How to Do an OTA Update on Rooted HTC One X without Unrooting! [AND KEEP ROOT]

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I probably gotten hundreds of e-mails last whole week people asking me how to do an OTA (over-the-air) software update on the International HTC One X (PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON AT&T ONE X OR ONE XL) and I finally got around to it but it took me awhile as there’s no clear step-by-step instructions on the interwebs on how to do this.

Well, after investing a whole half-day on this, I finally was able to find a solution by going to many different forums and trying different thing.  The idea is simple, you just need to install stock recovery back on your stock rooted ROM and you can take the update easily.

Now, there comes a problem for some people who didn’t save their rooted stock ROM.  Then you will have to take the more complex route of trying to find the correct RUU for your phone then doing the update.

My advice for those of you who are not returning your phone for warranty reason, there’s absolutely nothing great about new updates and you can get the same benefits with custom ROMs as ROM developers usually put the update within days of the OTA being pushed out.

With that said, if you STILL want to do an OTA update on your rooted HTC One X and want to KEEP ROOT, here’s a video tutorial and written documentation, knock yourself out and give yourself plenty time to do this, maybe a good hour or two for noobs out there.

Step 1. If you are already on stock rooted ROM, you can skip to Step 12 and skip the “fastboot flash boot boot.img” part.  If not, and you are on a custom ROM, you will need a backup of your stock rooted ROM (stock rooted ROM is the backup ROM you made immediately upon unlocking bootloader and rooting your HTC One X).  If you don’t, please stop here and try to find an RUU for your HTC One X.

If you do have a backup of your stock rooted ROM you made using ClockworkMod Recovery, then please go ahead and download and unzip, you should find a new folder called OneXOTA in your Downloads folder with everything you need.

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Step 2. Connect your HTC One X as a disk drive to your computer and go find your backup directory and find your stock rooted ROM backup directory.

Step 3. Go into the directory and copy the file “boot.img” to OneXOTA folder.

Step 4. Next, reboot into bootloader by holding down Power and Volume Down for 10 seconds.

Step 5. Next choose “RECOVERY”.

Step 6. Next choose “backup and restore”.

Step 7. Choose “restore”.

Step 8. Choose the stock rooted ROM backup folder to restore to your stock rooted ROM.

Step 9. Once restored, reboot and if your phone boots up fine, you can skip to Step 12 and skip the “fastboot flash boot boot.img” part.  Otherwise go to Step 10.

Step 10. If your phone doesn’t boot for some reason after restoring ROM, that’s probably because you were on custom ROM, you will have to manually re-flash boot.img to boot partition so let’s reboot into bootloader by holding down Power and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 11. Once in bootloader, choose “FASTBOOT” and connect your micro-USB cable from your HTC One X to your computer.

Step 12. Open a command prompt or terminal and type:

cd Downloads

cd OneXOTA

fastboot flash boot boot.img

For Linux or Mac, make sure you do “chmod 755 *” once at before doing the fastboot command and also replace “fastboot” with “fastboot-mac” for Mac and “fastboot-linux” for Linux. (For all fastboot commands on this page!!!!)

Step 13. Next, we are going to re-flash stock Recovery so OTA update will work again.


fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img

fastboot erase cache

fastboot reboot

Step 14. If your phone wasn’t booting after restoring, now it should boot.  Now, go download Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper app from Play Store, run the app and hit “Protect root”.  This will allow you to recover root easily after doing OTA update.

Step 15. Check Software updates in Settings, download the OTA update and choose “Install Now”.

Step 16. Your phone should reboot into stock recovery and start updating to new software version.

Step 17. When done installing, your phone will reboot, you can run Voodoo OTA RootKeeper app and hit “Restore root” to recover root.

Step 18. Next, we are going to re-flash ClockworkMod Recovery back on your phone since you probably want to install custom ROMs.  So go ahead and hold down Power and Volume down buttons together for 10 seconds to reboot into bootloader.

Step 19. Choose “FASTBOOT” and connect via micro-USB cable from your HTC One X to your computer.

Step 20. Go back to command prompt/terminal and type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

This will install the latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery (as of this writing).

You should now be on the latest OTA update with root and also custom ClockworkMod Recovery.  Enjoy!

In case you don’t have One X drivers for Windows (no drivers required for Mac/Linux)
Windows 32-bit drivers for One X

Windows 64-bit drivers for One X

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97 Responses to How to Do an OTA Update on Rooted HTC One X without Unrooting! [AND KEEP ROOT]

  1. Kevin says:

    hi if you do this do you keep all your apps ?

