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MIUI ROM V5 for AT&T One X or One XL!

For this week’s AT&T One X or One XL ROM of the week, check out latest MIUI ROM V5.

This specific version of MIUI ROM V5 has been built off a Sense firmware, meaning you will be able to keep some of your prized Sense features such as the Sense camera, Beats Audio, and FM Radio. And for those of you who’ve never tried MIUI ROMs, it’s a ROM that’s completely differently skinned than any other custom ROM on the market today.

One of the major differences with MIUI ROMs is the ability to change themes on the go with the flexibility of changing ou

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MIUI ROM for HTC One X/AT&T One X/One XL!

For this week, check out MIUI ROM for HTC One X and AT&T One X/One XL.

For the international One X, the MIUI ROM comes in ICS form, seems pretty darn solid with everything working out of the box to give you a seamless MIUI experience and even Sense camera is in tact for those of you who have a special place in your heart for continuous shooting mode.

For AT&T One X or One XL, the MIUI ROM comes with Jelly Bean, everything is solid also except bluetooth audio and camera is default Jelly Bean camera, meaning you will lose continuous shooting capabilities.

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MIUI ROM for Rooted HTC One X!

For those of you who want to swap out your theme constantly, you might want to give MIUI ROM a try (pronounced ME-U-I). This MIUI ROM comes with customizable themes, ringtones, and a whole lot more. The best part? It’s very easy to download hundreds of free themes, ringtones, and wallpapers and instantly change the whole look of your phone.

If you haven’t tried MIUI, give it a whirl and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

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