How to Install ROM and Boot Image on HTC One X!

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Here’s another “fail-proof” method to install ROMs on your rooted HTC One X.

Why another installation method?

Well, some ROMs require you to flash boot.img separately, otherwise your new custom ROM may not boot. This is due to AROMA installers not flashing boot image or that the developer left out boot image flashing in their zip files. But no worries, this will get your new custom ROM booting fully.



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Download drivers for Windows (if you need it).

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How to Install ROM and Boot Image on HTC One X!, 5.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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121 Responses to How to Install ROM and Boot Image on HTC One X!

  1. Bubbles says:

    Max are there certain things you need to do after you install a Custom Rom like check Root or….???

  2. bulletao487 says:

    i did all the above step and everything went well, but its stuck on a boot loop it says cyanogenmod 9 and never finishes booting any suggestions

  3. Jewel says:

    I tried this manual-
    to update my One X with Jelly Bean. Shows error & now only black screen. I reset many times to restore back to my default OS. But i failed. What should i do? Can u help me please.. Please…

  4. Yad says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I’m using the android revolution but it didn’t worked by his method and it worked by urs keep it up 😀

  5. Mudit Gupta says:

    I did everything as detailed here, but my phone is stuck at the cynogenmod boot sequence forever, I need help with this. Also the loading screen says cynogenMod 9 instead of 10 , is this because the rom is so new that they havnt updated that screen yet ?

  6. david says:

    ive just rooted and unlocked my 1x fone, do i need to do anything else b4 i put the jelly bean rom on it, 1st time trying too put a rom on, any help would be great. thank you

  7. david says:

    can any1 tell me how to copy the jelly bean to the sd card for the one x international, thankyou its my 1st time trying to put a rom on it, thanks again

  8. david says:

    ive installed the jelly bean on my fone but not the boot, coz my fone does boot but it just stays on the wee blue alien and its just falling. wat do i need to do. ive all installed so im backed up and ive pc windows 7. thanks

  9. jon says:


    i just installed cm10 onto my one x, is there any way to install beats audio onto it? thanks

  10. Nic says:

    You are my hero

  11. DannyL says:

    I just got an unlocked HTC One X but its already rooted with a different rooting tool….my guess??…..would the custom rom from this site work fine and well with it….or do I need to unroot then root it with this onexroot tool??…for it to work?…pls help….any suggestions anyone?…thanks

  12. lucky says:

    im trying to flash a few roms but to no success…i tried maximus v2, android revolution, and jdroid exodized roms….when i try to install it then i get this message
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    installing update…
    installation aborted.

    i get this same message for all the three roms which i tried to install….what i may be doing wrong….thanx for any help;)

  13. benito says:

    max need help i went into recovery after planning to flash in a new rom (the current alpha 7) i’m still on p10.

    I only have 1 option available in recovery, HBOOT. underneath it says “checking SD card update…”

    The only thing I did before doing this was to reset (factory) to wipe everything off of the phone. how should i proceed?

  14. Avinash says:

    I’m stuck!!

    It says, installation aborted when I try to install zip from sdcard in clockworkmod

    Here’s what it says:
    E: Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation Aborted

  15. MP says:

    Hi I used the tutorial to unlock bootloader and root the onex that worked fine, however when i went to install the rom using the method you showed copy the boot file to onexroot folder and then flash it didnt’ work. my phone wont turn on now! what do i do??

  16. MP says:

    um nvm guess i missed a step but its working…luv htc but hate them for makin a phone with no sd storage…

  17. abeer says:

    heyy maxx
    i have htc one x international
    i just installed cm 10 jelly bean rom with your method on
    i backed up my stock one x rom and installed cm10
    then i restored my stock rom after using cm10
    now my one x doenst boot with the stock rom please help me????

  18. Tom says:

    do you need to extract the rom to put it on your phone or can you just place the .zip file on it?

  19. Tom says:

    i did everything in the video and it says OKAY but nothing changes? (viper ROM)

  20. mitch says:

    max i am stuck… bootloader unlocked/tampered i have root… i cant mount to transfer CWM says unable to open ums lunfile (no such file or directory) can you help?

  21. Tom says:

    my phone won’t boot. gets to the unlock screen then freezes and restarts please help urgently!!!

  22. Claudiu says:

    Hy MAX!
    a REALLY NEED SOME HELP MAN!i’ve JUST brick (i think) my ONE X!iTS AN INTERNATIONAL VERSION WWE ASIA ,AND I JUST DELETED the BOOT.IMG ,I DIDN’D MAKED A BACKUP AND NOW ITS BLOCKED AT splash screen ”quitly brilient” ,,i tried to instal a custom rom,CM10 and ……,noe the bootloader is unlocked but because i didn’d make a backup has no rom to load!Please give me an advise,how to solve this!!Thkns!

    • Max says:

      install an ICS ROM to get your phone working.

      • claudiu says:

        If the answer was for me(install an ICS ROM) please tell ME how to install it,because my phone has no boot.img,that mean that has no what to boot!I tried with the original RUU WWE ASIA but gives an error !Plese contact me on PM or whatever!Thanks man!

  23. bz says:

    great work. thank you

  24. Sid says:

    Great video Max!

    You is awesome ^_^

  25. nick says:

    hey Zedomax, I got The Cyanogenmod10 on my 1X everything was ok till I wanted to get back 2 stock, I restored my stock rom, boot-loop… then flashed again boot img, and again bootloop. what to do!!

  26. Bojan says:

    I tried flashing the boot image the way you said but when I hit enter is says waiting for device in the command prompt… what should I do?

  27. karan says:

    iam stuck on the boot screen because i dont have boot.img of sense 4.1 stock rom!!!! please helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. karan says:

    i have backed up and restored my sense 4.1 stock rom and forgot to copy that into my computer and stuck on booting screen is my phone going to alright plz help

  29. karan says:

    i did a restore because cm10 was taking forever to boot!

  30. karan says:

    but i dont have that folder on my computer how do i extract and flash then?

  31. ali hass