IceColdJelly AOKP ROM for Rooted One X! [Android 4.1.2]

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For this week, check out the IceColdJelly AOKP ROM for your rooted HTC One X.

The IceColdJelly AOKP ROM brings you the best of AOKP and Android 4.1.2 which was just released this week.   Also, the latest AOKP ROM Control settings are in this ROM, one of my favorites being the weather widget and calendar widget on the lockscreen.  As an addition, you can also put the weather widget in your notification bar, very handy for those of you sensitive to climate like myself.

Under the Display options in Settings, you will find additional settings for tweaking your automatic backlight and also option to use your soft keys as notification lights.

And you will get plenty of tweaking under ROM Control settings as this is an AOKP ROM.

Do check out the new Vibrations menu in ROM Control settings as it allows you to record vibration patterns.

Certainly, the IceColdJelly ROM does bring a ton of goodies you can play with for hours and while keeping the pure Google experience with its AOKP base.  If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, give it a twirl for this week and let me know what you think!


Download IceColdJelly ROM

Download Gapps for JB

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To install, reboot into recovery, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then extract boot.img from ROM zip file and flash with fastboot.

Credits – XDA

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IceColdJelly AOKP ROM for Rooted One X! [Android 4.1.2], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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60 Responses to IceColdJelly AOKP ROM for Rooted One X! [Android 4.1.2]

  1. JT says:

    Thanks fr the vid.

    One question, if I go down the non-Sense path for Roms like this one can I switch back to a Sense roms? Currently on Viper Rom but wood like to give this a try.

  2. fe9fe9 says:

    is there any problem in this rom like fm radio or anything else and i want to use mobile network internet wcdma is everything is fine ? and thanks alot ^_^

    • Sakis says:

      WiFi direct doesn’t work
      In call volume adjustment works, but not fully well in Speaker mode
      MHL output is rotated incorrectly to portrait in horizontal mode (but workaround added since alpha 8 for hw decoded videos/youtube. Use bsplayer from playstore, almost all videos play with it in correct rotation in hwoverlay)
      No FM radio app in ROM. But Spirit FM works from market (it’s commercial!)

  3. Neno says:

    I’m gonna try this ROM to check the battery life (:

  4. winkhant says:

    Hi all

    I really want to use stable custom Jellybean Rom. (e.g ViperX Rom is really great)
    when can we use stable jellybean custom Rom?

  5. soso says:

    can i install the rom if i have upgraded hboot to 1.28 ??

  6. k13tas says:

    I’ve been running this rom for a couple of days and can’t say anything good about the battery life. Much like CM10 🙁

  7. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been using LeeDroid – ICS, MIUI & a few more which I forgot the names before I start using this, for me this is the best Rom so far & I really like the features. I also tested other Roms after using this for a few weeks such as CM10, ViperX & CM10 – JB but I just went back to this awesome Rom. About the battery life, there is a significant improvements I must say (I leave the CPU clock at 1,200 Mhz – Default setting for this Rom). I really noticed the battery life improvement I can even use this phone a whole day without recharging. Slightly faster compared to CM10. I don’t think I will go back to stock for now but after the official release for 4.1 I might want to try though. So if there is anybody still have doubt about this rom, try it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed but still It all depends on user preferences.

  8. fe9fe9 says:

    best rom very very very good

  9. Aaron S. says:

    sorry.. i wanna ask a noob question..
    if i install other rom to my one x,
    how to recover the original rom back to my one x?

    • soso says:

      you have first root your onex then backup your orginal rom then install any rom you want after that you can restore your original rom from the recovery

      • jaimin says:

        hey soso right now m using CM 10 4.1.2 In my HOX and i get back 2 my original jellybean stock rom i do a nanoroid back before installing CM 10 so can u plz give step by step and safe method to back to stock rom

  10. giulio says:

    hi mate, this will work for the international one x?

  11. aldrene says:

    works great for me.

  12. Kyal Lay says:

    i like this rom,but it doesn’t have beat audio,camera isn’t full screen…

  13. Kyal Lay says:

    and also can’t flash bricked kernel to use sweep 2 wake,if i had flashed brick kernel it takes boot loop.

  14. giulio says:

    best rom on my htc one x..thank you!

  15. Per says:

    Now I rooted my oneX sucsessfully, and then I innstalled this IceColdJelly room included the Gapps, but I cant find any boot.img to innstall!
    When I now reeboot the phone it just startup whit the first whit screen, stay there for around 10 secound and then restart over and over again.
    I didnt take a backup of original room so my question is, what to do now as I cant mount the disk either to put into another room 🙁
    Is my phone now destroyed or is there a way to do things to fix it easy??

  16. Per says:

    cant mount USB storage 🙁

  17. Per says:

    how to extract boot.img from ROM zip file when Im in Clockworkmod?

    • soso says:

      extract it from your pc then flash it on fastboot , please read read before you do any stip .

