CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Fully Working Bluetooth/GPS/Netflix/Wifi/3G/4G]

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CM10 Jelly Bean ROM is now “unofficially” available for your rooted HTC One X! Good news? EVERYTHING major including bluetooth, GPS, Netflix, Wifi, 3G, and 4G are working out of the box. This is in fact one of the best CM10 Jelly Bean ROMs I have seen with everything working out of the box other than Nexus-branded Google devices like Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S.

For those of you with international One X, go ahead, give it a test drive and let me know how you jellin’!

This ROM requires you to flash boot image separately using fastboot, please see How To Install ROM and boot image on HTC One X for installation guide.


Download CM10 Jelly Bean ROM
Download Gapps

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Credits – XDA

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176 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Fully Working Bluetooth/GPS/Netflix/Wifi/3G/4G]

  1. Parker says:

    is there a version of this for the att version?

  2. steve says:

    just installed this on the international One X, then got no phone app can’t make calls and no one can call me really good

    • Ashwin says:

      I know why mate.. you need to flash the Gapps. Please go back to the website and look for the Gapps file and download and flash it using CWM recovery and you should be good to go πŸ™‚

      • Steve says:

        Hi Ashwin that worked fine thanks mate but having trouble with data can’t even get 2G, wifi no problem, looked on the net and looks like i need an old sim card for data to work

        • John says:

          Did you check your APN settings? I had to set mine up manually.

          • Steve says:

            Yeh tried that but does not want to save them or can’t see the saved APN’s tried reinstalling the rom and gapps again after a wipe but still the same no data at all only wifi and got the APN’s from T Mobile, what network you on john

            • John Camacho says:

              When you enter the APN settings make sure to open the menu and choose Save. I initially missed doing that and pressed the back button instead and lost the settings.

            • John Camacho says:

              Oh I am in Trinidad in the Caribbean. Using Digicel 4G (though its more like 3.1 G)

  3. Larry says:

    Do I use the boot image inside the archive or is there another boot image I need to download? Thanks in advance.

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  5. Abdullah says:

    Hey πŸ™‚
    Does it take long time for u guys to when ur downloading from play store? mine is using a long time and i have to stay on the play store or else the downloading will be canceld

    • Peter Hoeg says:


      I am seeing this too. CM9 did not have this problem. Opening a site in the browser also takes forever to load. Phone is currently charging but I am going to try out GetRIL tomorrow to see if that fixes it.

      • John says:

        Had no problems with downloading from the store. Are you trying via wifi or 3G?

        Try Chrome and see if that browser works.

        • Peter Hoeg says:

          John, tried via both wifi and 3G. The issue wasn’t just that the browser was slow – everything that hit the net was extremely slow (market took forever to load as well). But another restart fixed it.

  6. benito says:

    I’ve never really done any rooting or rom installing in my life before, I have on occasion wandered into your site and watched videos on how to do this. But There was never any real compelling reason up until now. that CM10 mod looks awesome. definitely something I’m willing to try on my oneX (int’l ver).

    But like i said this would be my very first time doing anything on my android. If you could create a single page for instructions on how to root then flash then install this or just lay out the links in order so people like me can follow them in proper order that would be fantastic.

    • benito says:

      errr never mind got everything done…couldn’t wait to jump in so I took the plunge with your tutorials and it seems I made it through alive….

  7. stoica robert says:

    Sound in sopcast not work
    hdmi out to MHL not work
    and a twik mait be good – screen off wen hdmi is working

  8. benito says:

    so far all of the usual suspects installs and works just fine except for “viber” (insert cursing here)

    • benito says:

      yep, I’m almost done downloading every single app i needed before taking the plunge, such a shame viber didn’t make the cut, hopefully that can be rectified sooner rather than later…my iphone will have to goto viber chatroom for now…and i really liked that new group chat feature too

  9. benito says:

    maybe it’s just me but where is google maps?

    • benito says:

      I had thought it was going to be preloaded, and for some ungodly reason searching on the play store led me nowhere. Fortunately a little searching on led me to a link to the play store and that did the trick.

  10. John says:

    For some reason my APN settings did not get picked up automatically so I had to reenter that manually, but everything seems to work fine so far.

