How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted HTC One X!

For those of you who have rooted your HTC One X, I “highly advise” you to make at least one backup of your newly rooted stock ROM. Having a backup of your stock ROM will allow you to unroot easily if there’s any reason for you to go back to completely stock.

Backing up your ROM will backup literally everything in your phone’s system except your personal media files such as photos and videos.  Yes, this is the most complete backup that backs up everything including your settings, apps, SMS text messages, you name it.

Step 1. Put your phone into bootloader mode by holding down Volume Down and Power button together for about 20 seconds.

Step 2. Choose “RECOVERY” using Volume Down button and hit Power button to enter the ClockworkMod Recovery.


Step 3. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “backup and restore”.


Step 4. Choose “Backup” to start backup process.


Step 5. To restore ROM, repeat Steps 1 to 3 then choose “Restore” instead of “Backup”.


Step 6. Once you hit “restore”, you will see an option to restore any of your backed-up ROMs in timestamped folders.


Step 7. You can always change the name of the backup folders to something more meaningful.  To do this, either use a file explorer app like ES File Explorer or connect your HTC One X as a disk drive and browse to the clockworkmod/backup directory.





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