One X Root Guide

Here’s a step-by-step root guide that can help you to get the most out of your rooted HTC One X.

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:



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  1. tony says:

    Will i still be able to get updates from htc when i have rooted one x

    nice guide

  2. Uffe says:

    Seems to miss how to install clockworkmod recovery…

    • bader says:

      yes… got screwed with that step and lost all my data…

      Can i get CWM recovery after rooting htc one x at&t and still not get it unlocked? Dunno wanna use a hex editor to change the stock ROM code.. would rather gget the htc dev boot unlock

  3. Mark M says:

    hey dude, here one for you.
    Do you know, or is there a way to root an android phone i brought from hong kong, but a china brand. I brought cause it was so cheap to see what it was like, and I am quite surprised about it, anyway here are the phone details.
    Dapeng A9230
    Android – 2.3.6
    Kernel – (sat Mar 31 12:57:25)
    not sure if u need any other info ?

  4. Sam S. says:

    Hey Max, I’ve been watching you on YT for a while and now I have a problem with a device I’m hoping you can help me with.I just got an HTC Vivid and I unlocked the bootloaders and flashed a recovery then rooted it. I then tried to flash an ICS update which had a conflict with either the kernel or the recovery I was running. Now when I turn it on it flashes the white HTC screen and then goes black and doesn’t do anything else. Ive since learned the right way to fix it. I relocked it to update the hboot which worked fine then I go to unlock it again and it freezes on the unlock screen. On my phone I choose yes to unlock the bootloaders then press the power button and nothing happens. It doesn’t reboot like its should. Ive tried it about 6 times and it never gets passed that screen. Any help would be great. Thanks

  5. Matt Hacking says:


    Just want to say thanks for all your tutorials, very easy to follow!

    I used to be an iWhore and had no idea what flashing, rooting etc etc meant until I found your website. I’ve always jailbroken my idevices and allthough the process of rooting an android phone seems daunting you made it very easy for an Android beginner to follow. many thanks


  6. PearpodBeatsApple says:

    Wow the htc is amazing better then my iphone , i just got mine and rooted it just when your website came out but so far there isnt much i have been able to do with the quad core processor i mean i feel like am wasting it ,Do you think a os would work well on the htc one x ?

    If so will you be able to put up a guide on how to install it onto the one x ? i really want to put the phones capabilities to work.

  7. juan says:

    hello mate,

    thank you so much for the rooting and all the contents in this website. I rooted my international htc one x following your instruction it works almost perfectly, just two things:
    1.- When I put the phone horizontally the screen doesn’t turn, it remains vertical.
    2.- Is there any way to update the phone if I did not use the one click root ?

    Thanks again


    • admin says:

      1. You can get another launcher like Apex launcher if you need rotation or custom ROM, but not root related.
      2. You can just install custom ROM with OTA updates, no need to ever update through HTC once u rooted.

  8. Pp says:

    Hi, I just got a HTC One X today. It’s on the Telecom network in New Zealand and has a lot of preinstalled things plus starting up logo etc.
    I’d like to change it to the official Taiwanese version, but I have no idea how to do this (I read some people say use ROM, some say RUU others says OTA ….. getting very confused).
    Can you help me with it? I just need the official version, and be able to upgrade whenever there are official upgrades released.


  9. Jordan Cabalit says:

    Hi there . .thanks to you i unlocked my htc one x . .but after i went to recovery my phone goes like this:
    (here’s a picture)

  10. Arnaud says:

    Thanks for supporting mac osx. Is the stock recovery the same for One X and ATT One X/XL ?

    • admin says:

      No they are not, please don’t flash to ATT One X/XL unless specifically says, otherwise it’s for the international HTC One X.

  11. Ivan says:

    Hi, sorry noob question here… can i still update my firmware after i root my HTC One X? i’ve tried yesterday but it doesnt install the update it goes to the bootloader (the dos screen gui of HOX)

    • admin says:

      you should be able to if you didnt unlock bootloader. let me see of theres a cwm zippable file tho then u can update and keep root.

  12. ivan says:

    so should i unroot the phone again?

    • Max says:

      if you really want to but you don’t have to. what is the update? I can probably way to flash it without updating if u give me the update version.

