How to Install CM12/Lollipop ROM on HTC One X!

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For those of you who want to run the latest CM12 Lollipop ROMs on your HTC One X, you will need to change your filesystem, this process requires you to flash a special version of TWRP, wipe your device, then install the new ROM.  But once done, you will be able to flash any other Lollipop ROMs.

Please follow my video tutorial above for the step-by-step tutorial and here’s the file you need used in video:


Download (This has all the files you neeed!)

Download HTC One X Drivers – 32bit64bit

Here’s the commands used in video for all Windows, Mac, or Linux:
*Note – For Mac or Linux, use the correct one instead of the one in my video for Windows, .that’s it! Also NO DRIVERS required for Mac or Linux.
For Windows:
cd Downloads
cd fastbootonex
fastboot flash recovery twrp2851-BiG.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img

For Mac:
cd Downloads
cd fastbootonex
chmod 755 *
./fastboot-mac flash recovery twrp2851-BiG.img
./fastboot-mac flash boot boot.img

For Linux/Ubuntu:
cd Downloads
cd fastbootonex
chmod 755 *
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery twrp2851-BiG.img
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash boot boot.img

Credits – XDA

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How to Install CM12/Lollipop ROM on HTC One X!, 9.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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33 Responses to How to Install CM12/Lollipop ROM on HTC One X!

  1. James says:

    Please i cant get the download link to download the file

  2. GiLBERT says:

    can you please publish a list of known issues for this version ?
    is it a stable version ?
    thanks in advance

  3. John says:

    How’s the battery life with CM12/Lollipop ?

  4. Sreeraj says:

    I did these steps , lolipop was installed. But it had no play store and , when installed play store from apk…play store will not open…it crashes everytime…any help?

    • Sreeraj says:

      as it stands…there are no google apps …and google apps installed from apks too dosent work…also accessed store from browser…which becomes too slow to load and dowlods dont work…
      am absolutely fucked!

  5. Sreeraj says:

    gaps was not installed it seems….all is well now…best article ever 😛

  6. Swissy says:

    I tried other roms, Gapps and recovery and nothing worked. Gapps keept crashing, got some system UI errors etc…

    This tutorial worked a treat and the steps to follow were clear enough to make it work.
    Phone installation wizard worked better than I hoped and all apps and settings restored from google cloud save.

    Many thanks for sharing links, knowledge and time – my One X is running great with CM lollipop.
    Only issues found so far:
    – User profile icon not able to update to custom pic
    – Having issue with headphone jack not being detected.


  7. Androidguy says:

    and the battery life?

  8. Azzkikr says:

    A heads up to future visitors of this page.
    After you format your device and flash the ROM you will also have to flash SuperSU again because the formatting removes it from your phone.
    Also, dont forget to flash GApps.. the OP forgot in the video :p
    YES it is quite stable. The battery backup does take a hit but thats ok.

    • kuba says:

      well for you my battery life increased…. (probably because the system conserves resources you can disagree with me but that is my way

  9. sedd says:

    how I can remove encrption and wayh is the key pls

  10. Mike says:

    TWRP is only for lollipop Roms?

  11. Piyush says:


    I have successfully installed the cm12 rom.

    But after updating to new layout it seems that user available storage is jus 10 gb (in 16 gb HOX).

    Is there anyway to restore that 2 gb partition which new layout made at the time of format.


  12. Johan says:

    do i need to unlock bootloader and root my one x before starting these steps?

  13. Paris Anagno says:

    hello there! i managed to install CM12/Lollipop and Gapps using this guide, i also installed SuperSU and flashed the updated bin in order to get supersu working and almost everything is working great, the only frustrating issue i’m having is that it goes to “car mode” randomly and sometimes it wont charge unless i reboot (a few times) the phone
    i searched for a solution online but everyone is talking about faulty chargers or hardware problems, but i know that’s not the case since i have tried with 3 different chargers but i only use the one the phone came with, and it seems to charge when the phone is turned off also, if im lucky after a reboot it will resume charging..
    has anyone else got the same problem with this version? is there a way to work around this?

  14. Nandan dave says:

    dear i follow the instruction but somewhere due to my mistake my device got bricked can u plz help me out here.

    device is going to recovery mode and i am not able to do anything, just when powering on it shows cyganmod logo

    • kuba says:

      thats a soft brick try reflashing cm 12 and clearing dalvik cache cache and ABOVE ALL dont dirty flash just dont also makee sure you factory reset if that doesnt work reply

  15. mehmet ali says:

    hello guys. i installed CM12 to my HTC One X a couple days ago. but i noticed that Message (SMS) application does not work. i take messages, but i can not send messages. when i try to send an sms, i see a label “sending” all the time. does anyone have the same problem? is there a solution? or maybe should i try CM 12.1?

  16. Toeffe J says:

    Are you going to update this thread at some point? 🙂

    I am having major issues with my 3G/data..
    It seems to be an issue with cm12 itself, but i am not that into this kind of stuff and i’d rather someone with extensive knowledge taking up this matter 🙂

  17. Hayzylaq says:

    I have successfully installed the cm12 rom, but I loose my backup in d process, hope it’s not a problem d I loose it or is dere anyway I can get d backup back

  18. Fabé says:

    Can’t download the file… tried several times … no way to download.. please.. there is another link ….

    • Sean_r15 says:

      Fabé I also tried to download the file several times, but there was no possible way to download it. Tried it 5 times, all time errors popped up in between the downloading path, did you found any other alternative to install it?

      • fabe says:

        Sean_r5 Yeah .. i’ve found another way to install… Found the file on another site.. sorry i don’t remember the link.. But i installed the ROM a couple months ago…working pretty good .. but battery drains quickly sometimes and phone keep restarting, and several times after restart , i loose all pics on phone…. hope the is a way to avoid that…

  19. This method is only for HTC one x international version?

  20. faf says:

    Does anybody know, is MMS work on CM12/Lollipop ROM.

  21. Ralf says:

    Hello Max,
    at first I like to thank you for your super instructions to install the cyanogenmod 12 on HTC One X !!!!!
    I installed cyanogenmod 12 on your instruction and it works verry good but I dont kow what kind of verion to use to install?
    You used the (cm-12-UNOFFICIAL-endevor) which version was That originally.
    did you tried to install the cyanogenmod 13 on your HTC One x yet.

  22. Francois says:

    Hi Max

    Installed this ROM and love it: fast and gives me Lolipop update and new apps. However, this morning after about 3 weeks since flash, my HOX screen does not want to slide to unlock.
    I can use touch to navigate the recovery though, so the screen is fine?

    Has anybody experienced this? I am going to do a reset and flash the ROM again.