ViperX ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Best ROM]

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Want a really cool ROM with the latest Sense 4.1 and highly customizable tweaks? Give the ViperX ROM a try for your HTC One X, people have been raving about this ROM as the best ROM out right now.

Some notable features include Venom Tweaks, which is an app that allow you to easily tweak and customize the UI/icons to your liking. Also you can download a ton of free themes directly to your phone with Venom HUB app.

Give it a twirl and let me know what you really think!


Download ViperX ROM
Credits – XDA

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Rating: 6.3/10 (4 votes cast)
ViperX ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Best ROM], 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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90 Responses to ViperX ROM for Rooted HTC One X! [Best ROM]

  1. Masees says:

    Hello Friend

    Just I Wanna Ask Is This ROM Support Arabic Language And Arabic Keyboard ?


    • ABU Rabad says:

      yes it does , this rom is a form of tweaking of stock htc rom ,so whats ever u find at it ull find it inside ViperX

      • ABU Rabad says:

        beside im now using it now with faux007 mainline kernel with a great battery life

      • Nick says:

        Hi guys,

        “this rom is a form of tweaking of stock htc rom”

        Does this mean I need to have a copy of the stock rom to flash ViperX? I neglected to back it up and can’t find an RUU for my build number (2.17.980.4, CID Optus001). Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey thanks for doing this tutorial.

    Ive installed it, get the viper on my screen but it just keeps rebooting. Is it because I havent installed the boot image right?

    • Kyle says:

      It wouldn’t boot at all if you haven’t flashed the boot.IMG….did you do a factory reset? And Wipe dalvik cache?

      • Yasar says:

        I have the same problem. I can only see the lock for few sec, and after that My Phone reboots..
        By the way, thanks for All your great videos πŸ™‚

        • spaceman says:

          same problem, phone gets stuck in rebooting cycle.
          see the viper loading, gets to lock screen, reboots and does it again…

          • nima says:

            same problem here OOOPPPPSssss

            • gabriel says:

              For those who have bootlop problem just do this things and everethink i gone be ok.
              1. Flash boot.img via fastboot (fastboot flash boot boot.img)
              2. Got to recovery and wipe everithing,factory reset,wipe cache/dalvik.
              3. From recovery flash room from sdcard,and fallow steps from aroma instaler.
              4. Enjoy your custom room

              • gabriel says:

                One more thing..,if u dont know where is boot.img to flash just open with any zip extractor the zip file witch is rom to instal,and u find there a file called boot.img
                Extracted to flash tool,can be the same too wich u use to unlock your phone. And fallow step 1 from my first post

                • Bert says:

                  Thanks a lot for the help, man! I just did this, it worked after repeating the steps 3 times ^^
                  the only thing I did differently the last time was after flashing the ROM I didn’t choose “reboot now”, but I rebooted via the recovery itself πŸ™‚
                  Then I got stuck at the HTC ONE beats audio screen twice, and finally it booted correctly without changing anything πŸ™‚

                  I hope this helps some frustrated fellow semi-noob out there =P

    • albert says:

      yes , normally the img comes inside the rom zip file , for some rooms comes n separate zip

  3. Omar says:

    Max, This ROM didn’t work for me; it crashes every time in the lock-screen
    Help ME !

  4. crescent_scythe says:

    Does this rom go fine with the bricked kernel?

    • ABU Rabad says:

      Yup , there is a venom flasher application that support flashing all kernels to ur htc ,it also dowloads it for you , clean everything up for you after flashing any kernel so you need jjust to reboot

  5. crescent_scythe says:

    compared to the leedroid ROM. what’s the difference with this one?? is it way better than the LeeDroid???

  6. Ankit says:

    Amazing ROM… I have been using it since about a week now.. Completely agree that it is the best ROM there is for One X!!

  7. richard says:

    Hey max how u doing buddy?

    i have a question for u, what kernel is the best for now? and dous the kernel makes the phone faster or is that the rom that makes it faster?

    greets from holland

  8. Viktor says:

    Hi thx so much for this tutorial!
    Awesome work!