  13. Ivan says:

    Hi Max my current software update is 1.29.751.7 this was the version when i bought the HOX

  14. Sandy says:

    hi, I was wondering what would be the nex step after rooting the phone. Is it not unlocking the bootloader. I dont seem to find any video pertaining to it. can you help me out installing clockworkmod to my rooted phone?

  15. PearpodBeatsApple says:

    Hi man i messed up bad : i installed the rom you installed the revolution one and then wanted another one and installed it straight onto it and my phones nows functioning badly how can i fix this all can i wipe everything like remove all the custom roms and redo it and root it again?? i really need help here i searched everywhere and could not find an answer .

  16. James says:

    Hi Max…(att htc one x) In messaging,after you compose your text message and hit send; the keyboard will disappear. Is there a way to change this. Previously, the keyboard will stick throughout the conversation…you hit the back button to remove keyboard. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. thanks Max.

  17. Sandy says:

    Hola!!.. finally managed to get hold of a video for unlocking my bootloader made a backup of my original rom (att htc one x version:1.73) now looking forward to get a good rom.. i am looking for simple and battery friendly (priority for lasting a day of normal operation) ROM. which one would you recommend?.. also to install rom it goes through twrp and erase the cache and dalvic cache and install the zip right!! (by the way what does dalvik cache hold) ,. any video common for most of the rom installation would be great!! i see you have posted for intern. version.

  18. PearpodBeatsApple says:

    Sorry i have the normal one i ment the one which first came out the black/dark gray one

  19. Asaf says:

    Is there a way to block internet access applications and phone book … without doing rooting???
    Thank you

  20. Rohan says:

    I would just like to say thanks! I have watched all your videos on rooting and custom ROM’s, and have enjoyed them and have learned a lot. I don’t own a HTC One X (International Vesion), but i have been trying to get one for a long time. So I would just like to say thanks a lot for making these videos!

  21. KD says:

    Hi Max!
    It was great following your instructions and they are very easy to follow.

    I have a MAJOR issue now. I did a factory reset from one of the Custom ROM and now I lost my stock ROM backup. Is there a solution to:Go back to Stock ROM unrooted (International Version – Singapore) ?

    Because I would like to start fresh again from Unrooted stock to the Customs ROM again.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Max says:

      Your backup should still be there factory reset doesnt erase your backups.

      • KD says:

        Hi Max!

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        But when I went back to my Clockwork Mod, there was no backups left there. Even the folder and OneXRoot folder was missing. =(

        • KD says:

          Oh and I forgot to tell you that the factory reset that I did was through my phone’ setting and not via CWM.


  22. Rohan M. says:

    Hi Max,

    Could you please help me out! I have been trying to get a cheap unlocked HTC One X (International Version). Could you please help me out and tell me where i could get a cheap one at around $100-$200.

    Rohan M.

  23. Ed says:

    I tried to view your you tube tutorial on rooting my new box on Mac but you tube is saying your account has been suspended?

  24. Yang says:

    Hi max,
    my onex issue with HBOOT USB Master Mode fail again and again when I go to unlock mode. power btn + downkey. I need your suggest to fix that, let me know please.


    • Max says:

      Oh, leave the USB cable off then plug back in 5 seconds u r in bootloader, you can ignore that failure msg also.

  25. Jordan says:

    I have a question. Will I lose my unlock on my HTC sensation if I put the stock rom back on it? I plz help I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  26. Jordan says:

    I can’t find the right ruu, why the he’ll r they labeled like that. My htc sensation is unlocked, what ruu do I need?

  27. Jordan says:

    Yeah I have looked and there is about 20 different ones lol thnx tho man 🙂

  28. Ronnponce says:

    Hey, I have a ROGERS branded One X and my phone just updated OTA to 1.94.631.3 is there still a way to root my device?


    • Max says:

      If you unlocked your bootloader already yes easy and also easy to unlock bootloader and root but you will lose all your settings/apps.

      • Ronnponce says:

        Alright awesome, is there a link available? or do I follow the same steps as the international one X then? And yes, my bootloader is already unlocked.

        • Max says:

          Oh just flash this in your recovery:

          and get root again.

