How to Unroot/Unbrick AT&T One X!

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Need to return your AT&T One X back to AT&T Store for warranty or maybe you just want to make it completely stock?

Here’s a video tutorial on how to unroot/unbrick your AT&T One X.


Download RUU for 2.20 Firmware

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How to Unroot/Unbrick AT&T One X!, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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44 Responses to How to Unroot/Unbrick AT&T One X!

  1. Jeff says:

    I has just successfully rooted the One X with the new ATT OneXroot. Tried flashing the newest rom IceColdJelly and now I’ve bricked the phone with the qhsusb_dload device issue. Fantastic! Frantically searching for a possible fix. Any ideas?

    • Mauricio says:

      Usually when that happens, it means that your partition has been corrupted. Use TWRP to mount the sdcard(by the way this only works for Windows PC’s) to USB. When Windows recognizes the drive, it will tell you that you have to format your drive(A.K.A the sdcard you mounted via TWRP) before Windows can utilize it, select okay/next and use all the default options. Once it’s done formatting, flash your ROM’s “boot.img” using fastboot, and then in your newly formatted, and mounted sdcard, upload your ROM again. Once everything has transferred over, do a reboot in fastboot. Reboot into recovery and reflash your ROM. BTW this trick does not work with ClockworkMod, just TWRP rocovery

      • Jeff says:

        Do I need to install some other drivers to get Windows to recognize this device now? The phone is just black and I can’t get to fastboot. I did install twrp before all of this happened, but it’s probably hosed with the rest.

  2. Mauricio says:

    I bet you forgot to flash your ROM’s “boot.img” first, before you installed the ROM, didn’t you? You cant really brick your phone, unless you immerse it in water or something like that. Tell me what you see when you start it up and where the screen gets stuck, and I’ll try to walk you through it unbricking it

    • Jeff says:

      I did flash the boot.img, but am wondering if possibly that was corrupted somehow? I don’t know. After flashed the rom and then the boot.img, the phone booted but sat at the opening HTC screen for a long, long time. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I tried to get to fastboot again and that’s when Windows said something about the driver and I saw that it was the qhsusb_dload driver that was missing. The phone is completely black, but the computer does respond when I plug it in. What can I do? I’ve got Linux, Mac and Windows computers to work on if needed.

      Thanks for helping.

      • Mauricio says:

        Okay, so do this, download the HTC driver, the fact that you even got a response from Windows is good. Once you install the HTC driver, you should be good to format the sdcard. Let me ask you this, are you extracting the boot.img from the zipped ROM itself? because it’s not recommended that you use another ROM’s boot.img.

        Download the drivers here: “

        Make sure that your flashing the boot.img first with fastboot before you flash the ROM with recovery

        • Jeff says:

          The problem is that the device does not show up as an HTC device now. Its a qhsusb_dload device and the drivers for that really don’t help much. And, yes, I extracted the boot image from the rom and then installed it manually. This seems to be a known issue especially with that rom (icecoldjelly) on the 2.20 one x. If you can figure out this one, you will be a hero! There’s a whole thread on this on the xda site.

          • Troy says:

            I got the same issue…. if you know of any way to fix this please help and let me know

          • Oren says:

            I also got the same issue while trying to flashing by RUU
            the phone can’t be turn on
            no charging indication
            only windows indicate driver issue “qhsusb_dload device”

            Anyone has idea how it can be solved?

    • dorian says:

      the fone is just black screen no loading what so ever after trying to flash jelly bean and then reboot but when the fone is connected to the pc the conection sound is heard and when it disconnect u can also hear it

  3. Frank says:

    Hi there,

    i have a htc one x completly brick and it dont even turn on, and cant access to the fastboot or anything like that, this happen after y tried to change the room for the jelly bean, want to know if there is a way to fix it ??

    i hope you can understand me.


  4. david says:


    after i install a new rom for my one x and reboot system, the phone didnt turn on complete it stop on a big X like is loadding somthing i dont know if u can help me how can i get back the phone works.


