CyanogenMod9 ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

Wow, that was pretty darn quick! Modaco forum user TripNRaVeR was able to get CM9 ported to your rooted HTC One X with almost everything working flawless.

I wouldn’t recommend this CM9 ROM as a daily driver yet but it’s an awesome piece of work considering almost everything works out of the box flawlessly.

The only thing that’s a bit funky right now is the data connection, it takes awhile for it to connect to 3G/HSPA+ but once it does, this CM9 runs fine.

Other than that, you get all your usual CM9 stuff including UI customizations but you do lose the HTC Sense continuous shooting mode and get Galaxy Nexus like rapid shooting mode instead.

Still, considering HTC One X has been only out for few weeks, this is great work!

Try it out (as you can always restore your ROM) and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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Download CM9 ROM

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Flash ROM, then gapps, reboot!

Credits – Modaco

First time installing a new ROM? Don’t know how to install a new ROM? Do you have your HTC One X Rooted? Please see One X Root Guide FIRST!!!

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10 Responses to CyanogenMod9 ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

  1. luis says:

    hello i have a quick question, will this rom work on an htc one s?
    youshould get the htc one s and make a website for it.

  2. darwon says:

    Hi, I am in deep shit right now, I downloaded cyanogen mod 9 rom from this website and I downloaded it and installed it and rebooted without installing gapps, then when after a while i had a backup of my original rom, and wanted to restore that, so i restarted it into recovery but the problem is that I cant access recovery clockworkmod I have tried other ways to reach it but I cant I downloaded it again but still I downloaded it again via rom manger but still cant access it when I try to access it it normally restarts again, PLEASE HELP I beg you, I have the global one x, Please help please! I beg you how to access clockwork mod and restore my back up

  3. jelly says:


    Open Command Promt
    cd Downloads
    cd OneXRoot
    Go into fastboot on your phone (power+down)
    type: erase cache,
    then fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch-

    it should boot into recovery.

  4. scott hough says:

    hello there i really need your help dude i have the same problem as the guy above 🙁 what exactly do i type in the command prompt? and is that the only way to do it? please help i need my phone back asap cheers man

  5. scottesh says:

    Panic over if it helps anyone just type “fastboot erase cache” in command prompt and then flash recovery 🙂

  6. Mr.5106411 says:

    i installed this no problem but my wifi wont connect to my home wifi but it will connect to for my example my schools wifi i already forgot network then re-added my home wifi network. Can you guys help me? The wired thing it it connects to data with no problem in seconds even

  7. Shanthan says:


    This is where I am stuck. I installed team win recovery project. But when ever I try installing this rom, I get a failed error.
    Some times it says it is e: /cache was not able to be mounted.

    Some times it just says error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/Download/cm_……’

    any help would be greatly appreciated and nice website btw.

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