How to Root AT&T One X on 2.20 Firmware!

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For those of you on latest ICS 2.20 firmware, here’s how to root your AT&T One X!

Warning, this root method will erase your current apps and settings but will not erase contents of your internal storage such as personal photos and videos.

Write-up coming soon… For now, please follow the video tutorial, thanks!

Download Drivers:

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Download HTC One X drivers for Windows 32-bit

Download HTC One X drivers for Windows 64-bit

Download Rooting Files:

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Credits – XDA

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82 Responses to How to Root AT&T One X on 2.20 Firmware!

  1. Anh Tran says:

    thanks for the update on 2.20 root, i was wondering if you plan to show us how to install roms for this firmware. Thanks

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve done the driver install and everything seems to be OK when I plug and unplug the phone. The computer recognizes it and I can get the device by adb devices. When I get the identifier token and enter it on the HTC dev site, I get the error “Error code:160 Error Reason: MID not allowed. Any idea what that is? I’ve got 2.20 running on this AT&T One X. I’ll try another computer to see if I get the same results.

    • Jeff says:

      Nevermind…user error 🙂

      However, I’m at the point where I should be booting into the twrp, but it doesn’t. I’ve done the “fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-” and the “fastboot erase cache” over and over. I try to enter recovery and it displays the HTC screen for a few seconds like it should, the vibrates and seems to reboot and load normally, but not into the twrp interface. I’ll keep trying, but I can’t get to the supersu load without twrp, right? Then I will want to load ViperX or some other Jellybean.

      • Jeff says:

        OK, fine. I’m too quick to yell. I tried a few more times and it finally entered the correct recovery. Now I will continue. Sorry about all of the posts. This is my first root since my old Captivate and I’m kinda rusty and don’t want to mess up.

  3. jason says:

    I can get as far as the “Getting CID (waiting for device)” but then nothing happens. I did notice that in my Device Manager the HTC is under “Android USB Devices” instead of “ADB Interface” Not sure if that is causing the error or not.

    • Rodrigo says:

      Hey did you find an answer for this? cuz im having the same issue

      • timmy says:

        I had the same issue, after installing drivers from the HTC website it worked fine.
        I found a link on XDA-developers website, search for posts by freshleysnipes. As mentioned in the video turn off HTC sync if the drivers install it.

  4. jason says:

    A bit more information…I noticed that while in the bootloader the phone is now showing up as “Android 1.0” under other devices in the Device Manager. Is that expected?

  5. mike says:

    i have CM10 up and running on my ATT One X. Everything seems fine, except that I cannot restart the phone without it getting stuck on the white HTC screen with the red text.

    In order to boot into CM10, I have to get into bootloader mode, select twrp recovery, wipe the cache, and then select reboot into system from there.

    Any idea what is going on here?

  6. Nick says:

    I too am having issues with trying to post the unlock token on the htc dev site. I am getting the same Error code:160 Error Reason: MID not allowed as Jeff above. I copied the script just as instructed in the video with no extra spaces, Is there something I missed?

  7. Leo says:

    Im a super noob at this when i open my command prompt it says this C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> but idk how to open the cd downloads and all that stuff can you please help??

  8. Eddie says:

    Is there any way to root 1.85? Ive looked everywhere….

  9. david says:

    this is getting worse on here now with hardly any roms anymore. though it was good while it lasted.

  10. Dan says:

    Will this work for the One X+?

  11. bhrainn says:


    help me plzz

    i got prob my handphone(HTC ONE X) had been root then i install that rom that u give guild to me
    then.. after week later.. my camera dont function,,,

    i ready try many rom,, but still no working my camera

    plzz help me

  12. aylortay says:

    still waiting for the instructions for mac. :/

  13. Abdul says:

    Please please help out as soon as possible when I was I install rom and reboot now my phone not trun on no light turns on I think I install wrong rom my phone dead now how can I turn on

  14. Abdul says:

    I have AT&T htc one x ….. I was trying to install rom after reboot … My phone not turns on … Please help me out . Charge was around 90% full. May wrong rom …when installing its md5 something like this not found.

  15. Kye Knight says:

    Hi all, i successfuly rooted my HTC One XL, AUS Telstra Software 2.40.841.4, Android 4.0.4 last night using the info in this video it worked fine, i did have to flash the info twice as was done in the video but then it worked fine. Thought this may help those with the 2.40 software to know that this method works for it as well. Thanks for the great info!!

  16. Aimen says:

    can I use the sweep2wake feature on my hTC One X based on these info ?
    if NOT, How I Can enjoying this tweak ?

