JellyBAM ROM for HTC One X!

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For this week’s ROM of the week for One X (quad-core only), check out JellyBAM ROM with Android 4.2.2. (There is a build for AT&T One X/One XL but the latest version has some bugs but will definitely update on JellyBAM when it is bug-free.)

JellyBAM ROM is a “hybrid” custom ROM made up from a mix of AOKP, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs. One of the more fun ROMs I like to run on some of my other Android smartphones, JellyBAM brings you AOKP’s ROM Control settings and power of ParanoidAndroid ROM’s tablet mode right onto your One X in one package.

If you want to run full Android 4.2.2 AOSP (What is AOSP?) with more customization than you can think of, definitely give JellyBAM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

You can read up on full AOKP ROM Control settings here or watch video tutorial below:

You can read up on full ParanoidAndroid settings here or watch video tutorial below:


Download JellyBAM ROM for One X (international quad-core models only!)

To install, reboot into TWRP recovery, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, reboot to Bootloader. Then install boot image via fastboot. (See How to Install ROM and boot image.)

Credits – JellyBAM <--- Please like their Facebook page if you like this ROM, thanks!

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JellyBAM ROM for HTC One X!, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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21 Responses to JellyBAM ROM for HTC One X!

  1. david says:

    max will u be doing all this 4 the new htc one, cheers

  2. Ilya says:

    Hello. Firstly, I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing. This website helped me out a lot and it is all thanks to you.

    But I have got a problem with this installing this particular rom (I am running IceColdJelly AOKP on my international One X): Whilst installing, TWRP gives me this error in the log:
    script aborted: assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.28.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.31.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.33.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.36.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.39.0000”
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.28.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.31.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.33.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.36.0000” || getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.39.0000”

    What can I do with this?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Oskar says:

      I have the excact same problem on my int Htc One X on ICJ 4.2.1…

      • Oskar says:

        I have the excact same problem on my int Htc One X on ICJ 4.2.1…

        Fixed! I had do update my bootloader to 1.39 and I followed these steps to get there:
        And I got to use a useful tool too:

        In text: Get your CID

        CID getter from the playstore will do, for the easy/lazy people or do the fastboot command

        Fastboot oem readcid

        Once you have ypur cid you go here and get your matching firmware….php?t=1957376

        And then you do this :

        Rename the .zip to and place it in the fastboot folder

        – Boot the phone to the bootloader and relock the bootloader :

        Fastboot oem lock

        – then put the phone in ruu mode with this command

        Fastboot oem rebootRUU

        (watch the capitals, this command will put the phone into a black screen with a silver HTC logo)

        – then flash the firmware

        Fastboot flash zip

        – you see the text on the pc screen, when it says OKE you are good. If it failed you reflash the zip right away again.

        Then reboot the bootloader, unlock it, flash the custom recovery, make a full wipe and install the new JB of ypur choice and don’t forget to flash its boot.img too

        Sorry for the long reply but this is how you fix it. Note that this wipes basically everything so make sure you do your backups accordingly. I hope I helped.

  3. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Hi max,

    can’t we use the original buttons of htc one x for go back home or recent apps..? IF yes then if there any other way to hide the touch buttons of AOKP which shows in device.

  4. gagan says:

    hello max
    can i flash this rom from cwm recovery .. plz tell ??

  5. ali says:

    Hey max … I totally love your work… You’ve helped me with a million things …. BTW do you need to update your flash boot before flashing it …. I’m running the AOKP 4.2.1 Build you put up earlier ….. Oh and any idea when the sense 5 ROMs come out 😛

  6. BazZz says:

    hey max, having the same problem as Ilya in the second post… what to do…
    i’m not a noob on rooting/flashing but can’t figure this one out… really like to check this rom out but it won’t let me.

  7. Si92 says:

    I’ve experience the same problem as llya and BazZz. Also whenever I try to flash a new ROM after this I must flash a new boot.img. Even from a nandroid backup.

  8. sam says:

    gday, every time I go to install this rom it fails. it comes up with a long error code then aborts the installation. ive tried flashing the img before and after installing the rom but neither work correctly. is there something I could be missing??


  9. Tyler says:

    Since I have s-off on my at&t HTC one x, can I install this rom? And if I can will it be really buggy?

  10. the wiz says:

    Do you have any info on htc one sv for boost. Root and custom rom.

  11. checkyoulater says:

    we really need some help here max. there seems to be quite a few people unable to install this rom and is experiencing the similar error messages as the one posted at the top comment. I’ve actually tried to install other ROMS but I can’t and i find myself stuck on the same error message.

    currently i’m on an old CM10 rom (sept 2012 build). I can’t even install the latest CM10 build anymore 🙁 any ideas? I really need your help.

  12. BazZz says:

    Ok… To all that are having the same error code in post from ilya, you have to update your bootloader. Just google it, many guides out there to help you… Just make sure your batt. Is full and you have a backup of your pictures/files because if your phone dies (like mine) during the proces, you end up losing all data on your phone (like me)
    And those of you who do have hboot version 1.3+ and cant flash the rom in the link above, check bam android site for newer version and direct download link… This rom runs pretty smooth on my one X, and the paranoid Android features are awesome…

  13. Shabazz says:

    Ive installed Jellybam 7.2, its ok but I want to update to v 7.7 which came out on the 5/3 but my pc cannot find the phone drivers. My HTC is in device manager but when i connect the phone via USB it comes up as “full” and no drivers found for it.

    What do I do?????

  14. Sam says:

    Gday, just having an issue with my screen not turning back on after ive locked the screen or have the screen time out. i can reset the phone and use it as normal but as soon as i lock the phone it wont come back on. the soft touch buttons light up just the screen doesn’t come on.


  15. Omer says:

    Hey, whenever i install any custom rom after installing the rom the windows starts but it keep give error messege “” has stopped. Can u help me for this issue.

  16. Sadiq says:

    Hi max ,
    I have unlocked the bootloader for the at&t one x rooted it and tried to install the jellybam v10.3 installed the boot image but now i am stuck with the boot up animation i tried to restore the stock rom but i also got stuck with htc quietly brilliant
    please help me as soon as possible

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