JDroid Exodized ROM for rooted HTC One X! [Best ROM]

My favorite ROM so far is the JDroid Exodized ROM for your rooted HTC One X. I think this is the best ROM right now for the HTC One X.


The JDroid Exodized ROM gives you a fuller Google ICS experience with most of the Sense stuff removed while keeping the good things like the Sense camera UI so you can keep your continuous shooting mode. Performance and battery life are pretty good too so you can’t go wrong with this ROM.

I will continue to test more ROMs but in the meanwhile, I have to say this is the best ROM for your rooted HTC One X. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Rating: 4.95 out of 5

Download ROM:

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Download JDroid Exodized ROM

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Credits – XDA

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28 Responses to JDroid Exodized ROM for rooted HTC One X! [Best ROM]

  1. Leslie says:

    my goodness.. there are so many roms..isn’t sense 4.0 Good thing? why do you want to get rid of it?

    • Arul says:

      Leslie, because of the laws of nature that govern entropy also apply to the human mind, which will not be at peace until you have tried every ROM available to see what they have to offer. Among other things quest for longer battery, getting rid of Carrier IQ and other “users” running in the background, of which one might not be aware of ans most of the time just for kicks.

      • admin says:

        well articulated, agree 100%. LOL. I have to point out the HTC One X is a battery hog under stock Sense. Without custom ROMs, it’s going to be hard to get rid of unnecessary apps and also optimize the performance of the battery. I hear that some people are actually getting near twice more battery life already on custom ROMs.

  2. JailbreakJunk says:

    I have tried the Custom ROM from Jdroid but I cant get connected to
    my the network of my Telecom provider….

    (I can call but I cant get the g3 network to work)

    Can some one advise me?



  3. Saif says:

    Hey.. just wanted to know, do we lose the beats software on root?

  4. Vladimir says:

    You mentioned that it keeps the Sense camera UI. This is good but does it also keep the Beats enhancement software as well? Also do you know of any good ROMs for the HTC One S? I own both the One X and S and would like to put a custom ROM on my One S as well.

  5. Tyler says:

    Does this ROM still have the car/navigation app that works with HTC’s car dock? Thanks!

  6. Yasar says:

    Do you still have HTC widgets in this ROM?

  7. TiM says:

    I have installed this MOD after successfully rooting my One X, but it won’t boot past the boot screen.. Just sits there… Any ideas?

  8. Vee says:

    Hey Guys I am loving the rom, but I cant get connected to my Telco 3G Network. I am from Australia and using Optus. I have checked my APN and its all correct but it just wont connect. I really love this rom so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

    • Inclusive says:

      You need download global apn from the market to fix that.

      On top of it, the latest current update for this rom is 3.0.3 BRICKED though. Much much more stable.

  9. Luca says:

    I tried to Flash this ROM and Installation worked well, but in the First startup it didnt get past the Boot animation. I Cleared all chaches and it didnt work. So i Wiped it and Since then i couldnt get into clockwork Mod anymore, cause ist keeps rebooting, when i try. What could I do?
    Can i Flash Roms Directly from Computer?

  10. manny says:

    PLEASE HELP!! when attempting to flash room through DOS, it says booting…okay and then failed (remoted not allowed)
    HTC One X

    • Jeff says:

      You need to flash boot only the boot.img file which is located inside the zip through DOS, Then boot into recovery to flash the ROM.

  11. Trent Pasini says:

    Hi, I’m really new to to this whole rooting thing.

    I have the US ATT Dual-core Htc One X. Is it possible to put this rom on the ATT version or does it only work on the quad-core International edition?

    Thank you!

  12. Parker says:

    tried to flash this rom and it didnt work is that cause im using an att htc one x?

  13. orionovski says:

    Amazing ROM!


    Settings> Security

    Displays the message

    “Unfortunately, the process com.android.settings has stoped. [ OK ]”

    • orionovski says:

      Complementing …

      I reinstalled the ROM twice, and found that only happens when a PIN / password / pattern is configured to lock the screen.

      For users who wish to leave the home screen safe, I recommend immediately after installing the ROM, set up security as desired, and apply a pattern / password / etc. By confirming the changes, the security option is unavailable.

      Thus, this ROM was perfect for me except for the lack of FM radio.

  14. Mirko says:

    This might seem like a redundant question, I’m assuming since this rom can’t be used on AT&T, then it can’t be used on a Rogers HTC One X either, right?

    I wipe, and go through the wizard. Once on the “INSTALLING” screen it just sits there on “>>>Formatting partitions (system is unmounted already)

    Nothing seems to be happening.

  15. Ant says:

    Can i please have some advice on restoring my handset to factory setting, have tried this rom and is not for me. Thanks

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