How to Backup/Restore Apps on Rooted HTC One X/One XL!

For those of you with a rooted HTC One X or One XL (or any Android device), did you know you can easily backup and restore your apps using Titanium Backup app?

This app will allow you to easily restore your favorite apps when installing a new custom ROM.

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How to Backup/Restore Apps on Rooted HTC One X/One XL!, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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9 Responses to How to Backup/Restore Apps on Rooted HTC One X/One XL!

  1. keion says:

    hey when ever i run titanium backup it askes me to go to phones setting and then unknown sources checkbox the thing is i cant find the applications i see app but when i go in i cant find a check box to click

  2. richard says:

    hi max thnx for the verry good tutorial for this great phone 🙂

    i used to had a samsung but now i discovered htc i never go back to samsung shit 🙂
    but anyway, i did everything above but titanium backup seems to be lagging and dous not respond properly any ideas how come? and is there another program cos i had problems bevoer with titanium and thats why i dont like it anymore.

    thnx man, cya latah

  3. Porbear says:

    hi i have a big problem with my phone. my phone is bricked and i don’t have a backup to flash it. i try to relocked the bootloader and now i’m stuck. help plz.

  4. Behnam says:

    when I want to backup my phone this error shows up :
    SD Card space free: 2003 MB
    Backing up system …
    Backing up data …
    Backing up.android_secure …
    Error while making a backup image of / sdcard / .android_secure!
    what shoul i do?

  5. Daxjeremy says:

    Hi, here are my details:
    Jul 11 2012,14:36:28

    After trying to install some custom roms i ran into boot loop & don’t have a backup, please help me what to do. Thanks.

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