

      You do not need to do wipe when restoring, it restore everything including cache. 🙂 Just hit restore and you are done.

  13. karan says:

    can i go for RUU after restoring and flashing stock recovery and locking the bootloader? and which RUU is right for me? my CID is HTC_038

  14. Ronnie says:

    I am using Go Backup. Its free and It backups apps, texts, system settings etc. I justed did a full wipe and re installed a ROM and then made a Merge installation of all my app, settings etc. It took 2 minutes.

    Its alot easier to use if you just want the backup settings then what the Titanium is.

  15. Porbear says:

    Hi i have a big problem. My phone bricked when flashing it. How i want to fix it but the phone is now allowing me to go in recovery mode in bootloader on my phone and i have no back up to flash with. Can anyone help me plz.

  16. Ronnie says:

    You can enter USB mode in recovery mode and from there transfer files to flash from your computer .

    • Porbear says:

      the phone is not going in recovery mode that is why i need the backup rom on pc so i can use the command window to flash it.

      • Ronnie says:

        Well I dont know. But I remembered having problem entering recoverymode while the charger was plugged to the phone. The phone was trying to update SD something and never opened the recovery settings. I hope its this easy otherwise I wish someone else here could answer you.

        • Porbear says:

          well my problem is that i was flashing the phone and the phone went dead, i think the battery went low. so now i try going on recovery but its not going but i was inform that if i have backup rom on my pc i can flash it but i dont have any backups thats y i was hoping i can get one.

  17. Elvisisdead says:

    I have a quick noob question. I want to flash my stock backup rom.
    I have been using ARHD roms and want to know if I have to flash the boot.img from my back up rom first before restoring the backup.

  18. boris toic says:

    i was following your instructions and now i have MD5 missmach and i’m stuck on boot loop please help me

  19. Tibi says:

    Hi, MAX !
    I made a mistake … i have my rooted device (htc one x) firmware update to jb there was necessary, however, to know (hboot 1.23.0000) i want to back ics rom……please help…..sorry my english im very angry (to me)

  20. Shaheer says:

    I am having an issue with restoring, it says “MD5 Mismatch”
    What to do.?

  21. Thomas says:

    1.54 your on your own pmsl yep you don’t back up you spend days searching for a Ruu to get you back to Stock so before you click that custom rom install be sure and DOUBLE CHECK you have backed your stock rom up . I’m sorted now but TRUST ME lesson learnt listen to MAX follow every step and you should be fine.

  22. Hans says:

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for your great tutorial. I have a question, if we are rooted, and Custom ROM installed, and i also have backup recovery for original Stock, and i want to revert to original HTC Sense, shall i restore the recovery then only relock the bootloader, or relock first then restore? And is there anything more need to be done?

    Thank you and have great day!

  23. Behnam says:

    when I want to backup my phone this error shows up :
    SD Card space free: 2003 MB
    Backing up system …
    Backing up data …
    Backing up.android_secure …
    Error while making a backup image of / sdcard / .android_secure!
    what should i do?

  24. jason says:

    I backed up a rooted stock 2.20 rom through TWRP. Tried to install viper x 2.60 rom but get stuck in a bootloop at the HTC quietly brilliant screen. I restored the backup through TWRP but it is still in the same bootloop as before. Am I missing a step to restore?

  25. sascha says:

    Hey after installing a cyanogen mod I am unable to go back to my recovery. I tried flashing the boot immage of my stock recovery. yet it won’T work.
    I want to go back to the stock to save some of the stock apps with titanium back up. unfortunately I didn’t think of it beforehand. Any Ideas on how to go back?

  26. jesse says:

    I have a problem.
    I have lost my stock rom and i want to go back to stock.
    But i have already installed a custom rom.
    How do i get my stock back without unroot my phone?

  27. elvio18 says:

    Hello I installed a CyanogenMod rom on my htc One X at gooManager so it passes the screen htc quiettly brilliant and glue on a screen that has the symbol CyanogenMod …
    What can I do to uninstall this damn rom her and CyanogenMod 10.2 to last ..
    The one x htc not boot or anything so I can go into recovery mode and fastboot … Help me please

  28. kunal says:

    hey max im in a fix pls help me out i rooted my htc one x+ with this method shown by you in this site and it was succesfull so by going in recovery i made a backup of the stock rom (it was clockworkmod version after it i flash twrp recovery of viperx+ and installed viperx+ rom now when i changed it to clockwork mod again i tried to restore my stock but it says md5 mismatch help me out pls

  29. kris says:

    Hi sir,
    I have some few questions
    If i factory reset my phone and it is rooted is that okay, there is no issue about it?
    If i already change my rom then factory reset my phone is it posible to go back to the stock rom after resettting the phone?
    If there any issue if i will update the stock rom and it is rooted?
    How can i tranfer a file on the phone when it is on the clockworld is it posible?
    Thanks hope for soonest restponse

  30. marcelo says:

    al help me for the love of GOD

    delular my htc one x was so



    044 cid

    after he was upgraded as well


    radio – 5.1204.167.31

    cid – 044

    in fastboot getvar version-main this appears .4.19.707.3

    however did something he does not go into anything and when I try to enter recovery mode it shows a green circle right after he put a red triangle appears and does nothing more.

    please help me to recover my phone al.

    thank Marcelo from Brazil already

  31. Ssrj says:

    Hey. I went into recovery and a red triangle with exclamation appears in my phone. i dont know what to do now

  32. bilal says:

    i have problem in bootloader mode my htc one x is not going in recovery mode :/ idk why but when i select recovery option it just simply reboot in bootloader mode plz some one help 🙁

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