IceColdJelly AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM for HTC One X!

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Want the latest Android 4.2.1? Want to be on the bleeding edge of Android technology?

Check out IceColdJelly AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM, which comes with full AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM Control. One of the major advantages of using this IceColdJelly AOKP ROM is that you can enable all/unlimited widgets for the lockscreen (which standard Android 4.2.1 can’t).

Also you will find a bunch of cool stuff like Android 4.2.1 GMail, Camera, and a whole lot more.

Definitely, AOKP is the way to go to experience Android 4.2.1 to the fullest so if this is somethin’ you are lookin’ for, flash it and do let me know what you think!


Download IceColdJelly AOKP ROM

Download Gapps

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To install, reboot into TWRP recovery, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, reboot to Bootloader. Then install boot image via fastboot. (See How to Install ROM and boot image.)

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer!

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Rating: 9.5/10 (4 votes cast)
IceColdJelly AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM for HTC One X!, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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42 Responses to IceColdJelly AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM for HTC One X!

  1. Ken says:

    This Rom is for HTC One X International only I believe. I hard bricked my device flashing the Tegra version (International) onto my AT&T One X. PLEASE HEED!! Am I correct in this?

  2. Ken says:

    My next question is: How do I fix the hard brick? Is there a way without sending it back?

    Thank you in advance

  3. Pascal says:

    When you say “reboot into TWRP recovery”, does it need to be TWRP or can it be CWM recovery? Thanks.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I am curious, how do we decide when the device is hard bricked? BTW, we can always push ROM to the device from recovery with this command ‘adb push /sdcard’ right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. david says:

    can i use this with any hboot.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi max,

    What is the best kernel for this rom? Is bricked kernel good?


    love your reviews btw.

  7. Ben says:

    What is gapps? Is it required by this rom? Also, on the download link there just seem to be sponsored links and a log-in box. Do I need to register with them to download it?


  8. CbAb says:

    This is an awesome rom, probably the fastest rom i have used but with lots of bugs and issues as its not an official Rom yet..
    And battery life isnt that good either

  9. Nico says:

    This is really great ROM but I’m having a problem that even if I turn all volumes down and I have the silent mode enabled and then I start playing some game and it still plays the game audio. Only way that I can turn those noises down is to manually do it in the game itself.
    Have anyone else been having the same problem?
    It would be great to get this problem solved because I like this ROM so much.

  10. Andrew says:

    Why is there NOT A HUGE TITLE on this page directly specifying this ROM WILL BRICK YOUR ATT DEVICE?

    Seriously? Noobs gets blamed and BLAMED for not reading, but in my case I read this entire website, OVER and OVER, followed every instruction. Flashed 3 different ROMS to my ATT One X, and decided to try this ROM, just to have the phone die on me.

    My mistake was not reading the 40+ comments of every single page. Is that what it takes to get a proper flash? Wouldn’t it be easier to just put it on the title?

    • Ken says:

      If you read the FIRST comment by me, would’ve saved you the trouble.

      Sorry bro.

      Looks like its JTAG for you.

    • Alex says:

      If you were smart and did your research BEFORE unlocking the boot loader, you would know that the AT&T version is known as the One XL to the root community. Lucky for you, there may be a fix. I would try flashing a ROM that you download from the One XL ROMs page via recovery. Remember to flash the boot.img via fastboot. If that doesn’t work I would try using Max’s ever so helpful video on how to unroot and restore to the stock ROM, which you can find under the One X unroot header. The best of luck to you.

  11. ock says:

    why my one x just restart over and over again when i install this ROM???please someone tell me what just had happen to my one x..thnx

  12. igooner14 says:

    Has anyone had data issues with any of the 4.2.1 Roms? I’ve installed CM 10.1 and Pac Man Rom and each Rom would not connect to the ATT Network. When I was in a WiFi area it would be fine until I was out of range. Any thoughts?
    BTW: I factory reset, wiped cache and delvik cache, also flashed the boot img.

  13. max says:



  14. Johnny Pedersen says:

    I have been using IceColdJelly AOKP Android 4.1.2 ROM since it was released, and had no significant problems installing that rom then.

    I would like to give this new rom a try, but the HOX does not seem to like this one 🙁

    I have flashed the boot.img included, doing a full wipe (even tried using the super wipe provided with a HD revolution rom), and installing the rom.

    The phone boots and shows an animated coloured cross at startup, but the animation halts and nothing else happens?

    Anyone tips regarding this? (I have not upgraded the HBOOT (running 0.95), I am using clockworkmod recovery v6.0.2.7, no problems in reinstalling the old boot.img and recover from the backup)

  15. daivd felix says:

    is there any way i can fix my att one x , i install this stupid room :/
    on my one x attt version

    • andrew says:

      There’s no fix. Your phone has turned into a paper holder – plain and simple. You probably read all the info you could find on how to root, unlock and flash roms to this device, but you missed the important point that your Htc One X is actually the Htc One XL. I made the same mistake by following the instructions on how to root using guides for the ATT HTC ONE X (so far so good), I was under the impression the entire time that the XL was a GIGANTIC VERSION OF MY AT&T HTC ONE X and The international version like a Samsung note. I was under the impression that whenever this website referred to an htc one x it meant both smaller models.

      As you can see the title of this page has yet to change. There needs to be a page made when you enter this website explaining that there are TWO MODELS, and that each model has their own specific roms. Of course to people who are building these roms and setting up these websites, you and I are idiots who shouldn’t be flashing in the first place if we can’t follow instructions. Don’t expect much help when working with the Android community. Jail breaking and unlocking an iOS device is as simple as a one click solution. Android is infinitely more complicated, even when it comes to hacking. And the community isn’t as helpful if you make a mistake.

      • daivd felix says:

        wow thanks bro fuck i shouldn’t root my htc i takes me all day for this bull shit i was so mad -___-
        hey but my phone its still under warranty you think they can fix it??

        • Andrew says:

          Yes, take it in and swap it for a replacement. IF you get no lights, no response for the touchpad, NO RESPONSE whatsoever for anything, take it in and say the phone discharged completely and you haven’t been able to use it. If it was ATT or another provider that sold it to you, they won’t know. If it was HTC, maybe, or probably. But they should still fix it.

  16. daivd felix says:

    alright ima do that but i dont use it whit att i unlock it and i was using it whit t mobile
    still the can fix it ?
    yeah my phone its completed dead no turn on at all…
    i talk to htc commpany and they say they will send me a box to send it to them
    should i told them my phone was unlocked?

  17. Abraham says:

    Works with any SIM?

  18. johny says:

    please answer me as soon as you can ,when i try downloading the new version 2.7.1 the boot.img is in a repack downloading link have a look maybe you can see what i mean) .And i really dont know how to operate with it.i tried downloading it and after unzip it gave me a folder in which i cant extract anything from .Please help me!

  19. ed says:

    needing some help . i have 3 hox’s 4.1.1 build 3.18. and i am having trouble finding a root program for it . all the ones i can find are for a earlier build . any ideas please help

  20. Tabrez says:

    how to download HTC One X drivers for Windows 32-bit
    i click the link for download but not downloaded what i do please help me

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