    Android Version: 4.1.1

    Kernel Version:
    blinky-ghost@cyanogenmod #1
    Wed Nov 21 23:47:37 PST 2012

    CyanogenMod Version: 10-20120919-NIGHTLY-endeavoru

    Build Date: Wed Sep 19 02:36:43 PDT 2012

    is the Bricked Kernel compatible with the CyanogenMod Version: 10-20120919-NIGHTLY-endeavoru ????

    I thank you in advance ..

  17. Krishna says:

    I can get as far as the “Getting CID (waiting for device)” but then nothing happens. Can i proceed to next step.

  18. Jens says:

    Took several tries to flash recovery and clear cache, but everything is up and running. Nice job on the step by step instructions.

  19. marco says:

    Will that same method will work with the One S Tmobile version ….

  20. luphou says:

    hey max i need help bad !
    i accidently wiped my system and now i have no os installed at all! what do i do?

  21. Tim says:

    I’ll contribute some funds if you update this video for MAC users. Or is this site dead?

  22. Erick says:

    I need to know if this will be the same for the one x plus i just got it i need to root it please reply asap thanks

  23. Ethan says:

    I still cannot get the CID to reset after several tries. Everything works just like it should until it reboots, then it just says “[-] Failed.” and the CID is not changed to 1s. I am surprised no one else seems to have this problem, any help is appreciated!

  24. Erik says:

    Is there a way to root my HTC One X on 2.20 firmware without having to lose any data? Or does the universal one click work for this kind of HTC One X? Any help from someone would be great, thanks.

  25. fiddle says:

    This is my second smart phone and my first real attempt at rooting the device. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I was able to root my phone with no issues…on the first try! Thank you so much! Maybe when I get over the anxiety I will try and flash a new ROM. Do you have a ROM that you would recommend?
    Thanks again!

  26. brandon says:

    Hey there. I was able to root my phone following your tutorial without any problems. However, now when I plug it into my computer through the USB I can’t access the android anymore. It seems to recognize the HTC One X as a CD drive. Any idea on how I can fix this? Thank you!

  27. Eran says:

    How the hell do i install the drivers? i downloaded them but there is no exe or anything what do i do with it? how do i install the driver this is driving me crazy!!!! and does all this apply if i have official jelly bean installed on my phone?

  28. Daryl says:

    Does this method work on the European quad core HTC One X? The fact that theres noone on the net thats tried it on a European One X is hard to believe!

    PLEASE HELP 🙁 Thanks!

  29. Chris says:

    I can get as far as the “Getting CID (waiting for device)” but then nothing happens, what should i do?

  30. Luis says:

    I was wondering if this method works for the htc one x + international version

  31. edpadilla says:

    I was wondering is this method will work on my AT&T one x+ as well.

  32. eldan says:

    this method worked for me but i screwed up and now im boot looping could someone help plz!!Stock system.img and boot_signed.img 2.20 files would be appreciated.

  33. william king says:

    I following all the steps but never get the CID 111111 response, just CID has already been changed! statement. Then when running fastboot oem get_identifier_token just hangs at “waiting for device”

  34. Jon says:

    I just lost all my contacts and sms information, is there any way to recover this? I tried data recovery software, but I cant seem to identify what file holds the contacts and sms info.

  35. Anon says:

    I keep getting stuck at sending “unlocktoken” (0 KB)… Can anyone help me?

  36. Zach Mieszala says:

    I cant download the files. i’ve unlocked the bootloader but i don’t have the revcovery image to go any further! why is the file not downloadable? why no mirror?

    • Zach Mieszala says:

      Ok, Googled for another one of your files found the url for the mirrors. downloaded, installed, rooted! All Good!

  37. Walla Wonka says:

    i must be a super noob at this but i downloaded the HTC drivers but im not quite sure how to install? not sure exactly what to do with it

  38. adam says:

    will this root method work on the htc one s? ive been searching for a non complicated s-off and root for my one s and nobody has it laid out so plain like max does. please help???

  39. Marco says:

    How long it takes to receive the unlock bin??????

  40. Ken says:

    I have gotten as far as getting the CID changed and giving the token to the I haven’t received the email from them. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back to you?

    Thanks in advance!

  41. Joey Hiatt says:

    I have twrp recovery and when i try to flash my rom it sits at the loading screen. For some reason when i re flash my stock 4.0.4 android rom it works with no trouble. Please help

  42. KERRY SEABROOK says:

    i am having similar problem nd have been trying method after method nd im not getting past the boot loader after the third restore? says waiting for device ND STAYS THERE, I GET A SOUND FROM MY COMP SAYS DRIVER NOT PRPERLLY INSTALLED ND IN THE M MANAGER ITS SAYS ANDRIOD 1.0 AS UNKNOWN OTHER DEVICE WITHOUT DRIVER, I TRYED INSTALLING THE DRIVER FROM THIS SITE ND IT TURNED IT TO A NETWORK DEVICE,,, IM LOST ANY HELP

  43. Jack says:

    I got my Cid changed and successfully submitted my unlock token. I put the unlock token in the place as shown in the video. When i type the command fastboot unlocktoken unlock_code.bin into my command prompt and hit enter, it comes up as ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I don’t know how to get around this, is any one having the same problem? I could really use some help.

