CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T One X/One XL

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For those of you who want Jelly Bean on your AT&T One X or any of the One XL variants, now you can with CM10 Jelly Bean ROM.

Note, this ROM does not have a working camera/camcorder/Netflix but if you don’t mind that, you can still use it as daily driver as most of the other Jelly Bean features are working.

What are you waiting for? Get jellin’!


Download CM10 Jelly Bean ROM
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Credits – XDA

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18 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T One X/One XL

  1. widek says:

    thats awsome room i hope wi will get update with working camera

  2. widek says:

    to many issues but i cant wait for fixed version of jelly bean for one xl because I love it

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Hey i followed the instructions on your website and am now a proud owner of a jellybean 10 android device! now the only problem right now is the fact that i no longer have the google play store. how do i get it back?

  4. Ksshyap says:

    Hi I followed the instructions and the Rom installed was cynogen mod 9. aLeast the boot screen said that. Also it didn’t go beyond that at all. Kept it for 10 mins but no use. Any suggestions?

  5. widek says:

    You have to wipe your phone from recovery mode before installation and after that supposed be goog but if you are uesing one x atnt or rogers not international i sugest wait for fix this room is awesome but this beta verhas a lot of isues not only camera also when you waching video an you flip scren will froze yor phone

  6. Parker says:

    hi i installed this rom but the vocal google search at the top isnt there any ideas?

  7. Kashyap says:


    I installed the rom and it works good. But now i am unable to go to recovery now does adb recognize my device. How can i get this issue solved?


  8. SM says:

    So true about how hard it is to unlock. I just got this phone after my Google Nexus One finally bought it. When I first got my N1, I had no idea what I was doing unlocking, rooting etc, but the guides and instructions I found on XDA were useful, and it was simple. Trying to do the same with my One X has proven to be a pain the butt. Still trying to figure out how to unlock and root etc.

  9. george says:

    Do you know how I can get Google Wallet to work ? I downloaded the patched .apk and it doesnt work. Its not showing in the Google Play store. I remember doing something with file explorer before and changing a build file can you help?

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