  9. Steve says:

    Works a treat thanks very much had to get a non GBA sim card as using this quad core in the states on T Mobile I can now get the internet

  10. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Wanna try this… Downloading it…..
    Can you recommend the rom with similar look&feel to JB ? Now I am on maximus 3.0 (desense selected) running on nova launcher…. Really like its look&feel.

  11. Steve says:

    This rom worked great for a while now I’m getting occasional reboots mostly when the phone goes into sleep mode, any ideas

  12. Fredrik says:

    keeps rebooting from lockscreen πŸ™ help pls?

  13. sepehr says:

    hi every bodyyyyy,please help me,im in a bad problem,i have a htc one x device,its in a bootloop,when i go to hboot,i dont have access to sd card to copy my ROM .zip file to sd,and i cant enter to my device droid,help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee,how can i access to sd in hboot?id instal htc sync so i think all usb drivers are ok.

    • Mc_G says:

      I think I had a similar problem a while back, I had the wrong boot flashed for the ROM I was using. I was in an endless recycle and could not access my SD to push the new ROM. I ended up searching XDA One X forum for ‘Disaster Recovery’.

      Biggest thing I had to overcome was the 30% power needed to go through the process (I couldn’t recharge via USB). In my case I used my car charger.

      Best of luck!
      Be patient- the process will work…

    • mitch says:

      i had this same issue with CWM… fastboot flashed TWRP recovery fixed USB mount

  14. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    If u can still enter recovery mode, mount usb storage, then copy file to sd card.

  15. Andrew says:

    Also my phone keeps rebooting after installing the rom. I tried several boot images without luck. last time I installed the boot.img from but the phone didn’t boot.
    now I have cm-10-20120729-p10-endeavoru rom on it but would like to see this rom running on my phone.
    any idea?

  16. david says:

    i got an update the day from this rom, does any1 know wat it changed or improved, cheers

  17. JosΓ© Miguel Pinheiro Oliveira says:

    Works fine. but sometimes the camera doesnΒ΄t work.

  18. albert says:

    Can anyone help here?…. my phone keeps on rebooting after installing this ROM…Pls HELP!!!

    • richard says:

      i had those problems before and i did wipe everything and install it again but wipe dalvik cache is ferry important by new instal u can do that in cwm recovery u can do it several times cos sometimes it dousnt help or sometimes to do it once so try to do it more times bevore and after the install.

      good luck!

  19. richard says:

    wow i yust got the vipeX updates and installed it and now my phone is a lot faster i can feel a good performance boost after the install πŸ™‚ i had leedroid rom and is also an verry good rom but viperX is simply the best rom for htc one x πŸ™‚ i yust wanted to let u folks know.

  20. Llight Chan says:

    Max …. Why my Hox after install this rom..keep say “Unfortunately,Htc.bgp has stopped”..and other application oso???Help pls !!!

  21. fadel says:

    i have a htc one x on android version 4.0.3 and sense version 4.0. a 4.0.4 update and 4.1 sense version is available i download the update but when it goes to install the phone poor off and then goes into recovery mode i press reboot phone it reboots but an error pops on and the new version is not downloaded plz help ???? i have a rooted one

  22. Hatchlius says:

    been using this rom for a week now, and it works great! no problems at all. love all the tweeks makes your phone individual, evryone i have shown have been very impressed

  23. Hardik Shah says:

    How’s the battery life people?

    • Thomas says:

      The battery life for this rom is very good i was out for around 5 hours today with average use of phone and i used 15% life time i got home Amazing rom A MUST TRY ALL ONSE YOU GO VIPER X you wont go back .

  24. steve says:

    Hey max I see you have released a few ROMs for the sg3 are therw any plans to release one for the one x,also if you are looking for a ROM to review ,domination cm ROM is awesome easily the best I have tried,good news on your yt reinstatement.cheers

  25. Llight Chan says:

    Yes..Max..I did a factory reset…now my hox is keep shut down and rebooting by himself…and sometimes can’t send msg or camera can’t use….what is the problem?is another way to help and fix my hox pls….!

  26. Llight Chan says:

    Max…And now I’m flashing back to Maximus rom….and the problem also same…help me pls..!!