  2. ABdulla says:

    I have just finished rooting my One X yesterday and installed the CM10 and it was working great.But suddenly I found that my One X each ten minutes freezes and I need to restart it back again.I have tried to make a factory reset but I found that I have forget to make a backup to original software….can you please help me , from where I can download this original software or even a backup of this original software ?

  3. zeusys dao says:

    when I did recovery to stock rooted rom,most of my desired applications are not in that whenever I recover to stock rooted rom,I lost my installed apps.
    How I can follow this instruction and still have my current installed applications?

    Thank you

  4. Dino says:

    Hello my name is Dino and i am from Greece, I have just got my new HTC One X,
    so my questions as a noob to android devices(this is my first one actually) are these
    1.I plan to unlock bootloader and root my phone using the very useful guide you have
    2.After that i will install whatever apps and games i want on my phone and then i will
    use Clockwork to backup my stock rooted ROM(i have no intention on installing a custom one for the time being)
    and contacts and everything on my phone.
    3.Install Titanium and run it to backup my apps
    then what do i do in order to update OTA my stock rooted ROM and not lose my apps,contacts,sms and everything including my root?
    Can you please tell me more simple what to do because i got confused with OTA Updates and what to do
    in order to have everything running smoothly?

    Thank you in advance

    • Max says:

      When you unlock your phone, you will lose all your settings and apps. Just how HTC made it so blame it on them for the stupid unlocking feature. UGH.

  5. Dino says:

    I know Max that i will lose everything when i unlock my phone.But since it is brand new i have nothing installed
    but the apps that came with this phone.So after the unlock i am going to setup games and apps of my choosing.Could you please tell me what are the steps i should follow and how am i going to have an OTA update with the apps and games of my choosing and at the same time keep the root intact,so that the phone doesn’t lock again?(I am sorry for my noob questions Max but you are the only one kind enough and experienced enough
    to walk me through this procedure step by step)

    I want to unlock the bootloader and root my phone, and i also want to do an OTA update but i want to
    have my phone still rooted after the OTA update.How should i do it?.I don’t want to use a custom ROM for the time being but stick to my stock rooted ROM.

    Thank you in advance for your patience Max, and i am sorry if i put you into too much trouble

  6. Dino says:

    Okay Max I have read your article over and over again and i also saw your video tutorial and i figure it
    out how to do an OTA Update.Damn i was so confused i had it all explained in your video but i couldn’t understand
    it, now after 5-6 times and with a clearer head i can say that you are a lifesaver man!!!
    Congrats on a very good tutorial!!!!I thank you for making our lives easier.

    p.s. Could you also please give me another link for your How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted HTC One X video tutorial because it was deleted from youtube?

  7. vivek says:

    Hi Max
    In new 2.17 update, there is new hboot
    So after trying ota as per the tutorial… will i be able to udate to new hboot?

    • Max says:

      No but why would you want the new hboot? Newer hboot does nothing but lock your phone down more, it does not improve your phone’s performance.

  8. R. de Boezelaren says:

    Your guide worked perfectly for me with the new 2.17 update, lost my root right during the proces (?) and rootkeeper wasn’t able 2 help me but after the update i just did the same rooting trick again and we’re back in business 😀

    thx a lot mr “uhm” 😉

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  10. Tarık says:

    Thank you first of all this article helped me so much. I wonder why do we do 12.step ? what is that for ?

  11. vivek says:

    Thank you for your continued support.I had rooted my One X by following your instructions only.But the problem I face now is that i dont see the ‘backup’ directory in ‘HTC STORAGE’ and so i dont have the ‘boot.img’ file which i am supposed to paste in ‘OTA_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_India_1.29.720.11-1.28.720.10_release_2616467wfpbgdllclc212v’ directory.Actually i had only backed up my apps using ‘Titanium Backup’.But my One X being new I have installed only a few small utility apps after i rooted as per instructions from ur website.And as such i dont want the backup of my apps.I have already saved my media files and contact nos and messages on my laptop and so i dont care if my one x gets back with its factory settings after installing the OTA.Now my question is that “how can i know if i am already on a ‘stock rooted rom’ “, and that whether i can skip to Step 12 and skip the “fastboot flash boot boot.img” part. to install the OTA following all your given procedures as such .I also want to know that will the factory installed apps of HTC One X also be lost if i am not on a ‘stock rooted rom’ or will i get the phone in its factory settings without backup.I am humbly waiting for your reply.And please feel free to respond if at all you coulnt follow my bad english for which i regret.Hoping for a reply from you at the earliest and thanking you for sharing your ideas.

