How to Do an OTA Update on Rooted HTC One X without Unrooting! [AND KEEP ROOT]

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I probably gotten hundreds of e-mails last whole week people asking me how to do an OTA (over-the-air) software update on the International HTC One X (PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON AT&T ONE X OR ONE XL) and I finally got around to it but it took me awhile as there’s no clear step-by-step instructions on the interwebs on how to do this.

Well, after investing a whole half-day on this, I finally was able to find a solution by going to many different forums and trying different thing.  The idea is simple, you just need to install stock recovery back on your stock rooted ROM and you can take the update easily.

Now, there comes a problem for some people who didn’t save their rooted stock ROM.  Then you will have to take the more complex route of trying to find the correct RUU for your phone then doing the update.

My advice for those of you who are not returning your phone for warranty reason, there’s absolutely nothing great about new updates and you can get the same benefits with custom ROMs as ROM developers usually put the update within days of the OTA being pushed out.

With that said, if you STILL want to do an OTA update on your rooted HTC One X and want to KEEP ROOT, here’s a video tutorial and written documentation, knock yourself out and give yourself plenty time to do this, maybe a good hour or two for noobs out there.

Step 1. If you are already on stock rooted ROM, you can skip to Step 12 and skip the “fastboot flash boot boot.img” part.  If not, and you are on a custom ROM, you will need a backup of your stock rooted ROM (stock rooted ROM is the backup ROM you made immediately upon unlocking bootloader and rooting your HTC One X).  If you don’t, please stop here and try to find an RUU for your HTC One X.

If you do have a backup of your stock rooted ROM you made using ClockworkMod Recovery, then please go ahead and download and unzip, you should find a new folder called OneXOTA in your Downloads folder with everything you need.

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Step 2. Connect your HTC One X as a disk drive to your computer and go find your backup directory and find your stock rooted ROM backup directory.

Step 3. Go into the directory and copy the file “boot.img” to OneXOTA folder.

Step 4. Next, reboot into bootloader by holding down Power and Volume Down for 10 seconds.

Step 5. Next choose “RECOVERY”.

Step 6. Next choose “backup and restore”.

Step 7. Choose “restore”.

Step 8. Choose the stock rooted ROM backup folder to restore to your stock rooted ROM.

Step 9. Once restored, reboot and if your phone boots up fine, you can skip to Step 12 and skip the “fastboot flash boot boot.img” part.  Otherwise go to Step 10.

Step 10. If your phone doesn’t boot for some reason after restoring ROM, that’s probably because you were on custom ROM, you will have to manually re-flash boot.img to boot partition so let’s reboot into bootloader by holding down Power and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 11. Once in bootloader, choose “FASTBOOT” and connect your micro-USB cable from your HTC One X to your computer.

Step 12. Open a command prompt or terminal and type:

cd Downloads

cd OneXOTA

fastboot flash boot boot.img

For Linux or Mac, make sure you do “chmod 755 *” once at before doing the fastboot command and also replace “fastboot” with “fastboot-mac” for Mac and “fastboot-linux” for Linux. (For all fastboot commands on this page!!!!)

Step 13. Next, we are going to re-flash stock Recovery so OTA update will work again.


fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img

fastboot erase cache

fastboot reboot

Step 14. If your phone wasn’t booting after restoring, now it should boot.  Now, go download Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper app from Play Store, run the app and hit “Protect root”.  This will allow you to recover root easily after doing OTA update.

Step 15. Check Software updates in Settings, download the OTA update and choose “Install Now”.

Step 16. Your phone should reboot into stock recovery and start updating to new software version.

Step 17. When done installing, your phone will reboot, you can run Voodoo OTA RootKeeper app and hit “Restore root” to recover root.

Step 18. Next, we are going to re-flash ClockworkMod Recovery back on your phone since you probably want to install custom ROMs.  So go ahead and hold down Power and Volume down buttons together for 10 seconds to reboot into bootloader.

Step 19. Choose “FASTBOOT” and connect via micro-USB cable from your HTC One X to your computer.

Step 20. Go back to command prompt/terminal and type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

This will install the latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery (as of this writing).

You should now be on the latest OTA update with root and also custom ClockworkMod Recovery.  Enjoy!

In case you don’t have One X drivers for Windows (no drivers required for Mac/Linux)
Windows 32-bit drivers for One X

Windows 64-bit drivers for One X

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