How to Install ROM on Rooted HTC One X!

So, you want to install a custom ROM on your rooted HTC One X?

Note – This is ONLY for HTC One X, not AT&T HTC One X or One XL.

Even if you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed, you will need to actually boot Recovery from fastboot to install new ROM correctly. The reason is that although the bootloader has been unlocking using HTC’s Method, this does not allow you to install kernels. ROMs usually come with kernels so you have to boot Recovery from fastboot (which allows you to fully install kernels) to get it working.

If you don’t get what this all means, don’t worry and just follow the instructions whenever you install a new ROM.

Step 1. Connect your HTC One X as a disk drive to your computer and copy the ROM zip file over to the internal storage of your One X.  Now, make sure you don’t unzip the ROM zip file and copy the “whole file” over.  A lot of people unzip the ROM file and wonder what they did wrong so…

In the example below, I am copying Android Revolution HD ROM.

Step 2. You can copy it over anywhere, I prefer to put it in Download folder so it’s easier for me to organize my ROMs.

Step 3. Hold down Volume Down and Power button for about 20 seconds until you see bootloader menus.

Step 4. Choose “FASTBOOT” and connect a micro-USB cable from your HTC One X to your computer.

Step 5. If you have download to root your One X, you don’t have to re-download, just follow the next steps.  If you didn’t, download and unzip to your Downloads folder.

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Next open up a command prompt or terminal and type:

cd Downloads 

cd OneXRoot

For Windows:

fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch-

For Mac:

./fastboot-mac boot recovery-clockwork-touch-

For Linux:

./fastboot-linux boot recovery-clockwork-touch-

Step 6. This should get you into ClockworkMod Recovery.  Once here, everything will work as intended.  Although looks exactly the same, booting ClockworkMod Recovery like this will allow you to install ROMs properly.

Step 7. Next, choose “wipe data/factory reset”.  This will erase all your personal settings and apps so make sure you made a backup beforehand using Titanium backup app and SMS Text Backup app.

Step 8. Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 9. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 10. Go find the ROM zip file.  Since I copied the ROM zip file to my Download folder, that’s where I am going to go.

Step 11. Choose the ROM zip file.


Step 12. Your new ROM should now start installing.

Step 13. When it’s done, reboot and enjoy your new ROM!

Step 14. If for some reason you get stuck on boot logo for more than 5 minutes (it happens), there’s one thing you can do to fix it.

Hold down Volume Down and Power button together for 20 seconds.

Step 15. Choose “RECOVERY” in bootloader mode.

Step 16. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “wipe cache partition”.

Step 17. Also go to “advanced”.

Step 18. Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.

Step 19. Reboot and your phone should boot now into the new ROM.  If this fails too then simply restore your old ROM or try another ROM.  (Could just be a bad ROM then)


Q: After fastboot command, my phone just reboots, does not go into recovery.

A: Sometimes the cache can interfere with recovery, just do “fastboot erase cache” before running the fastboot command.  This will fix the issue you are having.

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