  12. steinom says:

    Hi, Did not work for me, installation progres as follow: Phone boot and the green install rectangle installed 3/4’th and then went to Red triangle (failed) so I had to reboot back to 1.29.401.12 again.
    (extracted the recovery and boot.img from 1.26 RUU since I took my first backup after first OTA install (do not have original))
    Any idea?

  13. lucky says:

    hi max i did all the steps right, and everything is fine…..but i dont get the update when i check the software update… in newzealand……so is this something wrong with what i did or is this update still not available in newzealand……

    • lucky says:

      and btw im using an asian htc onex software number 1.29.707.11

      • Max says:

        Most likely yes not available as ota yet.

        • lucky says:

          I have tried to install different roms but whenI choose the zip from sd card and install it…I get the msg
          Install aborted..
          I have tried maximus Rom,android revolution ,but I get this same msg everytime….I’m using clockword
          … I have to upgrade to latest clockword or is there. Something else I’m doin wrong…

  14. Vlad says:

    Thank you for your information here. I just bought a new HTX One X Singapore edition and realized that it does not have Russian language support. I am thinking of trying to find Russian stock ROM to replace the one installed or hoping to find EU version of stock ROM as I believe it has Russian language pack. What would you do? Please help!
    Thanks again!

  15. Yasar says:

    Hi Max!

    Just one question. If you want to update your Phone with a RUU, shall i then just run the RUU or what?

    Sorry for My english, living in Denmark 😉

  16. exodbalzac says:

    hello. i have a htc one x rooted stock rom and bootloader unlocked. in step 16 the update begins and suddenly stops and show the red triangle with a exclamation mark . i restart the phone and the downloaded update file doesn’t exist and need to download again . tried 2 times with no results . when updating shows the red triangle

  17. swmsnh says:

    i upgrade 1.26 to 1.28 and 1.28 to 1.29 with your way. it’s ok. but from1.29 to 2.17.751.2 download ota and install it. but it fail when installing progress 1/3. howto solve that. please

    • smackemback says:

      Same problem as many others, I have used your method several times with great success but with the latest update as of 2 sept 2012 to
      Sense version: 4.1
      Android Version: 4.0.4
      Software Version: 2.17.401.2
      rollout date: 08.10.2012
      I´ve had no luck with the installation, it downloads the update but 25% of the way through installation up comes the red warning triangle & exclamation symbol 🙁

      Any luck with a solution to this problem ?

  18. bash says:

    Hi Max..Looks like the download link is not working. Do you mind to share with us if there’s other mirror you have?

  19. Vik! says:

    hey dude,

    so i got my rooted stock ROM on my HOX thank to your awesome guide and got the OTA update which obviously, wouldnt let me install at all so what i did was restored RECOVERY as per the OneXOTA folder in your guide and downloaded the OTA and once i hit install, it powered down and installed about a third of the way then i got a little red hazard sign and thats it! i can still use my phone thankfully but i have no idea what went wrong and where! any ideas??

    • Vik! says:

      from what i see in the above comments, im not the only guy who gets the red exclamation thingy and 1/3 installation bug out

      • Vik! says:

        i just realised something.. using titanium backup, you can also integrate newer core app versions into the stock rom which i have done, do you think this is whats causing the problem??

  20. ken says:

    Hi Max~
    Thanks for the guide~but i cannot download the it bc of the website or my own network? possible can send me another link to download it?
    thanks a looooooooot!

  21. Kong Jin Jie says:

    Hi there! I have tried your steps but didn’t work. I have gone through the hard way to root my device and I believe I have some knowledge about rooting and how flashing works. This is my current scenario:

    I have a rooted stock ROM and CWM in my recovery. Finding out that with CWM, I am not able to do do OTA updates, I have flashed the stock recovery image hoping it will work. I also have root keep app protecting my root before I perform the update.

    After flashing to stock recovery and protecting my root, also temporary removing root, I proceed to check for updates. An update was detected and of course I proceed on downloading and initiate the installation. When the phone restarts to start the installation, it stops at around 25% of the progress bar showing a “notification icon”. It all returns to normal after I restart my phone.

    Please guide me to the right direction.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Max says:

      Not sure why that’s happening. Are you on stock ROM that your phone came with?

      • Kong Jin Jie says:

        I guessed so. I am from Singapore and I purchased locally. I was new to android then and learnt how to root the hard way. I flashed boot.img from one of those blogs who wrote on a tutorial on rooting and it almost made my phone unusable. So I downloaded a stock ROM and RUU it. The ROM I downloaded was RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.29.707.11_Radio_1.1204.105.14_release_260743_signed.exe.

        Is there anyway I could perform the “OTA” upgrade manually from the downloaded OTA file in /sdcard/Download so at least I can view the debug messages to see what’s wrong at 25%?