          • Ronnponce says:

            For some reason I cannot seem to gain recovery access. I am running Windows 7 64bit. I tried following the instructions on the international guide but I am not having any luck with it.

            • Max says:

              What happens? Does it reboot?

              You might need to do:
              fastboot erase cache

              Then boot into recovery.

              • Ronnponce says:

                Yeah my phone boots up and everything normally. When I CMD prompt my phone to flash the recovery it says,

                “C:\Android>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
                sending ‘recovery’ (5452 KB)… OKAY
                writing ‘recovery’… OKAY”

                and that’s it. Then when I put my phone into recovery, it says something about this is a developer mode only and should only be used by developers but it doesn’t load into clock work recovery.

                • Ronnponce says:

                  It also says when I boot up into fastboot:


                • Max says:

                  do “fastboot erase cache”.

                  • ronnponce says:

                    Do you mean do “fastboot erase cache” in the CMD prompt?

                    • Max says:


                    • Ronnponce says:

                      Now that I have done that and tried again to flash the Clockwork MOD it still gives the me the same thing and won’t let me go into recovery mode.

                    • Ronnponce says:

                      Everytime I go into recovery mode it says… HTC “quietly brilliant”

                      this build is for devolpment purpose only Do not distribute outside of HTC without HTC’s written permission failure to do so will cause in punishment

                    • Ronnponce says:

                      I have even tried scripts like superboot with no luck.

                      Does it have anything to do with the ***TAMPERED*** ***UNLOCKED*** status of my phone?

                      sorry for all the trouble I have been at this for quite sometime now.

                    • haguy says:

                      If you unlock and flash a recovery-
                      fastboot flash recovery nameofrecovery.img

                      and you cant get it to boot the custom recovery heres the trick, after you flash the recovery type

                      fastboot boot nameofrecovery.img

  29. Zach says:

    I rooted my HOX (AT&T) and unlocked the bootloader with your methods. Awesome tutorial, btw. However, today I did a factory reset and restored to my earliest backup. The phone booted originally but then said something or other has stopped working. Phone turned off. Now, when I try to turn it back on, it wont go past the boot animation. Its not connecting to my computer to reboot it with a command, either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and ASAP.


  30. FCDHBubbles says:

    @Zach… first you need a unlocked bootloader and then you can root a HOX. You say that you’ve done that….
    Did you run stock rooted rom or a custom rom? I only do a factory reset after switching from a custom rom to another custom rom (mostly). Most Custom rom get upgrades, when I install a upgrade I do a erase cache and dalvik cache. Did you try flash boot.img manually via CMD or terminal?

  31. cody says:

    How do you update the firmware after the bootloader is unlocked? I need to update it because my screen is glitchy and flickers, and appearently the fix is to update the firmware. I also want to update so my phone stops bugging me about the update. When i try to update, it restarts and goes into the clockworkmod recovery

  32. Novac89 says:

    Hello Max,
    I’m new with Android, my one x is T-mobile, can I just install the stock HTC software, and get a rid of T-Mobile logo on startup? I have no idea where to look (and who to trust on net) if you can only give me a link with step to step how to do this, i unlocked it from htcdev but nothing more. my ver is 4.0.3. Thanks for your time..!

  33. NateHOX says:

    So if I have an ATT HOX with 2.20.502.7 710RD, I can’t root and load custom ROMs at all? Is there any way to downgrade that or is that putting the chicken before the egg?

  34. braeden says:

    Hello, I’m new to rooting and I am wondering if this works with the 1.94 update for Rogers Htc one x.

  35. Tobias Teeuws says:

    Hey man, i have a little problem here, when i want to go to factory reset i go into bootloader and all that and hit the factorey reset. I see two times htc and 1 time android but no One logo. And the android logo stays there for a little while. Is this normal?? I’ve installed the CM10 zip again or i don’t have a phone can you help??

  36. Ishan says:

    Hey Dude,

    I am in a very bad situation with my phone, I need to get back to stock rom for my HTC ONE X but i do not have a back up, Nor i know how to revert to stock rom.
    The reason i want to revert back to stock rom is the screen flicker issue.
    Please help me out buddy.

    • Max says:

      You need to find RUU for your phone, also set CID to all 1s so you can use any RUU.

