AOKP MR1 Build 5 ROM for HTC One X and One XL! [International/AT&T]

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For this week’s AOSP ROM of the week, check out AOKP MR1 Build 5 ROM for international HTC One X and AT&T One X (or One XL).

If you are looking for a good, stable Android 4.2.2 ROM with lots of customization, definitely AOKP is probably one of the best. And even better news, AOKP ROM for AT&T One X/One XL are “official” builds straight from AOKP Team, so they should be more stable than ever.

For international One X, there’s no official AOKP ROMs but there’s a great alternative, IceColdJelly AOKP ROM, which also gives you full AOKP MR1 Build 5 plus even more features.

With the latest AOKP MR1 Build 5, the biggest update fixes virtual memory leaks that was causing problems with earlier builds. Also, a dedicated Navigation Ring menu has been added to existing AOKP ROM Control Settings along with option to go back to traditional Quick Toggles.

The latest AOKP MR1 Build 5 is certainly the bleeding edge of Android and if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know how it fared for you.


Download AOKP MR1 Build 5 for AT&T One X/One XL

Download AOKP MR1 Build 5 for international One X (quad-core)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into TWRP recovery, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, reboot to Bootloader. Then install boot image via fastboot. (See How to Install ROM and boot image.)

Credits – IceColdJelly, AOKP <— Please donate to the developers of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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AOKP MR1 Build 5 ROM for HTC One X and One XL! [International/AT&T], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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9 Responses to AOKP MR1 Build 5 ROM for HTC One X and One XL! [International/AT&T]

  1. proffeecom says:

    Max, this did not work for me. I am currently on CM 10, which’s been working kind-a OK, hoping to bring more features with this ROM. As always, followed your instructions, but after all was set and done, phone did not want to start. You restart it and all that you see, is a blank screen, with no evident sign of any action happening. Did the whole operation twice, to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but result was the same – non working phone. Good thing was, I had a backup, so restoring the phone back to CM 10, wasn’t a problem.
    Any Ideas?

    AT&T HTC One X
    Android – 4.2.1
    CM Mod – 10.1 – 20130119-UNOFFICIAL-evita
    problems with this ROM so far: camera, Youtube, battery drain, random network problems.

  2. Juan Vasquez says:

    Install AOKP 5 but the camera does not work, when I took a picture with the gallery presents mistake, I fix it?

  3. Alexander says:

    @proffeecom try to boot the .img before installing the room, that might help…..or also try this command

    fastboot erase cache

    and one more important thing, i hope u choose the right ROM for your phone, if u have international one or AT&T… hope this works for u

  4. FCDHBubbles says:

    I’ ve been running ICJ for months some very nice development going on there bij team ICJ!
    HTC One nice devices but F… HTC and their attitude towards development community…
    Can’t wait to see next Nexus device if thats gonna be HTC than its fine by me!

  5. francisco says:

    once rom boots up to the welcome screen to select language i cant use touchscreen at all.. unsure of what the problem is

  6. Sandemaske says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to check if my Htc One X has SuperCID and how to turn s-off ?

    check the link below if you don’t what I am talking about:

  7. Armenoid says:

    Just installed, work fine for me.!

  8. cookiekrips says:

    can someone help me please, after i do the instalation and boot up my phone it just goes to the language screen and my touchscreen doesnt work

  9. Adebowale says:

    I just flashed liberty rom sense 6 4.4.2 on one xl. This is what I have been looking for so far, works perfectly alright. No bugs no crash.

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