        • Max says:

          Not sure on that but you should really try to get the boot.img from your stock ROM and flash it. There’s probably somewhere you can extract it from. There’s a way to extract it from RUU too.

  22. ken says:

    Hi Max,
    thanks a lot or the guide. My previous back up has been deleted. But I’m still running the stock rooted room. just in case, I had it back up again and got the boot.img, and followed your instruction fr step12. when the phone restarted and updated the 2.17, failed at the progress of 25%, the red triangle showed up. any instructions ? thanks a looooot

  23. minhas says:

    hey i have htc one x singapore and i have gt the update 2.17.707.3 and i want to update it and when i do it , it goes to clockwerk recovery mode i dont know what to do. i have downloaded 2.17.707.3 from the software update and when i says install now and i do it ,it opens up clockwerk recovery so what should i do next?

  24. ken says:

    hi Max~I’ve another problem now~I tried to enter the recovery, but failed as well (red triangle showed up)~and i tried to re-flash ClockworkMod Recovery back, but failed as well~
    it shows ” sending recovery …
    failed <command written failed >
    finished. total time: 0.656s”

    i’ve tried to flash the old vertion as well, but also failed…

  25. Seth says:

    I keep getting the same ‘red exclamation’ issue when the update is being applied. I reverted to the stock recovery which is part of the file and tried with that. No luck! 🙁

    Are there some checks in the update ZIP scripts that can be “commented” to get it past this issue?

    I’m running the Stock ROM with it rooted.

    • Seth says:

      One more thing…

      You mention, if you are running a Stock ROM, “skip to Step 12 and skip the `fastboot flash boot boot.img'”. Does that actually mean skip to Step 13?

      I have an unlocked bootloader via htcdev. Do I need to “relock” it?

  26. smackemback says:

    Please don´t forget us Max, now that you have the new site up & running, we are all still trying to install the latest OTA but with no luck beyond 25%…………….any nearer to a solution to this problem????

  27. smackemback says:

    I managed to get my OTA, but at the cost of losing my Root for a time ( but that was easily reinstalled)the problem appears to be with the fact that we all seem to remove junk that was originally part of the stock rom system files.
    Restoring those seems to be the answer but managing to keep root seemed to be someting I couldn´t quite do 🙁
    .Never mind….it´s all back to normal again unlocked, rooted & OTA up to date 😉

    • Kong Jin Jie says:

      Hi smackemback,

      Looks like we’re facing the problem of OTA update stucked at 25% and you seem to resolve it! Kindly share your steps as many users here is facing the same problem too, including myself.

      You mentioned of the “junks” that was part of the stock rom system files. I don’t remember removing any system files that belongs to the stock rom. I merely removed the bulk apps.. Do you mean I have to restore them back for the OTA to work?

      • smackemback says:

        If you have force uninstalled anything from the stock rom of frozen it using Titanium Backup you must restore them so that the rom is in the same condition that it was as new, this seemed to be my problem & seems to be the problem for others as I have also found a thread on xda about this very subject………..this seems to cover pretty much what I did to resolve my problem except they managed to keep root 😉
        Here´s the link ;
        hope this helps

  28. z3r0cool81 says:

    Hi Max,
    I tried to perform step 13 with this statement “fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img”, but I am always given and nothing happens.

    What could be the problem here?

  29. instantdoer says:

    Hi Max,

    I have followed your steps and all went absolutely fine until last step where we flash new CW recovery.

    on cmd it throws this error :”unknown partition ‘recovery-clockwork-touch-’
    error: cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery-clockwork-touch-

    Any idea about this??

    Cheers mate for all your help.

  30. ayie says:

    hi, i’ve tried your method/tutorial. sadly, it doesnt work for my phone. “fastboot flash boot boot.img” should refer to current rom version, for me im using 1.29.707.11 and radio 1.1204.105.14. so i have to find 1.24.707.11 boot_signed.img for that and “fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img”, you should find recovery_signed.img.

    mean, “fastboot flash boot boot.img” and “fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img” are varies depend on your phone software number and your baseband version.

    and if you deleted stock apps like, singtel, plurk,yahoo stock,…bla bla… you should do the RUU recovery (, upgrade to latest firmware thru OTA, re unlock bootloader, root again.

    for those who using the same phone software number and baseband version

  31. ken says:

    i’ve got new problems now~My One X keeps shutting down~and quite hard to restart again…sometimes when i try to update the app, it shuts down after unistal…
    anyone have the same problems and solutions??
    thanks a looooooooot

    p.s.: I’ve tried factory reset…doesnt work. and i’m running the stock rooted rom now…

  32. Scarlett says:

    Hellо therе! I cоuld have ѕwοгn І’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’ѕ neω to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking bacκ often!

