MIUI ROM for HTC One X/AT&T One X/One XL!

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For this week, check out MIUI ROM for HTC One X and AT&T One X/One XL.

For the international One X, the MIUI ROM comes in ICS form, seems pretty darn solid with everything working out of the box to give you a seamless MIUI experience and even Sense camera is in tact for those of you who have a special place in your heart for continuous shooting mode.

For AT&T One X or One XL, the MIUI ROM comes with Jelly Bean, everything is solid also except bluetooth audio and camera is default Jelly Bean camera, meaning you will lose continuous shooting capabilities.

I think MIUI brings a tons of UI customizations and features you won’t find in Sense or vanilla ICS/Jelly Bean. Some of you may love it and some of you may hate it.

If you need a fresh makeover on your One X, definitely give this ROM a try and let me know what you think!


Download MIUI ROM for international quad-code HTC One X
Download MIUI ROM for AT&T HTC One X or One XL.

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Credits – XDA

Note: For international One X, you will most likely need to flash boot image in fastboot, see here.

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7 Responses to MIUI ROM for HTC One X/AT&T One X/One XL!

  1. Bubbles says:

    Stop swearing Max …. You can change you’re HOX in a Assple …. 😉 😉
    Thanks for reviewing but I left Sense and ICS 😉

  2. Tyrone Thomas says:

    is LTE working for the AT&T version of MIUI?

  3. Anthony Harrell says:

    wifi keeps changing state cant connect to home wifi due to issues unknown? i have to scan repeatedly to connect

  4. Monkboy24 says:

    This rom sucks ass for the One X and the One XL!!!

  5. Bryan says:

    My Miui ROM is stuck on the flashing flash but sometimes it goes to the can of jellybean, starting apps.

  6. xhulianobushi says:

    it’s not very stable when i click in system updates settings crash.
    sound recorder and google now doesen’t function
    somtimes when people call me i can’t listen anithing
    for other it’s a good rom can you find a more stable rom.
    sorry for my english.

    thank you it’s a very usefull web site

  7. Muizz says:

    How to move my apps to internal storage rather than phone storage on MIUI V5 3.8.23?It is a great rom ever.It consume only small portion of ram and it feel like I use both iOS and Android OS.

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