      • Per says:

        When I turn on the phone whit power and volum down I get on first screen this message:
        “Failing to open USB master mode”

        Then it go into the screen I can choose between Fastboot, Recovery, Factory Reset, Simlock, Show Barcode, Image CRC

        When I go into Recovery Mode I coming into Clockworkmod Recovery
        Then I can choose:
        – reboot system now
        – innstall zip from sdcard
        – wipe data/factory reset
        – backup and restore
        – mounts and storage
        – advanced

        I click on mounts and storage and then try to mount USB storage, I get this message:

        E: Unable to open ums lunfile (no such file or directory)

        So I cant get connection to my PC to send the boot.img to my phone.

        Is it possible to get the boot.img file out of the .zip file who already is on the root of the phone??

        • Nik says:

          Can you connect your phone to PC? Copy Paste the boot.img using normal windows explorer.

        • soso says:

          boot.img you need to flash it from your pc , just boot into fastboot then open cmd then flash it “fastboot flash boot boot.img” , you have to be in boot.img direction after that install the rom from recovery “option : install zip from sdcard”

          • Per says:

            my phone is now turned into fastboot!

            Then nvia cmd, I type what you wrote but then I get this message:

            “fast boot is not recognized as an internal or external command,
            operable program or batch file.”

            Is there something I need to do before I type this text, or nedd I do it from a specialy directory??

          • Per says:

            I got it, as I used the android-sdk….

            Now it is nearly OK, I have put the boot.img file in the storage, but when I start over the phone, I have to do the same procedure whit cmd….. fastboot boot.img again.
            What is wrong then?
            I have made an wipe/factory reset, innstalled the room ang gaaps and flashed the img, but must do all over when reboot system

            • Nik says:

              fast boot is not recognized as an internal or external command,
              operable program or batch file.”

              You are getting the above message as you might not have navigated to the folder. If you have saved fastboot folder as C:\fastboot, then your in cmd your prompt should show the same.

              Now that you have got a fair idea of the procedure, for any ROM you just have to do the following:
              1) Connect via USB and place downloaded ROM and Gapp file in the phone storage.
              2) copy boot.img from the downloaded file to the fastboot folder
              3) goto recovery and flash new ROM and Gapps. (install zip from sdcard option)
              4) then goto bootloader menu, select fastboot, connect phone and then type “fastboot flash boot boot.img” into a command prompt.

            • soso says:

              look , to flash boot.img , files “fastboot and boot.img” must be in same folder , forget android-sdk just boot into fastboot then inter onex folder , press “Shift + Right Click” , click “open command windows here” then you can type the command “fastboot flash boot boot.img”

  18. Thomas says:

    Overall a very nice rom ……But battery life was bad for me anyway got roughly just over 10hrs but was impressed with Ice coldjelly AOKP but not for me .Now back on Viper x although i love it it’s stuttered a couple of times thismorning . Also i’m after a nice clean rom to clear bloatwear and be able to customise?

  19. Brendan says:

    Does this ROM work on HTC One X At&t?

  20. Try hychhoan says:

    Hi! after run this rom. why I cant back to my back up rom?? loop boot logo….. plz help!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sam Goode says:

    hi i downloaded this a my first custom rom and my phone is rooted and i have had a problem as when i boot my phone it just restarts every 10 second i think this is because i have installed the boot-loader through flashing and the (though the clockwork mod) gaps but not the rest of they aok file and i cannot access my phone storage to add the file so i am stuck can you help….. ow and my recovery just makes the phone boot and stays on the htc one screen and that’s it. please help

  22. Trey says:

    Just installed this ROM via TWRP 2.3.1 after rooting as instructed in your 2.2 firmware root video and now my HTC One x will not power on. Help?

  23. JP says:

    So there is no way to run this on my rooted ATT One X?
    Thanks for everything!

  24. daniel says:

    how long is initiatin swagger because i stay in this phase more then 10 min

  25. daniel says:

    I finally installed the rom and is very intuitive and useful

    thank you

  26. martin says:

    I upload my cel system power remains off that because I do not start now please help with this one

  27. martin says:

    🙁 who help me please my cellphone dont turn on, I reboot system

  28. Chris McDowski says:

    Hey, dude.

    Firstly, thanks for your instructions. I actually used them to root and install CM10 on my phone. I’m actually not that happy with the ROM and was considering installing this one. I’m a bit of a newbie and so was wondering how to go from CM10 to IceColdJelly?


  29. Rahul says:

    i have firmware 2.17.415.2. i unlocked same as u told. den wen i tried to install this rom. i got stuck in a boot loop in htc quietly brilliant. i have a one x from uae. pls advice 🙁

  30. hector says:

    this rom bricked my htc one x att!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. avi2231 says:

    Great job everything works very well, but battery runs out very quickly used.
    Do you know that?

  32. daivd felix says:

    dudeeee!! i install this room on my htc one x att
    now i cant turn on my phone:(
    how can i fix it help pliss

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