How to Install ROM and Boot Image on HTC One X!

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Here’s another “fail-proof” method to install ROMs on your rooted HTC One X.

Why another installation method?

Well, some ROMs require you to flash boot.img separately, otherwise your new custom ROM may not boot. This is due to AROMA installers not flashing boot image or that the developer left out boot image flashing in their zip files. But no worries, this will get your new custom ROM booting fully.



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Download drivers for Windows (if you need it).

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121 Responses to How to Install ROM and Boot Image on HTC One X!

  1. Bubbles says:

    Max are there certain things you need to do after you install a Custom Rom like check Root or….???

  2. bulletao487 says:

    i did all the above step and everything went well, but its stuck on a boot loop it says cyanogenmod 9 and never finishes booting any suggestions

  3. Jewel says:

    I tried this manual-
    to update my One X with Jelly Bean. Shows error & now only black screen. I reset many times to restore back to my default OS. But i failed. What should i do? Can u help me please.. Please…

  4. Yad says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I’m using the android revolution but it didn’t worked by his method and it worked by urs keep it up 😀

  5. Mudit Gupta says:

    I did everything as detailed here, but my phone is stuck at the cynogenmod boot sequence forever, I need help with this. Also the loading screen says cynogenMod 9 instead of 10 , is this because the rom is so new that they havnt updated that screen yet ?

  6. david says:

    ive just rooted and unlocked my 1x fone, do i need to do anything else b4 i put the jelly bean rom on it, 1st time trying too put a rom on, any help would be great. thank you

  7. david says:

    can any1 tell me how to copy the jelly bean to the sd card for the one x international, thankyou its my 1st time trying to put a rom on it, thanks again

  8. david says:

    ive installed the jelly bean on my fone but not the boot, coz my fone does boot but it just stays on the wee blue alien and its just falling. wat do i need to do. ive all installed so im backed up and ive pc windows 7. thanks

  9. jon says:


    i just installed cm10 onto my one x, is there any way to install beats audio onto it? thanks

  10. Nic says:

    You are my hero

  11. DannyL says:

    I just got an unlocked HTC One X but its already rooted with a different rooting tool….my guess??…..would the custom rom from this site work fine and well with it….or do I need to unroot then root it with this onexroot tool??…for it to work?…pls help….any suggestions anyone?…thanks

  12. lucky says:

    im trying to flash a few roms but to no success…i tried maximus v2, android revolution, and jdroid exodized roms….when i try to install it then i get this message
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    installing update…
    installation aborted.

    i get this same message for all the three roms which i tried to install….what i may be doing wrong….thanx for any help;)

  13. benito says:

    max need help i went into recovery after planning to flash in a new rom (the current alpha 7) i’m still on p10.

    I only have 1 option available in recovery, HBOOT. underneath it says “checking SD card update…”

    The only thing I did before doing this was to reset (factory) to wipe everything off of the phone. how should i proceed?

  14. Avinash says:

    I’m stuck!!

    It says, installation aborted when I try to install zip from sdcard in clockworkmod

    Here’s what it says:
    E: Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation Aborted

  15. MP says:

    Hi I used the tutorial to unlock bootloader and root the onex that worked fine, however when i went to install the rom using the method you showed copy the boot file to onexroot folder and then flash it didnt’ work. my phone wont turn on now! what do i do??

  16. MP says:

    um nvm guess i missed a step but its working…luv htc but hate them for makin a phone with no sd storage…

  17. abeer says:

    heyy maxx
    i have htc one x international
    i just installed cm 10 jelly bean rom with your method on
    i backed up my stock one x rom and installed cm10
    then i restored my stock rom after using cm10
    now my one x doenst boot with the stock rom please help me????

  18. Tom says:

    do you need to extract the rom to put it on your phone or can you just place the .zip file on it?

  19. Tom says:

    i did everything in the video and it says OKAY but nothing changes? (viper ROM)

  20. mitch says:

    max i am stuck… bootloader unlocked/tampered i have root… i cant mount to transfer CWM says unable to open ums lunfile (no such file or directory) can you help?

  21. Tom says:

    my phone won’t boot. gets to the unlock screen then freezes and restarts please help urgently!!!

  22. Claudiu says:

    Hy MAX!
    a REALLY NEED SOME HELP MAN!i’ve JUST brick (i think) my ONE X!iTS AN INTERNATIONAL VERSION WWE ASIA ,AND I JUST DELETED the BOOT.IMG ,I DIDN’D MAKED A BACKUP AND NOW ITS BLOCKED AT splash screen ”quitly brilient” ,,i tried to instal a custom rom,CM10 and ……,noe the bootloader is unlocked but because i didn’d make a backup has no rom to load!Please give me an advise,how to solve this!!Thkns!

