MIUI ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

For those of you who want to swap out your theme constantly, you might want to give MIUI ROM a try (pronounced ME-U-I). This MIUI ROM comes with customizable themes, ringtones, and a whole lot more. The best part? It’s very easy to download hundreds of free themes, ringtones, and wallpapers and instantly change the whole look of your phone.

If you haven’t tried MIUI, give it a whirl and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

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Download MIUI ROM

Download Gapps

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To install, wipe, flash ROM, then Gapps, reboot!

Credits – XDA

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11 Responses to MIUI ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

  1. erik says:

    When I try to innstall this ROM I get installation failed. This happends when Im selecting the miui zipfile after starting the phone in fastboot an done the typing in terminal. I follow the instructions in the how to innstall custom rom video. I have international one x.

  2. Greg says:

    Love your site, Ive flashed this rom most the others you’ve highlighted and so far I’m loving this one. The only thing I would change so far is that I prefer to keep the applications draw rather than have them all on the desktops. Still I’ve not had miui on that long yet so maybe one of the other themes has this option. I’m using the one x international with titanium backup and rom manager. keep up the good work.

  3. Ry says:


    Loaded the ROM using Clockwork.

    But the phone is stuck on the mi boot logo.
    My attempts to return to recovery using vol/power has failed too.

    Any thoughts? Or have I killed my phone?

  4. june says:

    I’ve installed the ROM, however, phone and messaging (both default apps by Android) crashed!

    Any ideas?

  5. Monk says:

    So I guess this won’t work for at&t one x huh! Smh

  6. Me says:

    My one x doesnt stop rebooting after i install this rom. I dont know if this is normal but its kinda weird.

  7. Nuttakrit says:

    You should can still open bootloader by hold down Vol down + Power button till you see bootloader screen. Just flash stock rom and stock recovery and reboot your phone. You will get stuck on stock recovery screen. Then open bootloader I and reflash this rom by follow this…
    Flash super wipe > Rom > Boot.img > Gapps
    *you can get the boot.img inside this rom zip file and flash it via fastbot mode.
    Hope this work for you.

  8. paulo says:

    is it works for At&t one x?

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