  44. david felix says:

    i cant root my phone
    i got stuck getting my cid number it say waiting for device what im doing wrong??
    i got adroid version 4.0.4 htc sense 4.0
    this is mt first time rooting an htc

  45. aleC says:

    I’m having the same problem as many. I get stuck at the beginning with ‘getting CID, waiting for device’. Any help ?

  46. Ken says:

    Why is it that when I click on download it takes me to another site a with only ads and I can’t download the file. Maybe I am just missing something or I am blind and don’t see it. PLease help I want to root my ATT One X

  47. Ken says:

    Nevermind I have figured it out. Thanks

  48. aleC says:

    I finally got through everything after installing HTC sync manger for the drivers. However, I now cant install a single custom rom. I’ve been on most forums and have followed all the steps but I keep on getting a message when installing the rom that the MD5 file was not found and that it was skipping MD5 file. Im glad I rooted the phone but now i cant enjoy the fun. Help anyone.

  49. lam tran says:

    on my cmd screen. getting cid it take me so long to wait.. pls help me with that thx

  50. lam tran says:

    another problems is on bootloader just apper fastboot not fastboot usb .. my software 2.20

  51. Greg Moreno says:

    Max. I have to say again ” Great Stuff all over”
    I have a couple of questions…
    I just rooted my brand new unlocked HTC One X
    I purchased the prepaid T Mobile plan 60.00 for unlimited everything not bad. My problem is T Mobile is very slow in my Area, 2G. This is not good. 2G is driving me crazy. I know in my area AT&T has H+

    I don’t want to get my self into a contract. What do you recommend?

    Thanks Again.

  52. colby says:

    will this work on htc one vx

  53. Junior Mathews says:

    Having trouble with the one x. I have downloaded everything needed but my phone doesnt seem to respond. If anyone will take their time to help me i would appreciate it. My email is

  54. josh says:

    i did all the steps and the last part says error cannot load can u help me with this

  55. snehanshu says:

    “Charge Only” option is not showing on my mobile. it directly connect the htc device when i connect to usb even though i have switched on my usb debugging

  56. Lawrence says:

    Can this root ATT One X updated to Jelly Bean firmware 3.18.502.7 ?

  57. ed says:

    can anyone help me out i am new to rooting. what software can i use to root my one x ……jelly bean 4.1.1 build 3.18.502cl131981 thanks

  58. eddie says:

    HELP needed . will this root method work with jellybean 4.1.1 build 3.18.502cl13981 . if so i am doing something wrong .

  59. Nick says:

    Any way to do this for the Android 4.1.1/ 3.18 update? Do I downgrade to 2.20 and if so, how do I do that? Thanks!

  60. Jason says:

    Will you make a video showing how to S-Off the AT&T HTC One X?

  61. Jesus says:

    Can you make a video for the htc one xl 3.18

  62. Ingvar says:

    The link above:
    Download HTC One X drivers for Windows 32-bit
    does not work. I have tryed it several times now but it does not go anywhere.
    Could you consider include them in the Download instead?

  63. Nemet says:

    Hello, I unlock my bootloader. I downloaded driver and .zip file. I clicked runme but it didn’t root. It says didn’t copied Supersu. Help me pleasee. I’m from Azerbaijan I’ve at&t Htc one X.

  64. Fernando Ramirez says:

    hi zedo… 1.19.502??? it works?

  65. Adrian says:

    I figured out one issue I had after realizing I had 2.20 (and stopped BlueStacks lol)
    I have the CID set to all 1’s
    But I cant move on because when the phone boots into the loader windows connects with “unknown USB device” and any attempt to try and connect to the phone via USB is met with the message in the command prompt..

    Any thoughts?

  66. bhavi jain says:

    hi maxx
    i tried rooting my htc one x (at&t ) on 2.20 firmware running ics on it, through your new root method.
    i have installed all the drivers on my pc and then i have started rooting it
    at the first i watched your video and i did what it told
    i started run.bat file and then followed the on screen instructions and then after doing both the backups it told me that my phone will reboot into boot loader mode but my phone didnt rebooted and command promt it stuck on {Getting into boot loader mode}. i have tried the same procedure on 3 different PC’s , i am using windows.

    Please help me and get back to me as soon as possible.

  67. Amanda says:

    I opened settings and I do not have a developer options button. I’ve looked everywhere. I can not find this button. Any ideas?

  68. Stephen says:

    Sirve para trabajar la carencia de fe y de esperanza, causa primordial de la aparición de los miedos.

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