      • Ishan says:

        Hey Max, Thanks a ton for the advice. I am a noob and not very familiar with technical term, I would be glad if you could tell me as to how i can find out the RUU of my HTC ONE X….and how to set CID to 1 to use any RUU. Even if you could give me a link which explains the procedure i would really appriciate it.

        Thanks a ton in advance


      • Ishan says:

        Hey Max, Thanks a ton for the advice. I am a noob and not very familiar with technical term, I would be glad if you could tell me as to how i can find out the RUU of my HTC ONE X….and how to set CID to 1 to use any RUU. Even if you could give me a link which explains the procedure i would really appriciate it.

        Thanks a ton in advance


  37. S says:

    Hey, while installing jelly bean I screwed up. The msg said installation aborted for some reason and now when I turn my phone on, it shows htc screen and restarts again and shows htc screen. I have no idea how to go back to the old version. Please let me know what to do. Thanks.

  38. Laxmikant Patel says:

    after rooting my HOX, whenever i play music or games it restarts.
    I am going to unroot and relock my HOX and going to give for software update.
    Please say will it work properly after update
    Thank You.

  39. Renato says:

    Hi Max,

    I just beginner using android, now i’ve got HTC OneX for Testing controlling camera directly via HTC OneX…

    I thing i should make the USB port to be OTG to get this flow is running…

    do u have a guide for this…

    i’m using Nikon D4, canon 5Dmkii & 7D, Macbookpro.

    Thanks Max..

  40. james says:

    my phone is frozen on the wallpaper. i can only reboot by holding power for 10 seconds. i can pull my notifications down, but its laggy. no apps or widgets. tried to drain battery just so device would turn off. then charged a bit and tried to reboot into recovery with hardware keys… no dice. i am on an htc one x at&t version 1.85. any help would be much appreciated

  41. Renato says:

    hi Max,

    I was a beginner android users …. after successful rooting my HOX, then failed to install the ROM, the screen kept loading until the battery drain … then I did a factory reset on the screen fastboot mode … (And it seems like I get rid of back up files and everthing) ..
    and I did the install and boot ROM image cm-10-20120919 (without success) I mess up, Trying everything from the begining, but succeed in cm-10-20121008 (just replace the boot.img file) …

    Your guide page really amazing, it’s working even for a noob like me.

    Now my HOX is working … but there is 2 question:
    1. if i read the “phone info” from ES Task Manager app, the “CPU Frequency” reads as (1500MHz (DualCore) ). why is it….
    2. than at the time of browsing, etc … now my device is turn very Heat, especially in the back area of ​​the lens and the surrounding areas.

    can u help me for this … might be i have to change the ROM or something …

    I’ve got this article: at answer # 4 …

    I was really scared to make a mistake again as it was then …

    Thanks dude ….

  42. Laxmikant Patel says:

    i have rooted my HOX, and whenever i play music or games it restarts.
    I am going to unroot and relock my HOX and going to give for software update.
    Please say will it work properly after update
    Thank You.

  43. Jp Imbuido says:

    HI, is there a way to root my HOX running on android 4.04 without unlocking bootloader? i just want to be able to install some root apps like setcpu. thanks!

  44. Manney says:

    okay just a quick question i just got the at&t htc one x and im going to root it but i do indeed want to install a ROM but in the video you have for rooting it says i don’t need to install a bootloader. So my question is do i or don’t i have to do this?

  45. Aaron S. says:

    hey.. i wanna restore my previous sence rom..
    but after i restored.. i reboot it..
    it stucked at the start up screen..
    wat do i do????

  46. zjack says:

    Hi Max……i just got HOX and its Quadcore 16gb, running 4.0.4 and software number 2.18.751.7
    it is an international version. i did tried all your method to root it but failed. is there any other way to root my device?

  47. Saurabh says:

    I have HOX with at&t contract, I want to unlock it so that I can use it with other carrier sims. Is it possible? if yes then how?


  48. Mozer says:

    Why was this video removed? I can’t see it. And where are the download links? and can I install Jelly Bean using TWRP Recovery? That’s what I have and it would make my life way easier…
    I’m always high on Android 😉

  49. esslar says:


  50. cs says:

    hi, i want to ask how to fix Imei number? because my phone screen show ‘invalid Imei’..