  27. Mohit says:

    Heyy Max,

    I’ve just installed ViperX ROM… and my HOX keeps rebooting every 10 seconds or so.. I knoe that i’ve to install boot.img first but I dont knoe how to do that.. Please Help..

    Thanx n regards

  28. Sam says:

    WooooW, This Rom is definitely the best rom I have ever USED !!!! and installation instructions are sooo clear this is my first time installing a rom and after it i tried all the roms on the site and kept going back to this!!!!! the tweaks are amazing!!! Seriously Max We’r Lucky to have u on this planet and Thank you Team Venom. However, Nova Launcher conflicts with Venom Customizations but its okay with me. Still having too many apps opening up on their own and I would really like to have a free RAM, Any elaborations on this would prove helpful. Thanks …

  29. Fredrik says:

    This is the best rom i have tried out so far.
    i was not happy with batterylife on stock. viper x rom got it all. I am really pleased now with my HTC One x!! (on international)
    thank you Max for tutorials, vids and articles, you rock and rule! πŸ™‚

  30. Fredrik says:

    And Thanks you so much Team venom!!!!! you rock and rule to πŸ˜€

  31. pp654321 says:

    Hi, I want to install this rom but I’m so lost now….
    Since I’m still on stock and this is my first time doing this,
    do I just follow your instructions on how to root one X?
    and after I do that do I just follow the instructions on the ViperX page in xda?

    oh and does this rom support chinese input?


  32. Glenn says:

    Hi, I’ve had this rom on my phone for a few days but I’m finding it really laggy and slow. Battery life seems okay but my phone just seems slow. I’m not running a live wallpaper I only have 2 home screens with a widget on each, biggest problem seems to be switching back to the home screen also the SwiftKey keyboard is jumpy to say the best. Any ideas people because it shouldn’t be this way

    • richard says:

      i have the same problem now at first it was ferry fast and now its laggy and slow,
      i had leedroid rom before and that one was better than this one so i think i go back to leedroid rom.
      but u can do whipe dalvik cache and try again or reinstall it. but i go back to leedroid rom thats the best for now.

  33. z3r0cool81 says:

    Hi Max, if I install the ViperX rom, will it wipe out the apps and data from my phone? Will my screen still be how my current stock rooted phone looks like?

    Thanks a million.


    • Max says:

      It probably would not be, but it might, just make a backup ROM before installing and install without factory reset. If it doesn’t just revert back back restore ROM.

      • z3r0cool81 says:

        I would backup the rom in clockworkmod fastboot screen or titanium backup?

        Thank you

        • Max says:

          Clockworkmod for rom, titanium for apps!

          • Thomas says:

            I learnt the hard way i didn’t fully read instructions and didn’t back up my STOCK rom so now i have tried all RUU Roms to get stock back but not been able to as of yet :O( atm i am on flashed Viper x 2.2.0 Kernel Baseband is 2.1204.135.20 im from UK on unlocked HTC ONE X any one able to point me in the right direction would be ever so greatful you see if you don’t pay FULL attention this could also happen to you HOPE PEOPLE LEARN from my mistake?>

            • Bert N says:

              Don’t feel to bad πŸ˜€ I made the same “mistake” !
              But I haven’t tried hard to go back to stock yet. Finding the right RUU seems hard indeed, and I have no idea what happens if you try the wrong one..
              Keep me updated if you find something! πŸ˜€

              • Thomas says:

                Nothing happens just boots to a black screen with HTC on then i get error 155 i think it is lol i just reset phone and it works fine tried about 8 although i’m happy with viper x 2.2 atm a stock rom would be handy to have at the ready mind and thanks .