    • Max says:

      install an ICS ROM to get your phone working.

      • claudiu says:

        If the answer was for me(install an ICS ROM) please tell ME how to install it,because my phone has no boot.img,that mean that has no what to boot!I tried with the original RUU WWE ASIA but gives an error !Plese contact me on PM or whatever!Thanks man!

  23. bz says:

    great work. thank you

  24. Sid says:

    Great video Max!

    You is awesome ^_^

  25. nick says:

    hey Zedomax, I got The Cyanogenmod10 on my 1X everything was ok till I wanted to get back 2 stock, I restored my stock rom, boot-loop… then flashed again boot img, and again bootloop. what to do!!

  26. Bojan says:

    I tried flashing the boot image the way you said but when I hit enter is says waiting for device in the command prompt… what should I do?

  27. karan says:

    iam stuck on the boot screen because i dont have boot.img of sense 4.1 stock rom!!!! please helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. karan says:

    i have backed up and restored my sense 4.1 stock rom and forgot to copy that into my computer and stuck on booting screen is my phone going to alright plz help

  29. karan says:

    i did a restore because cm10 was taking forever to boot!

  30. karan says:

    but i dont have that folder on my computer how do i extract and flash then?

  31. ali hassan says:

    hey …………. im stuck right now ………… my phone is rooted and im in a bootloop i cant conect the usb as it only reads it as fastboot

  32. Louis says:


    Hey dude, I really like ur tutorial i rooted my htc one x and everything go well,
    and im trying to go ahead and install jelly bean, but just because im totally noob,
    I formatted my sdcard and system, fml… now im stuck at the bootloader cant do anything other than power down…

    • Max says:

      reinstall ROM in recovery and reinstall boot.img. And don’t format everything, just do only “data wipe/factory reset” before installation.

      • Louis says:

        There is no ROM in SD card, i formatted everything…
        but is okay now, i download Asia WWE RUU and install again.
        Thanks for concern

  33. theodore says:

    I get this message when im going to flash the boot.img C:\Users\theodore\Downloads\OneXRoot>fastboot flash boot boot.img
    error: cannot load ‘boot.img’ pleas help me!!!!

  34. Jason Mitchell says:

    Hi Max, I’m a humble fan of your videos but have made a couple of nooby mistakes. I’ve been proceed to get back to a functioning ROMhe wonderful CM10 ROM but forgot to initially backup my stock ROM. I tried flashing a nightly update but it was corrupted and so I’ve been unable to restore the original CM10 ROM (I backed this up). I still have access to clockwork but can’t restore the CM10 ROM and am stuck with the htc white screen. I don’t know how to proceed to get back to a functioning ROM. Any advice would be greatly welcomed and again, sorry for the questions and stupidity!

  35. luca says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for the video guides!
    After installing the latest Cyanogenmod I do not find the camera app anymore!!!! how is that possible?

  36. Garry says:

    hai there..i rooted my one x by following ur video..and succeeded. but when i tried installing revolution hd-one-x-13 custom roms, i kept getting the “Installation aborted” message. already did the boot.img using fastboot. i’m using Mac by the way..

  37. Garry says:

    and also when i dloaded the custom roms, they’re unzipped automatically by mac…do i just re-zip it ? or there’s a specific way of doing it.

  38. haroujf says:

    Hi I can’t watch or download the video. Isit down ?

  39. haroujf says:

    let say, i would like to install Android Revolution HD 13 on my HTC one x tegra.

    do i have to care about my phone CID? i am having a CID HTC_044 phone.

    can i confirm this procedure with rom installation?
    1.wipe phone
    2.install custom rom
    3.flash boot.img

    just like that right?

  40. tatd says:

    Hi Max,

    I attempted to install cm-10-20120919-nightly-evita by following your instructions. After i fastboot it using cmd prompt, then erase cache, and then fastboot reboot, the system does not go beyond the introduction screen of “HTC quietly brilliant”… eventually the screen is turned off. please help.


  41. Pete says:

    Hi. My buddy is trying to flash cm10 Evita but it just goes into a boot loop of the cm rotating circle.He did the proper boot.img steps . Any ideas?