  33. vivek says:

    hello i am in a bit of confusion if i must recover to that stock rom the day i purchased the phone or to a later period after i installed an ota ,would there be any problem if i recover to the period after i installed one OTA update?? thus making the next ota update which i am about to install the second one after i rooted my phone

  34. sang says:

    hi max
    first of all thx for the tut…
    second of all , i got a prob 🙁
    installed the update and kept the root but it seems the SuperSU is not working as it should….
    i mean i tried to use “MarketAccess” and it says my phone is either not rooted or SuperSU is not working…
    so i installed “Quick Boot” to test SuperSU but nothing :(, so i tried to go back to bootloader and install it again but yet again bootloader wouldn’t load…
    so any advice of what should i do??
    help me pls. Thanks in advance.

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  36. bpodnar says:

    Hi Max! I got one question – I’m on stock ROM 4.0.4 with root and CWM and want to know will I receive OTA update when it come or I have to unroot and flash stock recovery? thanx!

  37. Shaheer says:

    I am having an issue with restoring stock RoM..
    It says “MD5 Mismatch”,
    what to do.?

  38. Mohand says:

    hey Max,

    I Have done everything you did in your video and yes i flashed the stock recovery , and when i install my update my phone reboots and while its installing the update a red triangle shows up !!
    And i cant get the update

    Help ..:)

  39. Shaheer says:

    Do the unlocked and rooted device receive OTA updates like all other phones ??

    I mean is it possible to receive OTA update on Unlocked Bootloader and Rooted One X normally, by checking in settings ??
    I have re installed Stock rooted ROM and stock recovery.

  40. Sim says:

    Hi Max, thanks for the tutorial but I’m afraid I’ve hit a brick wall after following steps 1 – 13. I was previously on ARHD 9.7.2 and I wanted to go back to stock to get the OTA updates.

    What happened was that I followed your steps all the way to step 9, where I tried to flash my Nandroid Stock backup, but I couldn’t because it said “MD5 Sum mismatch”. I then went on to flash both the boot.img in the backup (like in step 12) and then the stock recovery (in step 13). After rebooting my phone, it switches on, showing my screen, and then it just reboots, and it then gets stuck in a loop of switching on and rebooting.

    I tried using fastboot to flashback CWM recovery, but it says “unknown partition”. When I enter “fastboot devices” , there is no device shown. However on my phone when I reboot into bootloader mode and connect the USB cable, it does say “fastboot USB”. My phone however is running very low on battery (less than 30%).

    I’m wondering if there is any way to solve this, it’s kinda scary as my phone is practically useless now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  41. salman says:

    worked fine.
    thanx a lot!

  42. luzaw says:

    help me please ….. my HOX is can’t update JB once…
    how can i do …… i used rootkeeper also can’t not …. 🙁

  43. Otuz8 says:

    my phone is relocked i cant find boot.img file pls help..

  44. Gabriel says:

    Hi Max,

    I tried the perform an OTA update but whenever I try to go into backup/recovery, I always get an error; it is the hdd logo with a big red exclamation mark. Any idea why is it so?

    I hope you can help and enlighten me on this.

    Thank you.


  45. Tornese says:

    Hi i’m using mac and after i type chmod 755* and ./fastboot-mac flash boot boot.img it says error:cannot load boot.img ? What might be the problem ? Thanks

  46. Satnami says:

    hey man just wonder, if i can undergrade from hboot 1.23 to 1.12, because my phone keeps restarting and rebooting

  47. oy says:

    will this work for 4.2.2 ota of HTC one x also..?

  48. CJ says:

    Do u also have for TWRP?? OTA update. Bec i am having a prob. I want to update my 4.1.1 sense 4+ to 4.2.2 sense 5…..whenever ill install the update it goes to recovery..idk what to do. pls help. THANKS MORE POWER!

  49. Jitin says:

    Hi max,
    i followed all your steps but when i finished downloading the ota update and it started to install,
    in midway it shows a triangle logo with exclamation mark and then it gets restart to the old version.
    please help me what to do now?

  50. Manoj says:

    this was awsome.. you guys are doing such a yeoman service, thanks from the bottom of heart…

  51. instantdoer says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am on rooted HOX and want to install OTA to update my device to 4.2.2.
    But as expected it is not working straightaway.

    Like your previous help in OTA update, can you again provide some patch that can help in installing OTA.
    You are the only one on whom we are can count.

    Please help one more time friend.


  52. Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different
    internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

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