  34. twics says:

    Hi there Max
    Iv been using Viper X a few days now and whilst its a very nice Rom im finding it a bit sticky on scrolling home pages , it scrolls nicely for the first and second pages on the thired page or so it would scroll sticky and then it would be ok on next page untill it happens again, iv asked on the thread about this but no help provided, would you know what is causing this? or could you tell me what things I should check, iv tried venom tweaks and an app called hidden settings but no joy, I must say its not a major issue but id like to fix it………

  35. omar enrique says:

    hi max, im having problems installing this rom… i have the htc one x at&t version… its rooted, have unlocked bootloader and the open recovery twrp mode installed… but i cant install any rom there dont know why… i follow every step.. the fastboot erase cache, the flash of the room boot.img and so on… im trying to install this using the TWRP recovery i dont know if there is a problem with that recovery mode but somehow i cant install clockwork recovery mode on my phone….. im missing something here… thanks max

    • Syn says:

      I tried installing with TWRP recovery but failed the install everytime. So I went back to CWM recovery and it installed perfectly after a soft brick. Search for “One_X_All-In-One_Kit_v1.2.2.rar” to switch between recoveries.

      • Syn says:

        To switch recovery: On phone…boot to fastboot, plug usb into PC (will change to fastboot usb), run OneX.exe inside extracted One_X_All-In-One_Kit_v1.2.2.rar (Preferably Run as admin) Choose CMW..then…Flash recovery. CMD will open and flash it. Check for failures. Shutdown phone and pull USB out. Boot back to HBoot and choose Recovery…will be CMW. Sorry if I am confusing with instructions.

  36. MightyMike says:

    hey, Max, great work as usually…i installed the viperx 2.6.0…it s working flawless, great battery life ( almost 2 days with medium usage)…i also tried Android Revolution HD an Android Maximus…..the best stock experience you can have , in my opinion with ARHD, and with customizable sense ViperX is very good…i tried also CM10, but is using ICS kernel, is not so flawless yet….so, keep up the good work….and for less expirimented users, a small advice : do the factory reset/delete user data ( not talking about cache , wich are temporary files ) Before you flash boot.img , otherwise you can delete the boot.img you just flashed πŸ™‚ , after the you can install the new rom

  37. Sharky says:

    Hi guys,
    I am using this ROM for about a month. Pretty satisfied with it. Found only one bug or maybe is just mine HOX. On activated AOSP ICS lock screen in venom tweaks, I can use three of the screen shorcuts, but if I pull up the message shortcut, phone is reboot itself … Any sugestions ?? Thx in advance!

    • Bert N says:

      I’ve got the ASOP too, and I don’t see the problem you’re describing. Have you linked it to a third party messaging app instead of the HTC app?

  38. edwar says:

    Hi I have a problem buying a htc one x on ebay and I get has this Interfas the problem here is that it has faded notification bar and move it in venom tweaks and I can not make changes as the status bar to return back help

  39. Syn says:

    Thank you for this ROM! It fixed my Australian 2.17.980.6 Optus001. All other ROMs would hang at the boot/logo screen.

  40. Shimon says:

    Hi everyone.

    First i would like to thank you for this great site.
    I have this rom for now more than a month. This is indeed the best rom i tried. He is very stable. Improved incredibly the battery life, which is in Htc one X, one of biggest downside. The tweaks possibility are great. Very responsive and smooth.
    I warmly would recommend this rom to anyone who like to give a little extra to their phones.


  41. twics says:

    Hay guys if you haven’t already, try the new Viper X 3.x.x Jelly bean version, find it at XDA developers website. Even better battery life and much smoother UI.

  42. Synastry says:

    Excellent! I have been waiting for JB Viper. I have tried many JB ROMs and I have been missing Viper.

  43. Infoseye says:

    Hello, I got myself an HTC One X. I successfully rooted it. I flashed Viper my htc is got stuck on boot screen, kept rebooting untill finally got into phone home screen but i noticed there was no service, wifi or blutooth did not work. Its was damn slower than my origianl stock rom.

    Finally I had todo a restore, could you tell me why this happened to my htc? Others installed it without problems, am giving viprer 2.0.0 a try.

    Will update on out come.


    • Synastry says:

      Did you successfully update from ICS to JB before the new Viper install? If so, retry the install instructions again. Try reflashing the boot.img againm and make sure to do a full delete during installation.

  44. infoseye says:

    @synastry, no I did not but I finally got it to work. Flashed Viper 3.3.4 and Updated to 3.3.5.

    Awesome Custom Rom….thanks for the reply.

  45. justin says:

    does this support hboot 0.95?

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