  42. Kumar Subramaniam says:

    thanks a million man

  43. NITIN SINGH says:

    i have tried revolution hd on my htc one x,i get stuck to htc one screen,but last nite when i flashed it again,it got to switch on but after sometime again it got restarted and same issue continues,my cid is htc_044,what should i do now..
    kindly email me,urgently..

  44. esslar says:

    hello sir, how do i extract the file from winrar to the download direc of my htc one x att? it keeps extracting the files indiviually and theres like twelve or not getting just the one onexrootattnew folder im getting all the contents intsead..

  45. esslar says:

    hello again sir, ive just noticed that some how my internal files on my phone are gone!? like my dowload directory and others..the only remaining files when i go into my phone on my pc are .android_secure,android,data-app,lost.dir,notification,twrp…help me please !!!!!!!

  46. esslar says:

    hey man do i have to delete all previous boot.img files out of the one x root folfer before i upload another one ?? or do i keep them so that i may restore old roms?? are the old boot.img files needed forever????

  47. giel says:

    Video not found or access denied: /file3/HTCOneX/howto/installROMbootimage/InstallROMBootImageHTCOneX.flv

  48. GReg says:

    I am having trouble getting the boot.img to unzip…when I use winzip it says that is not a appear to be a valid archive and I have tried to download the zip several times but cant seem to get to the boot.img do you know what I am doing? Please help

  49. Clarke says:

    … I spelled “drag” wrong. Don’t mind it, it’s not supposed to be “Drage and drop”. Haha! Let me know if this does or doesn’t work for you.

    • Clarke says:

      Why in the world was this comment authorized, but not the other one? This one makes absolutely no sense without the other!

      And, Richard, you are stuck in a boot loop. I’d suggest following the steps I’d posted earlier to see if they’d work for you, but they weren’t authorized as a comment for some reason! And I don’t have enough time until class starts to help you out, quite yet. I will come back as soon as I can and we can figure your phone out. Do you want to keep the Viper rom or just totally flash back to stock?

      • Richard says:

        Many thanks for all your help.
        you can try sending me the steps you tried.
        Depending on what one would be easier as long as i can get the phone up and running HA!
        i have done a “fastboot getvar cid” got “cid: ORANG001”
        Also found this, but don’t know how to use it. Great for me!
        Been trying to stuff my brain with soo much information so i can figure it out.

        • Clarke says:

          I think, because I left a link in my last comment, it’s stuck on “awaiting moderation”. ‘ll just post everything except the .com in the link, and see if that works.

        • Clarke says:

          Do you still have the Viper rom installed? If you still have your Viper Rom installed, I think all that you need to do in order to escape the boot loop is to flash the boot.img. The steps to do this that worked for me are below, I wrote down what I did, word for word:

          On your computer, open your custom rom .zip file with WinRAR (or another program) and from your custom rom .zip folder, drag and drop the boot.img into your OneXRootATTNew folder for now.

          Next, go to this website and download the program: “forum (dot) xda-developers (dot com) /showthread.php?t=1962428”

          Drag and drop your boot.img into the “TN_WIN_Boot_Installer” folder with the executable files.

          Now you’ll have to make sure your One X is set to “USB Debugging” in “Developer Options” in “Settings”, and then plug your phone into your computer, select “Charge Only”, and hold down power and volume until you boot into fastboot.

          Now back on your computer, double-click “RunME_From_FastBoot”. in the folder where you dropped your boot.img, then follow the command prompt, select power down in fastboot once it’s complete, and then turn your phone back on. It should work!

          Let me know if it doesn’t!

          • Richard says:

            Unfortunately That didn’t work, what I’m looking to do is find divers for mass storage cause when i plug it into my computer when it’s booting it recognises it.

            • Clarke says:

              It turns out that I simply happened upon something very lucky. Viper ROM XL installs a kernel of its own in the process of flashing, and this allowed me to use my phone. It turns out that flashing the boot.img of any other rom and trying to install it didn’t work at all. I’d suggest flashing the Viper ROM XL Jelly Bean version, and when that kernel is installed, it may be possible to go from there. Sorry for all the confusion! HTC needs to get their head in the game! This phone is turning out to be a development disaster. I miss my 250 dollars.