  11. manmadan says:

    But everything working fine but HTC medialink hd is not to make mirror display to.hd tv in jellybean Rom

  12. abeachsomewhere says:

    Have followed your great instructions – however, Cm10 fails to install – the last message I get from TWRP is *verifying partition sizes….
    Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/’

    Any ideas?

  13. John says:

    Anyone else notice that when charging the device, when it reaches 90%+ the green led comes on as though its 100%. The phone still continues to charge to 100% though. It’s just a little odd that it turns green before.

    Thanks to this site BTW for informing us about CM10.

  14. John says:

    A question to users of this ROM – have you tried using any other kernels other than the default CM10 one?

  15. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Finally, i got jelly bean in my one x. It’s really cool except that the default fm radio is missing. How to get it back?

    • Peter Hoeg says:


      this is from the post on xda: “No FM radio app in ROM. But Spirit FM works from market (it’s commercial!)”

  16. Nikesh Parmar says:

    works up to point of installing zip, then comes up with e:cant open /sdcard/
    (bad), any advice would be appreciated?
    thank you

    • Peter Hoeg says:


      you probably have a corrupted file. I suggest you try downloading again and check the MD5SUM to ensure the file is correct.

  17. John says:

    The battery life on this is awful. Android OS taking up almost as much % than the screen. I have installed SystemPanel and will be monitoring things. Device is probably not ‘sleeping’ properly.

  18. ola says:

    copying speed between mac and the fone is toooooo slow !!!!! !#?
    any suggestions?

  19. benito says:

    VIber and What’s App messengers both DO NOT work with this version (I really made good use of those to avoid extra text messaging charges too).

    If anyone has a fix for this please post links or instructions on how to get them to work πŸ™‚

    • Peter Hoeg says:


      I had to install whatsapp manually from their website instead of the market in order for it to work.

      • Fenzique says:

        I had the same problem too. If via Google Play, it would say “your device isn’t compatible with this version’ and there’s no option to download. Luckily i have it backed up via Titanium Backup, although it does not fully function with the setting tab (3 dots at bottom)gone missing.

  20. alberto says:

    here s this link i used this img to flashboot my phone the gapps link does NOT work but u can used the one from here ( ) it was fast and easy πŸ˜€ I LOVE IT

  21. John Camacho says:

    Hi Benito, I can confirm that both viber and whatsapp i are working for me.

    My only problem with this ROM is the horrible battery life.

    • benito says:

      I used all the steps here at oneXroot on rooting (long method), unlocking (htcdev), and installing/flashing this rom….and I’ve restarted my device a few times after too….still no viber…mmmm…did you do something else?

    • benito says:

      were you able to install them through the google play store?

      • John says:

        I previously used Titanium to back up my apps, then did a restore (user apps only – never system data). Dolphin browser was one app that constantly crashed on me and I uninstalled it and reinstalled from the play store and it works fine now.

    • benito says:

      I finally got whatsapp to work by sideloading (downloaded the apk from the whatsapp website). I’d prefer the traditional play store but this will have to make do.

      Viber is still incognito. Although I did get it to install (via sideloading again, I got passed the activation code and voila….non-stop crashing even after several reboots re-installations.

    • benito says:

      SO I finally found a solution….well sort of…more of a cop out really….but hey it is what it is….

      I’ve been on juice defender of only 1 day, but it’s safe to say it’s done it’s job in a big way. The biggest lost will have to be Data availability. I have my juice defender set to turn on wifi at home and at work only so far (will probably at a few more places in a trip later during the year), also data is turned off when screen is turned off as well…i did leave a scheduled data connectivity sync every 15mins just to make sure i’m at least up to date when it comes to email, be it a few mins delayed. This setting also sacrifices some accuracy as far as GPS pin pointing goes but so far it’s been pretty spot on.

      overall I’ve gotten 16 hours of battery life (still at 28% now), with about 2+ hours of on screen time. the android OS uptime on the battery usage meter has droped to single digits (from 30%-50%+ in the past 4 days prior to juice defender)…that’s on the default purple live wallpaper (i keep forgetting what it’s called).

      Another tiny trade off is that going right into google now from the lock screen is not possible with data turned off. I need to unlock and wait 3-5secs before i can hit the voice command to do my google searches.