  51. amaresh says:

    hi, i own the htc one x device 4 months back and i have updated it with official jelly bean os and now i want to root my device and install cm10 rom but i dont no how to root the updated one x device . as i tried the rooting procedure of ics then it says that the internal or external storage is not found after pressing fastboot option . can u plz say the procedure to root my htc one x device with official jellybean

  52. Ahmed Chauhan says:

    Hello max ..
    i have htc one v (international version) .. can i root it with same procedure as one x ? THanks in advance buddy

  53. Eng Haidoory says:

    Hi Max… 🙂
    i’ve got a problem. i have rooted my HTC One x on the official way. so i did it on the HTC website and all was good..
    but now I get an update on my phone, I want to install it.. I download the ROM and pressed install.. the phone turns of and goes on in the bootloader and now? I tried to install it. I get an error.
    how to install the update help me. plz

  54. Sagar says:

    Quick question. I have a HTC One X with the official jellybean update 4.1.1 and sense 4+.
    So, the rooting procedures and files remain the same or they change according to the software versions?

  55. Matthew says:

    I have the HTC One X+ (AT&T) and was curious as to whether you have a video clip on how to root this phone?

  56. Ashish Pali says:

    Hey Max,

    Great video and tutorials.

    I have an HOX. My CID is HTC__Y13. I rooted it by following your tutorial. But after flashing CWM and supersu, I deleted some system apps using Root Uninstaller. After doing that, I made a backup of the stock ROM. Now ifI want to get OTA updates from HTC, I have to flash the stock recovery. Can I use the backup of the ROM I made (with several system apps missing) or do I have to look for the stock RUU? THANKS.

  57. Frank says:

    “Currently this root method only works for older software versions so DON’T UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE if you want root.”
    I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I got my AT&T One X in January 2013, so it’s already got the August 2012 update from AT&T. The article doesn’t provide any link or advice on what to do if you have a newer AT&T One X, just the older ones. Any advice?
    Thanks in advance.

  58. canela says:

    how to fix htc one 2.20 boot loop please need fix

  59. Dan says:

    I’m on windows 8 and every rom i down load the boot.img reads disc image file there a down load i need to fix this problem or is it a windows 8 problem.

  60. Ian says:

    HI Max,

    Im new to this stuff, I tried the Universal One-Click Root Method but I think it did not work on my HTC One XL.I always get this msg. at the end after completing the rooting -mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    I got my One XL here in Singapore.

    Android ver. – 4.1.1
    Sense ver.- 4+
    Software number- 3.17.707.1
    Kernel ver. 3.4.10-g240d4d5

    Thanks in advance.

  61. kobby says:

    how do i upgrade my at&t htc one x( rooted with s-on) to jelly bean using TWRP. i have downloaded the jelly bean file and whenever i go to recovery, TWRP comes up. so i want to know if i can use TWRP to flash the original jelly bean from at&t

  62. bilal says:

    hi Max,
    is there any way u can show us how too manually update at&t htc one X to jelly bean, i ve unrooted and unlocked bootloader my hox. Thank you.

  63. Enrique says:

    i update my phone with the last at&t ruu from the htc website, and when is complete the phone didn’t turn on again, not even the led light that notify the cable is plugged

  64. Murtaza says:

    i cant root my Htc one x..followed the universal method..
    it gives me error..

    error: more than one device and emulator
    Start Rooting…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
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  65. Sky flyer says:

    My phone model number is HTC S720e. External features of these phone is same as the HTC one X. I want to make unlock bootloader and root. Which method can I use? My friend phone model number is HTC one X. He made the root according your instruction. These phone is OK for root and unlock bootloader. I want to know about the HTC S720e is same or different HTC one X.
    Help me please, Thank.

  66. sanjay says:

    Sir, Please make a for how to ROOT HTC Vivid and remove AT&T bloatware from my mobile.
    Your help would be great appriciate on this!


