Sick Sense ROM for Rooted AT&T HTC One X/One XL! [Best Battery Life]

Need great battery life and performance on your AT&T HTC One X/One XL without all the bloatware?

There’s a ROM for that, the Sick Sense ROM comes with many of the bloatware zapped and also a built-in CPU editor program (that you can access using Terminal Emulator app) that allows you to run your One X at its maximum battery life.

It’s probably one of the best ROMs with great battery life so give this a twirl and let me know how long your phone lasts!


Download Sick Sense ROM

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Credits – XDA

***AT&T One X Stuff used in video***

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Don’t know how to install a custom ROM? Do you have your phone rooted? Please see AT&T One X/HTC One XL section One X Root Guide FIRST!!!

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19 Responses to Sick Sense ROM for Rooted AT&T HTC One X/One XL! [Best Battery Life]

  1. Victor says:

    Thanks for your consistent work flow..the great zedomax…Real recognize Real..come on people drop some some love .

  2. ras says:

    i’ve successfully rooted/bootloaded/rom’d my att HOX and would like to say thanks for the great tutorials.

    one thing i noticed is the ‘recent apps’ button no longer opens recent apps. i’ve gone through the phone settings and apex launcher settings but can’t get it back. does this have something to do with the new rom (Sick Sense)?

  3. Rickyvee says:

    This ROM is da bomb.
    Rooting with 1.88 was quite a challenge. The one click didn’t work. XDA had a manual procedure which worked, but even that was tricky, with forward and backwards date stamping.
    Then once rooted, followed your Excellent, bootloader unlocker, god what a marathon That was.

    All because of battery life and overheating.

    Finally got the ROM in.

    WOW!!!!!! Battery life is around Double!

    And it’s Faster even with the battery saver profile!!!

    I can’t tell if it’s the de-bloating or the profile.

    I suspect the major contributor is the careful debloating.
    And since it’s debloated, it runs cooler – no so much S**t running in the BG
    And since it’s debloated it runs Faster!

    And the ROM is solid as a rock. I did re-flash the, offered in the XDA thread, the digital battery was hard to read, and I already use battery minder, which is a Champ.

    You marathon video on bootloader unlocking was ESSENTIAL! and nowhere else!
    (I hope there was Not a scratch on your HOX, and that the kid in the backgroud was having fun, I love a little reality in an instructional tutorial, being a human is ok)

    For your last poster – just hold the home button and you get the recent apps. and the new use of the recent apps button is a real estate saver and a pleasure!


  4. Zachbnonymous says:

    This ROM is great. I used all your tutorials to root/unlock my phone and try all these things out for the first time. Great tutorials. That benig said, I can only find 3 ROMs available for my AT&T One X… do you know of any others available?

    • Max says:

      yes there’s a ton on XDA forums, check there.

      • JonRod says:

        I flashed this ROM yesterday and its awesome. Im really pleased with the performance and everything except one thing… The sound coming from the speaker is really low compared to the stock sound. Volume for ringtones, music and sound effects its all the way up, yet it sounds really low. Any way to fix it or patch something? Also tethering is not working. And why can we flash a ROM for the International HOX on the ATT Version?

  5. rickyvee says:

    Just press and hold the home button

  6. xblast says:

    This Rom is awesome. The only issue I have is that the hotspot is not working. Every time I try to enable it, I get a message saying go att website or dial 611. Is a hotspot hack I need to install or something to get it to work?

  7. rickyvee says:

    (Sick Sense, AT&T HTC One X)

  8. rickyvee says:

    After using terminal emulator, going su, and typing hotspot, running the script included with sick sense, the native ics hotspot function works just fine.

  9. Vin says:

    Wifi button shows error on my ATT One X after installing the custom ROM so reverted back to stock ROM for now. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  10. Matt says:

    i am stuck in a boot loop please help i can get into bootloader but not recovery

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