OrDroid ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Noob Friendly]

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For those of you looking for one good solid ROM with ability to easily add your favorite mods like High Quality Camera Mod, OpenVPN support, NFC enabled for screen-off, and more, check out the OrDroid ROM for your international HTC One X.

This ROM is very simple, stable, and should give you much better battery life over stock while allowing you to still enjoy stock Sense.   It’s not for everyone but I highly recommend to those who are new to flashing ROMs on the HTC One X.

So, give it a twirl and let me know how it goes for you!  As for installation, follow this guide.

Lastly, if you are asking me what ROM I am running personally, check out ViperX ROM, it’s awesome!

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Download OrDroid ROM for HTC One X

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Credits – XDA <—– Don’t forget to donate to developer if you like this ROM!

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OrDroid ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Noob Friendly], 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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3 Responses to OrDroid ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Noob Friendly]

  1. Sławomir says:

    I need your help. I have HOX with CID ORANGB10.
    Till this moment i had not branded ROM 2.17.401.2 Europe WWE.
    At this moment I’m using Cyanogenmod 10 (now i can’t install 2.17.401.2 Europe WWE), only CM10 is working good.
    Now i would like to add OrDroid 10.0.0 ROM to my HOX but it doesn’t work. When I install this rom to my HOX i see only screen with ‘htc quietly brilliant’.
    When I install ViperX rom also it doesn’t work (on screen with ‘htc quietly brilliant’ my HOX is restarting and restarting… ). To all instalation I’m using ClockworkMod.
    What i’m is wrong ?

  2. jaimin says:

    hello I wan 2 change my rom in HOX my current rom is Cm 10 and want to install OrDroid 11.3.1 | Jelly Bean so plz give me step by step safest method and my CID NO is HTC_044 and m On HBOOT 1.36

  3. wayne says:

    Does this ro have usb mass storage option? ie if I wanna plug my phone into tvs usb port to watch vids like I used to before jellyean came out?

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