      Again, juice defender is definitely not the right answer I was looking for since it makes my data apps like email and whatsapp a bit delayed once the screen has gone into sleep mode but over all it kept my phone up and running for about as much as i needed it.

      • John says:

        Most because of battery life I have gone back to ARHD. They just released 8.0.0. I will revisit CM10 in the future when the battery life is a lot better.

        I really do like JB and willing to sacrifice *some* battery life but CM10’s 7-8 hours is one quarter from what I will get from ARHD.

  22. Sandemaske says:

    Do you think CM10 is better than the Revolution HD Rom?

    • John says:

      They both offer advantages. I think I will spend more time – maybe a week or two – with CM10 and see if I want to keep it. One good reason I have for going back to Android Revolution is the battery life.

      Plus with this CM10 I want to try a different kernel and see if it helps with the battery.

      • Sandemaske says:

        My phone now on CM10 seem to take longer loading Google Play,downloading apps and also loading internet pages.I am using Wifi.
        Is there something to do to make it faster?

        John,did you find a kernel to try?

  23. benito says:

    3 days on this build of CM10 and the battery life keeps getting worse everyday. it’s still bringing me 8-10hours with push email. But what I’ve been noticing is that the drop from 100% – 80% goes by in a blink of an eye and that’s on standby. I had the phone unplugged an in use to check a few stuff for 5 mins and all throughout it stayed at 100%…I left for work and that took no longer than 30-40mins i lost 10% on stand by. right now I’m at 84% barely 2 hours in.

    what’s bothering me in the battery meter is that it says Android OS is using a lot of the battery life at 10mins CPU total, and a whopping 47mins KEEP AWAKE. maybe i’m over reacting but man that looks like a big disparity to me…I haven’t even used it with the screen on for more than 30mins tops.

  24. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Almost one day with jelly bean in one x. Tonight I will try other rom, any recommendation? Thinking of Revolution HD 7.2.2 ?

  25. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    I have more question. If I am to flash different kernel for the rom. How to do it? can I do in the similar way as flashing rom or have to put some command in terminal?

  26. benito says:

    SO this one is Preview 10, Preview 11 was released a few days ago on the XDA forums, and preview 12 seems to have some problems, last post on the thread was a heads up for a new release today/tonight…

    personally I’m staying at 10 for now although they say battery life is better at 11. I will wait a while before changing ROMs…I’m not really into changing things daily…

  27. benito says:

    so no CM10 build yet as complete as this preview yet (i think p13 is coming out in a few). But nearly everyone still complains about the battery drain….darn…almost perfect…oh well…will have to keep an eye out for a new build soon.

    All I’m getting these past few days is 10hours on average use.

  28. Yang says:

    CM 10 ROM , Performance is awesome, Battery life not bad. camera is worse than leedroid and one x original rom. It can be daily use rom. no major issues.

  29. Ruben says:

    Works (almost) perfectly for me but every other call, the person who call me complains about hearing themselves echo. Havent heard this befor i switched till this ROM yesterday.

    • benito says:

      If I’m not mistaken that does happen to be one of the complaints for this build by some (not all though) early testers. This I think (if I remember right) was a problem for this build (preview 10) and some earlier builds. There seems to be less complaints for Preview 11 and 12…some have even said there were significant boosts in their battery life for the later builds.

      I for one believe in “not fixing what’s broken” so I can’t really give my opinion on Previews 11 and 12 since my only real concern was battery life which wasn’t far of from my stock sense experience at 10 hours vs 11 hours. I’ve just recently gotten on juice defender to see if that will work for me, otherwise everything has been working flawlessly without any feedback from other people on the echo problem yet.

      The thread also shows that preview 12 seems to have some wifi issues that crept up enough within the testers that they may have pulled the build down for now and are working on a new preview release ASAP.

      here’s the link if you want to read about 250+ pages worth of responses πŸ™‚

  30. bhushan says:

    guys i didnt install the gapps and it showed error while flashing boot image. after rebooting my phone the phone is struck and is not geting started please help

    • John says:

      Try holding down the power button for 10+ seconds. It should restart.

      Also download another copy of the boot.img file and if any error again, record it and post it.