  67. Akshay Jumani says:

    I finished unlcoking bootloader,fastboot,recovery..basically 100% rooted,my friend did it all for me,then he told me to put cyanogenmod and run it by using recovery mode,now when cm10 starts all i get is has stopped,please help,I really wanna use ROMs

  68. ceejay fajardo says:

    Bro. Pls help me. Ive rooted twrp 4.1.1 with sense 4+. Now i want to update my sftware to 4.2.2 sense 5.. my updates r ready to install..but whenever i install reboot and goes to recry.. idk what to do.. help me sir. Ty

  69. Taylor says:

    Hey mate i just installed the HTC ONE X Bricked Kernel and when i reboot it, it stays on the ‘HTC quitly brilliant’ screen HELP?

  70. luke says:

    hi max im trying to root my htc one x by at&t and having a hard time my hboot is 2.14 and im on 4.1.1 i went to xda and downloaded hasoon2000s and im getting stuck on the unlock token at htcdev so i look up how to do that and what i am getting you have to get s-off how can i get s-off so i can get my unlock token plz help i have root from watching your youtube on my evo and gs2 in the past . thank you for your time max .

  71. Fernando says:

    Hi there,
    I’m not able to root am ATT One X,OS:1.85.502.3 710RD. I receive the following errors:

    Start Rooting…
    failed on ‘/data/local/tmp’ – Permission denied
    link failed File exists
    /system/bin/sh: cannot create /data/local.prop: Permission denied
    remount failed: Operation not permitted
    failed to copy ‘su’ to ‘/system/bin/su’: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    rm failed for /system/xbin/su, No such file or directory
    link failed Read-only file system
    failed to copy ‘Superuser.apk’ to ‘/system/app/./Superuser.apk’: Read-only file
    rm failed for /data/local.prop, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/local/tmp, Permission denied
    failed on ‘/data/local/tmp.bak’ – No such file or directory
    2399 KB/s (1075144 bytes in 0.437s)
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    /system/xbin/busybox: cannot open for write: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    /system/bin/sh: /system/xbin/busybox: not found

  72. Kewal says:

    I have upgraded my htc one x to 4.2/sense 5 will this root method work for this firmware too?

  73. DesiRus says:

    Kindly update files to CWM Recovery

  74. Milton says:

    Max (or ANYBODY), I want to root my HTC One X (AT&T) running Android 4.2.2 and I’m having an issue with unlocking the bootloader. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks guys

  75. domain says:

    I tend not to drop a lot of remarks, however i
    did some searching and wound up here One X Root Guide |
    And I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it simply me or does it appear like some of these responses come across like left by
    brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional
    online social sites, I’d like to keep up with anything new
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    your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  76. Phil says:

    Will Android lollipop work on a HTC one x? I’ve been looking for a download, but could not see any. Anyone help?

  77. Hal says:

    I’m dying here. EVERYTHING I try on my AT&T HTC One X doesn’t work. One-click root = nope. Long-form root = nope. Manual change CID? Can’t get in… su not found. Computers (2 of them) can’t see the phone in bootloader mode, although they’re flawless in normal mode. I’ve spent all day on this stupid phone and nothing.

    I know I’m missing something… but what?

  78. Charaf Eddine says:

    Hey Max,
    How can I reflash recovery
    plz I need an answer

  79. NakaSoft says:

    Hi guys!
    Where can I find RUU for HTC One XL. I’ve bricked mine!
    Help me please and give a valide link.

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    pain management option that is used for disc pain treatment.

    Surgical spinal decompression can take the form of
    a diskectomy, a laminectomy, or a foraminotomy.

  81. Onyi says:

    Followed your instructions and rooted my HTC One XL (AT&T), and this is confirmed by Root Checker. Went thru HTCDev site and got bootloader unlocked as well. Been trying to install TWRP Recovery without luck using flashboot method, so tried TWRP Manager and that didn’t work either. Tried version, which also didn’work. Why can’t I install any recovery? When I trying loading recovery from Bootloader, phone keeps restarting. From Fastboot, the details are:

    *** UNLOCKED ***
    CID- 11111111
    HBOOT- 1.09.0000
    RADIO- 0.16a.32.09.17_2
    Apr 2 2012.21:08:24

  82. Keith says:

    Hello Max, can you please help! I am trying to install twrp on my HTC One XL. I’be tried flashify, twrp manager and one click without success. It seems to install but won’t boot to twrp. Am currently running on viper XL 4.2 and got twrp

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