  5. yunier says:

    This room works for 1.85

  6. Leslie says:

    Rooted HTC One X per your video/instructions a few weeks ago. Boyfriend went to install ROM, and something went wrong…now the phone won’t turn on, if it does, it goes off within a few seconds. I tried your above video, and was able to “Relock” the boot loader, then chose “reboot” – within about 3-4 seconds, the phone went black like usual, so the next steps could not be performed. Please help!

  7. Ray says:

    does this work if you unlocked the bootloader with the supercid? my cid is 11111111

  8. Jay says:

    I successfully rooted my device through this website and i downloaded TWRP. When i tried to flash CyanogenMod 10, the phone got stuck on the CyanogenMod loading page. I couldnt recover my stock rom through recovery and now when I try to plug my device to the computer, it doesnt show up on computer when im in recovery mode. It only shows up at the CyanogenMod’s boot screen and i cant get into the sd card.

    I hope I havent bricked my device.. Can anyone please help me?

    Thanks so much for your time


    • Ray says:

      You didn’t flash the boot.img of the ROM you were flashing first. Extract the boot.img from the downloaded ROM and flash that through adb with your phone in fast boot

      • Jay says:

        Sorry im a noob so could you explain a little deeper. Also my computer doesnt pick up the device when connected…. how do i solve that? Sorry for the trouble….

        Thank You again

  9. Matt says:

    Max please one video you said you would how to explain this with a custom rom. I tried this with a custom rom and my phone is now stuck in boot loader mode and it says tampered relocked security warning. I cant go into twrp recovery and I cant boot into the rom again because when I flash the boot in recovery it fails. Please help, I really screwed myself. Thanks if you can help. Thanks and Please respond fast.

  10. steve kuresa says:

    so i flashed a radio and went bad and got stuck in a bootloop when i tried to relock it i did but when i went to run the ruu my phone wont appear on the computer for the verification part.. please help i really did something lol

  11. matt says:

    gI had the Sam problem…just go to the unlocking vid…then if u still have it unlock code file…follow the steps…then mount and format the phone and flash a Rom of your choice and go to downloader to flash theboot..img

  12. Rahul Goel says:

    Hii…I need ur help. Few days ago I rooted my htc one x att and installed cm10.1 as per ur guidance. Soon after I unrooted it as per above instructions and installed stock 2.20 RUU successfully. Today I tried to install stock 3.18 RUU downloaded from htc usa website, but after finishing up the procedure my one x is not booting up…no lights no blink no response. Plz help me to get it back.

  13. kaito uryuu says:

    does the RUU 2.20 file still work with the current version of my android HTC XL 4.1.1 jelly bean? if not where can i get the latest one?

  14. bilal says:

    after successfully following this procedure i tried to update my phone to official JB by following steps written under heading of “Manual system update instructions:” and now my phone is bricked. please help!

  15. Frank says:

    My AT&T One X is S-OFF and I have a newer HBOOT than the one shown in the video. Does this matter?

  16. ed says:

    will any root work with AT&t one x andriod version 4.1.1

  17. ShellyWong says:

    Awesome guide! Nothing worked from xda but this one did! I am finally “unrooted” back to stock and bootloader ‘relocked’. Thank you!

  18. Greg says:

    Thanks for the video. Got stuck in a boot loop on my fourth ROM install on my HTC One X+.( Its my first Android phone and I have the urge to try everything.) I used a different root method. After watching your video I felt confident this could be fixed.Followed your instructions and now I am back to trying different ROMs. By the way I did forget to flash boot img. Won’t make that mistake again. Thanks Again

  19. Rob says:

    Hi, I really need your help. I tried to follow the steps and unroot & restore my att one x. When I use the ruu to recover the system, it shows the progress bar but stuck at the “waiting for bootloader” step. My phone, after the reboot, shows a HTC logo in the middle of the screen and froze. After a while, the program said the connection was failed even though it was actually not.
    Fact may help: 1. the firmware is 2.20 which is the same as the ruu.
    2. I only have laptop so I tried on three laptop and the results are same.
    Appreciate your help very much!!