  31. bhushan says:

    john thanks for replying. i tried restarting no use same issue. i tried downloading the boot.img also its again showing error. now what should i do

    • John says:

      No problem. What’s the error you see when you flash the boot.img?

      You are using this command, correct?
      fastboot flash boot boot.img

  32. bhushan says:

    john this is the errot i am geting “error: cannot load ‘boot.img’ ”
    my is struck at cm mod start up screen

  33. bhushan says:

    hey john i have got it and the error is solved. thanks

  34. Oliver says:

    People who used it. Is this better than leedroid’s?

    • Yang says:

      better performance, more function such as google now, voice messaging etc and notification is more faster ! battery life not much. for camera continuous shoot mode will lost.

  35. david says:

    is there steps to putting it on the one x, im new and just rooted and unlocked my fone the day, thanks

    • John says:

      See the link way above that Alberto posted

      Note that you should backup your existing ROM using CWM, in case you don’t want to permanently keep the CM10 rom.

  36. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Anyone have tried cm10 p12? This one is p10. Not sure if there’s any much changes in p12???

  37. Sandemaske says:

    How to fix wifi connection problems?
    I flashed CM10 second time ,to see if it will fix my wifi connection problems.Now GooglePlay is having problems,it doesnt load!(The same as all apps that require internet to peform).I think opening pages(I use chrome) is even slower!
    I love this ROM,but this wifi data connection issue is a turn off.Anyone experiencing these problems?

  38. Parker says:

    hi so im trying to get into recovery using terminal on my mac and when i try it says error device not found, i want to restore my phone to default sense software because i want to sell it, please someone help me!!!!!

    • John says:

      You didn’t do a backup with CWM? That would have been the easiest thing to backup with and restore from.

      You need to install the HTC drivers for your mac so it would recognize it.

      • Parker says:

        what type of drivers? thanks by the way

        • John says:

          The ADB drivers. You are already running a custom rom so I think you would have had to install the drivers in the first place to unlock the bootloader and root it, correct?

          Or are you using a different machine?

  39. vimal odedra says:

    i am runing jellybean (cm10) on my one x (international model) !!! when i reboot it stucks on boot !!! phone starts only when i flash boot.img when reboot !!!

  40. Mike says:

    i’m now running on cm10 p12.. everything is working, but when i use my htc for let’s say 15 minutes.. it’s getting so hot i just have to put the phone down.

    is there an solution for this problem?

  41. Yang says:

    Hi Max,

    Is that JB ROM how to get it with Sense UI ? I realized that the default is s-off.

  42. Ralf says:

    CM10 is not finished yet, but the new Preview 12 is working like a charm, so look it up. Don’t flash the version from the linked page (P10).
    After flashing in CWM, do a factory reset before rebooting.
    If you’re still stuck on boot, flash boot.img again from fastboot, followed with a reset from CWM.

    I’m currently on CM10P12 and a happy camper πŸ˜‰

  43. kenna says:

    Guys I need help. I installed CM10 on my One X using TWRP and everything seems ok, but when I use it non-stop after a couple of commands or a period of time, around 10 minutes, my screen freezes, the display is on, but cannot do anything and I have to reboot it to make it work. What’s wrong?

    • John says:

      I assume you did a wipe data before the install? You can try clearing the cache, then the dalvik cache, then fix permissions. I’m not familiar with TWRP but those commands should be in there.

      • kenna says:

        I didn’t do wipe data but I cleared both cache and dalvik cache and still experiencing the same. I flashed the stock ROM and will try CM10 again or AOKP. Thanks!!!!

        • John says:

          Before flashing CM10, make a backup of your ROM, and also a backup of your apps using Titanium.

          Then after you flash the boot.img and the CM10 rom, you have to do a wipe data, especially if coming from another rom. Then if everything is fine, restore your apps with titanium (note – apps only, not system data)

          • Kenna says:

            Hey John thanks for helping. Anyway here’s what I did…
            1 Phone connected to PC, Bootloader Menu > Fastboot > Unlock bootloader through Hasoon2000’s all in one toolkit (finished all the required steps), then installed TWRP, form TWRP, mounted my phone to PC, transferred the two zips, and Wipe Data and Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache. Installed the two zips. Reboot System and it worked, but then as I said if I don’t use it, it will be fine but after using it constantly it will stop working, display is on, not feedback from the onscreen menus. So I locked the phone, and installed the stock ROM through RUU.