  50. Richard says:

    I’ve been following your guides to root my phone and put a custom ROM onto it. I had no experience in doing this so I thought I would follow your guide and was stupid enough not to back up the original ROM along with not reading up properly on what I was about to do…
    The problem I’m having is after putting the custom ROM which was ViperX3.2.0 The phone just stays stuck on the HTC one Tm with beats audio and keeps resetting it self, anyway i can fix it? or have i bricked it.
    I’ve cleared the cache and that don’t seem to work. if there is a way to get the original ROM & put it on there I would be happy to hear about it. I’ve caused enough damage for one day. or just a way out of it 😛
    Many thanks,

  51. richard says:

    I know i have flashed the boot from extracting it from the program flashing boot.boot.img
    However i will do what you said soon bit pretty sure wobt work, cause it helped me get a little further even agter cleanijg the cache i would get to the final loadibg screen just before would log ne into the phone, when the htc one comes up with the beats audio at the bottom

  52. Mitch says:

    Great! It works! One problem with CM10 though….. there is no way I can access my settings through any apps because there is supposed to be a “…” on the bottom of the screen. It isn’t there so I can’t access the settings. Is there going to be an update for that?

  53. kaan says:

    please help my telephone one x stuck at X screen its not working please help.

  54. Paul says:

    Before I go ahead and flash over my first ROM i want to make sure i do not mess anything up. So, this is the method that can be used to install CM10.1 for AT&T One X? The Other ROM install method for AT&T One X ( wont work because CM10.1 requires the Gapps and boot.img correct? Only reason I am asking is most post specify AT&T vs. International and i just want to make sure i have my information correct and that being AT&T doesn’t matter for this install method.

  55. Tufail says:

    Max please help…I m stuck on htc quite brilliantly screen…i followed your said steps..I have installed rom many times but couldn’t succeed.i think there is issue on boot.img…dont know..what should i do..i cannot install new rom….i think u get me..please reply…

  56. Bart says:

    Max you the best! Renovate wouldn’t start, followed your video and it’s working again.

  57. Vanya says:

    am installed aokp_evita_jb-mr1_build-5 on my htc one x att and its going into HTC quietly briliiant ant can i install my older rom??help please

  58. Vanya says:

    hi.i cant turn on my phone to copy the files to my sd card,its freez the screen on htc quietly briliant and i cant do me please how can i install costom rom withoutcopiing the rom files into my sd card??

  59. Tom says:

    Hi! I´m trying your Videoguide and I have one Problem:
    The Image is installed,i´m booting,the “the process” Message popps up,i put the Phone in the Bootloader to make the Boot.img Command but my PC doesnt Show it as USB Device anymore..
    The Driver is installed (It works with the Standard Rom).Do i need differnet Drivers?

  60. JuanMiguel says:

    I’ve an issue after flashing (10.2 HOX) the keyboard doesn’t work so i can’t do anything… any advice?

  61. Jesus says:

    My Htc One X is stuck on the HTC logo screen. nothing happens after that help please

  62. Vickyl Simpl says:

    Can you give an updated video on ROM installation using TWRP. The one available here is ClockworkMod

    Thank you

  63. Vicky Simpl says:

    Please can we follow the same method to flash boot image in nexus s by using the same command? if we are using Windows, will the command be different from Max?

  64. manjunath says:

    is odexed rom stock rom?

  65. Akir says:

    Hey max, I need your help on something. After i installed the rom on my HTC, i went to the next step which is booting the image using the CMD prompt. After i keyed in the (fastboot flash boot boot.img) it went to waiting for device and I have been stuck there for ages. Can you please help me on what to do next. It would really be helpful for me.

  66. Miguel says:

    Can i flash this rom with TWRP 2.6??? my phone was ATT One X, now when i flashing other rom is coverter to One XL T-mobile.

    Nov 26 2012,18:37:14:-1

  67. Roni Rozario says:

    Dude, You are Awesome.

    Android journey is easy for you.

    Thanks. Thanks a lot

  68. Kyle says:

    Im having so much trouble with this. When I try to flash the boot.img it says ” error: cannot determine image filename for ‘boot.img’ “. The boot.img file is in there though, also I when I try to load a rom it just gets aborted. The only one that works is the gapps. I think the issue is that I have s-on and because I updated to sense 5 I now cannot load custom roms onto the phone. If anyone knows if this isn’t true or if there is a way around it I would really apreciate any help.

  69. jafa says:

    hey man i unlocked the bootloader of my htc one x and then entered the recovery mode and got a red triangle
    and affter 1 min phone start normaly .

  70. osvaldo says:

    hola max he intentado instalar la rom en mi htc one x y el teléfono mas quedo inutilizable un poco de tu ayuda me servirá para poder recuperar lo

  71. osvaldo says:

    el telefono prende pero no pasa de donde

    quietly brilliant

    se queda hay nada mas

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  74. saeed says:

    i need htc one x telcel boot.img cid: Bstar301any one plz help

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