  20. Ajit says:

    Hi im try to lock my HTC one X through fast boot my every time in CMD im getting waiting for device error.

  21. ed says:

    so i have a idea that im not sure will work . i have a hox that has build 3.18 so i was thinking if i use this unroot and go back down in versions ( my hox has never been rooted ) and then root it will that work …or is there another way i can use

  22. frank says:

    Hi there,

    just want to know if i buy a new mainboard for my htc one x, the problem with the hard brick can be fix or not.

    hope someone can answer me soon


  23. cookiekrisp says:

    is there a ruu f At&t htc one x on 4.1

  24. Chrisbassist says:

    Hello, i am trying to get my oneX to stock rom, but i dont get it. Iam running on cyanogenmod 10.
    I cant find the right ruu for, Hboot 1.39, RADIO-5 1204.162.69. my cid is E_11. I searched for many tutorials but it always ended at the ruu thats not right

  25. vivek says:

    can anyone help to unbrick my htc one x.. i have deleted everything on my sd data after root and d phone is only showing the htc logo

    • matt says:

      Ok…go to the twerp recovery website and download the newest 2.6 recovery.IMG.
      then power off your phone and plug it in so the light turns on…then press and hold the volume button and tap the power button. Then put the recover IMG into the fastboot folder after that, type fastboot flash recovery o then tap tab until the name of the image comes up…then choose bootloader and mount the storage…then download a Rom and drag it to the root of your d card…preferably viper because it is stock…after you wipe the system factory data and both caches and flash the Rom, select boot to bootloader then open the Rom zip and put the boot.I’mg in the fastboot folder and open a command prompt in the folder then type fastboot flash boot boot.img and then choose reboot..if your battery is almost dead, boot to recovery with it plugged in because it will charge because viper takes a while to boot up…hope this helped…now I will ice my thumbs because i typed this on my one x…::)

  26. YannaKi says:

    Hi, I need some serious help. So I had a custom rom on my at&t htc one x and i made like 3 backup of my rooted stock rom to be safe. My phone is unlocked cause I live in the Caribbean (No AT&T). Then I realised that my 4g wasn’t working on the custom rom so I booted to Recovery using Team Win, wiped my data, cache and the system then tried to restore my backup. It said successful but it just booted the HTC Quietly Brilliant screen over and over. So of course, I tried the other 2 backups and it did the same. So I decided to flash the custom rom back on then try to restore the 2.20 stock rom .exe (which I’ve done before) from my computer. But I didn’t want to go back to ICS so I downloaded the 3.18 jellybean rom for AT&T HTC One X directly from HTC’s website and proceeded to relocking my bootloader and unrooting the phone, etc. Again, it said successful. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS BAD. The phone never came back on :'(… It doesn’t charge, no red light, no boot screen. I can’t get into the bootloader, recovery nothing! When I hold down the volume down and power key nothing happens, not even the blinking lights. When I connect it to the pc it makes a sound I’ve never heard. While connected, when I hold down the buttons, I hear the sound I usually hear when you know it’s connected but then it makes the other sound and in my device manager i see “QHSUB_DLOAD”. I can’t run nothing because the computer can’t find it.

    Sigh, forgive me I’m a noob who got overly exited about rooting and roms but was I wrong to jump to 3.18 considering it is an official update from HTC? But now what do I doooo? Is it gone? Dead? Can it be revived? 🙁

    • greg says:

      Can you get into your stock recovery? I had a HOX+ and I have had to wipe cache and factory reset from stock recovery after going back to stock before the phone would boot up. I am new to it also, just trying to help

  27. Jesus says:

    will this work from fastboot? I locked the bootloader and now the custom rom will not boot

  28. Jesus says:

    When I run the RUU there is no progress bar what have I been doing wrong?

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