            2. Unlocked again, installed CWM. Copy pasted the zips to the storage. Boot on CWM recovery. Backup Wipe data, wipe cache, installed the two zips. After reboot I was stuck in the Jellybean splash screen for about 15minutes until I reset it and it worked and again the same thing. It freezes. Now I flash the stock again.

            You have any idea what I’m doing wrong. If none, I think I’ll wait for an official JB udpate from HTC.

  44. kenna says:

    OK, I used CWM and installed CM10, btw the CM10 I’m using is this one, the endeavor unleashed mentioned here I’m still experiencing the same. What am I doing wrong???

  45. Howard says:


    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this? I was using the Leedroid form recommended on this site. Couple days ago I’ve flashed the Jellybean rom (also recommended here). However, I didn’t like the issue with the battey, it just drains too fast!

    So I tried to flash the Leedroid rom again but I was stuck in the Booting screen after flashing (for a long time). I’ve tried to boot using the boot.img as instructed here with fastboot but no luck, it still stuck in the booting screen.

    So the only thing I can do right now is just flashing the jellybean rom again and it worked fine. What exactly did I do wrong? Or what steps I’ve missed? Do I need to flash the kernel too or sth?

    Thanks for the help!

  46. Howard says:

    Here’s my procedure:

    Boot to Recover -> Fact Reset -> Wipe Caches -> flash Leedriod rom -> after it’s done I restart to fastboot mode -> and flash the boot.img from CMD “fastboot flash boot boot.img -> then “fastboot erase cache” -> reboot

    I’m still stuck in the booting screen,,,I waited like 10 mins on this…what can possibly go wrong?

    • Ralf says:

      you do the factory reset after you’ve flashed the rom and boot.img.
      Recovery > flash ROM > fastboot > flash boot.img > Recovery > factory reset

      Works every time for me.

    • albert says:

      did u get the boot.img from inside leedroid zip file ??? i think you still using the boot.img for jelly bean

      • Howard says:

        OH! So that might have been the problem then. I thought they were the same thing. Oops, let me try it again at home tonight..thanks!

  47. Per says:

    This rom is awesome. Everyone is complaining about battery life, true, but in every other way this the fastest, nicest, smoothest experience i’ve seen on any phone!

    Regarding battery life, the gallery app seems to use a lot of cpu, through a process called media server. Kill that and see if battery life improves.

    Using cm10 alpha 1.

  48. Outis says:

    I’ve installed the CM10 JB ROM and the GApps package. Everything’s working fine except that Google Play no longer recognize this device. I can still access Play on the phone, but on desktop the phone no longer shows up in Play’s device lists.

    Is this normal?

    Also, is this the final JB build? Should we expect more JB updates from CM?

    • kenna says:

      Try to downloading something from your mobile phone in Google Play. After a while you can see your mobile on the web.

      The current CM10 is in alpha stage if I’m not mistaken.

  49. zacker says:

    Hi Max,
    After installing CM10 and rebooting, i am stuck at cyanogenmod10 with alien picture. I have already wipe my cache partition but still at the same screen. Please help me. Thanks


  50. Nic says:

    Does anyone have better modem drivers for the one x?

  51. Yang says:

    Hi All,

    these day Google has released update for 3D map. but this ROM is not get that 3D features for Google Map. anyone experience on that ??

  52. Hardik says:

    The battery drains super fast and many apps from play store won’t support. Needs some fixes. Except for this, the rom’s good, really smooth and works the best with apex launcher.

    • John says:

      Which version are you on? They are up to Alpha 6 and battery life is very much improved. I get about 12-16 hours which is not as good as ARHD’s 20-24 but CM10 is a better performer.

  53. albert says:

    THIS SEEMS TO WORK BETTER it has more options in the settings πŸ˜€

    • John says:

      More options like what?

      • albert says:

        ohh wait i think its the same πŸ˜€ lol

        • John says:

          Its two different ones – the one you sent is done by TripNDroid (v 010) and the one we’re discussing in this thread is by TeamNDVRu (up to Alpha 6)

          I’ve never tried the TripNDroid one – maybe I will do that later, however the speed at which TeamNDVRu is updating their builds, I just keep installing that one.

          I am not sure of any difference between the two. Maybe someone who has installed both can say?

  54. albert says:

    so whats new on ALPHA 7 ????

  55. ankush says:

    hey guys tried the rom and its not perfectly working. a few bugs and glitches. for example.. bluetooth sending does not work. and also many times the screen doesnt get locked with PIN even when i have enabled it.. But overall its a great build… loved jellybean and cm10 delivers most of it.. surely usable for daily use!

    • John says:

      Hi ankush, did you do a full wipe after installing the ROM? Also are you using the one by TripNDroid or TeamNDVRu.

      Try doing a factory reset (in settings) but of course you will lose your apps unless you backup first.

      • ankush says:

        Hi john. Yes i did do a data wipe/factory reset before flashing. im using the teamNDVRu one … as ive heard that TripNDroid’s has very low battery life.
        Will try factory reset.. wouldnt be a problem as i have done titanium as well as nandroid backup

  56. ankush says:

    Hi john. Yes i did do a data wipe/factory reset before flashing. im using the teamNDVRu one … as ive heard that TripNDroid’s has very low battery life.
    Will try factory reset.. wouldnt be a problem as i have done titanium as well as nandroid backup

  57. ove says:

    Hi i cant get my phone to vibrate when i get a message, how do i get it to vibrate on message

  58. albert says:

    HI GUYS IF you HAVE ANY QUESTION U CAN ASK ME . i might have the answer πŸ˜‰ when i get time tho πŸ˜€ BTW im bored Lol

  59. Ronnie says:

    Wonderful ROM. I will never use anything else then Jelly Bean on my devices.
    I have a fiew Q about this rom. Actually some bugs.
    First of all. Are the developer aware of the simpliest bugs or should I report them.
    The bugs I’ve encounter is.
    1. Sms notifikation on icons. Just get on drawer and status bar
    2. gallery settings is just pitch black
    3. When I videotape the playback does not sync sound and video.
    4. I cannot change cpu clock. If I want to clock maximum 1200 Mhz it auto discard my settings to max 1500Mhz

    I can live with these bugs because the ROM is so fantastic smooth thanks to project butter. But this is bugs I encounter and want to be solved some time.

    • albert says:

      has far has i know . this rom its still under development so they should know about this bugs but u can still report them . and about the cpu to set it ? u need an app like cpuset or rom toolbox (this is what i used ) or any other cpu app i notice that when i first install the rom so i decide to try it with the cpuset app and it hasnt discard my settings

    • ankush says:

      the link provided here is for preview 10… which is not completly developed… go to cm10 official page on xda. there ull find link for alpha 8 release which is more complete and stable

  60. Ronnie says:

    I tried setcpu. It did not discard my settings but the Frequenze still got up to 1400. Its like it did not care that I set up the clockspeed.

    • albert says:

      ok i see what ur talking about , try changing the governor to interactive , seems like if you have it to ondemand or performance it will stay 1400 mhz

  61. Ronnie says:

    Everything was smoothed until yesterday. Suddenly the shell getting superuser denied.
    I have to restart then it work a couple of hours. The more I play with the launcher the faster it will be shell denial again.
    I have tried to update the SU binary but it did not help.
    Its only helping if I restart the phone and dont play with it.
    When I check the SU log i tried 200 times for one minut to get Shell SU permission. Its like it stuck in a loop.
    Anu suggestions how to solve it or should I live with it cause this is a beta ROM? =) I still can go back pΓ₯ ICS but I dont want to. I want JB =)


  62. albert says:

    alpha 8 its out lets try whats new πŸ˜€

    • ronnie says:

      Which developer? You have the link?
      Actually this JB which is annonced here work good except the bug when you playback a Recorded movie

  63. John says:

    This is crazy. I was on a5, then a6 and it worked really good for several days. Then I started getting really bad battery life. Don’t know what caused it but turning off wifi only helped a bit. I upgraded (and wiped) to a8 with the tripndroid kernel. Same battery problem. So I decided to go back to ARHD (9.3.2) and kinda living with sense for the time being. I don’t know whats up with the battery in JB though.

    • ankush says:

      hey same problem here!! a8 is giving really bad battery life… try out a7 with the provided kernel.. gives decent battery life

  64. Porbear says:

    hi i have a big problem with my phone. my phone is bricked and i don’t have a backup to flash it. i try to relocked the bootloader and now i’m stuck. help plz.

  65. david says:

    im still new too roms and this site has learnt me how to do everything and rooted my one x but i keep reading about mirrors and to download them, could sum1 please tell me wat it is and wat does it do, thankyou 4 every1 who helped me get all sorted. love this site and keep checking everyday to see if there is new roms. keep up the great work.

  66. christina says:

    Does anyone know how to see iphone emoji on apps like instagram and twitter? if so how do i do it? its so confusing. I followed the steps on here to root it, so thats all done.

    Also when rooting i lost all my contacts. anyone know if there is anyway i can get them back? πŸ™

    • John says:

      Hi Christina,

      Your contacts were not tied to any google account? In the future when storing contacts on the phone, have them stored in your google account so its easy to have them restored when/if you ever wipe your phone.

  67. Andrew says:

    am I the only one who’s experiencing the following?
    – i have set volume level “2” for in-call. however when starting a call, it jumps back to a higher level so i need to reduce in-call volume every time I’m making a call (not sure if same happens when receiving a call)

  68. Benoit says:

    I flashed CM10 on my Rogers One X and I loved it but I can’t get LTE working. I tried everything, *#*#4636#*#* to set the correct mode, edited APN, flashed CleanRom 4.0… The best I could get was HSPA.
    Also the camera app is looking weird, it’s using a bad aspect ratio, and I miss the burst mode.

    So, until this is fixed, I use KingCobra Rom, which is basically a cleaner version of the stock rom on Sense 4.1. Not as fast as CM10, but not bad at all, and LTE is working, and the camera app (the stock one) is great.

    • albert says:

      Did u change the settings to LTE NETWORK ??? IF NOT . U SHOULD TRY IT . GO TO SETTINGS, wireless and network , MOBILE NETWORK , ACCESS POINT NAMES . THEN CHOOSE LTE πŸ˜€

      • Benoit says:

        Yes I did. I saw that it was trying to connect to the LTE network (using the *#*#4636#*#* shortcut), but for some reason the final message was always “disconnected”, I triple checked my apn properties, tried to flash CleanRom… nothing worked. The best I could get was 5M download / 1.5 upload. Where I am I can usually get 24M/24M with LTE.

  69. ankush says:

    guys alpha 10 is out.. its really great.. pretty stable.. no glitches.. and they have brought back the old kernel with excellent battery life

  70. albert says:

    its alpha 11 now the dev are doing great job cant wait till they finish ; )

  71. albert says:

    can someone let the devs know youtube force closes on alpha 11 . pleeeeaaaase πŸ˜€

  72. Primus says:

    Max, i want to send you a box of cookies or a small animal of some sort.

    Your instructions were perfect man! i followed your videos for rooting and installing the cm10 and it rocked. no glitches. thanks for these buddy.

    one thing, do you know how to get google now talking? it works perfectly except i cant get the google lady to speak to me for some reason.
    anyway, that aside, thanks again buddy.

  73. Primus says:

    ok ignore the question. changed language to US and it worked awesome.
    again, thanks Max.

  74. sucker says:

    just flashed and everthing works fine with TripNDroid kernel.. will update if got any bug

  75. Daniel Buswell says:

    Hello there,

    Firstly thanks for the ROM, i installed it and flashed it from the above links and it works well apart from when i reboot the phone the boot screen comes up with the CM09 screen? Is this right?

    Also ive just noticed (whilst not on wifi) that i cant gain access to the internet at all? is there something else i need to do?


    • Daniel Buswell says:

      oh and the weather on the lock screen doesnt work? just says NO DATA any ideas?

      Ive manged to sort the mobile data out as well

  76. Ahmed Chauhan says:

    Thankyou max … i have rooted succesfully my htc one x … its all just because of you … u r genius bro πŸ™‚

  77. Mateo says:

    Is this the latest one? or is the other one newer

  78. Great blog here! Also your website loads up very fast! What host
    are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?

    I wish my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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